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Chapter 2

Central were the bosses of Ryan and made the laws the candidates still follow today, without fail. They asked you to let them in; you let them in. Doesn’t apply for some species though.

The Alphas and Central were separate entities from one another and bringing the former up can have ugly consequences.

They sent ahead their Puma squad, they were lower authorization and class of the Alphas and the team Moche was rejected from. They were all assholes, so that’s a good thing.

One stepped forward in leather emblems, assessing his deck and reached out with a clipboard, they were really completely old school.

“Have your crew, species or otherwise sign these consent forms. We’ve reviewed the contents of that fight and must perform an assessment, anyone out of bases will be killed,” The man pushed passed them and moved on.

They weren’t fans of people betraying them.

Do I have to sign one too? It may be a joke but even AI’s know they be stripped apart for clues.

There was Ivan going speaking out of turn, let’s hope the fuck not.


Cade peered out the doorway underneath his silver mask, his brown’s one split apart when Keller saved his life and ruined every cell in his body. Long story.

He let his cloaked hood down and moved away from the door to approach his small team.

“We have diplomatic immunity, even still we will be faced with hardships and possibly questioned, if it is too much for you, you can go. I can’t protect you from outside, but you will not have to face their ways in finding the truth,” Cade ran a hand down his face, “But I know someone who can.”

His troop exchanged looks with one another, they had their masks off. He would’ve assumed their same expression especially who they about to learn about, but he couldn’t think of anyone else.

“What are their species sir? Is it one of us? Can they be trusted?”

Don’t know about that, he is my soulmate after all. Cade swallowed hard and thought about what he knew about Taz Keller, he was a moron who did things way too fast, but he had a way about him.

He would not let his people go on their own without plans, whether those plans were safe or not risky. He would have to trust him.

“You will see for yourselves.”


Quarantined. Spencer was on her way to Earth and they are quarantined in. Well not Taz, he was on storage and cargo detail, getting in good with the people who are literal assholes.

He was also dealing with a minor problem. He heaved into the dirt, retching up nothing as his stomach twisted and jumped inside of him, he spit out blood. Not the first sign of something like this happening.

A lasting girl from the Tavvax ruling society, a warning how he grows closer and closer to death. A punishment kept secret from his peers.

From Fatima.

From him. His now soulmate. The man he loves, a blessing and a curse to live for and now he was on his way to suffer more, he was surrounded on Earth.

When the moment passes, he swipes his hand over the incident and masked it with liquor, better for them to think how much of a rude son of a bitch he was and not a placid one.

A member of the Central core and Ultrich (Mr. Skeleton) approached him as he stumbled to stand.

“Good sir, you brought me a fan. That vest looks so tight man, want me to help you find an excuse to get out of it?”

The suited up asshole scoffed and shoved Ultrich forward and pointed his stick to Taz Keller.

“Not interested, you take his shift, come on smooth talker, it’s yourturn.”

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