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Phoenix Posted

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Chapter 3

Mr. Skeleton was in her quarters when she came back from her morning jog, McKinley touched her chest where her skipping beating heart is, the one real thing about her. Everything else has been about how she was created as a weapon.

The DOLL seen this white skulled man around and he was tasked to assess her back to working, when she was Spencer obsessed and ready to burn down anything that got in her way. They hadn’t talked since then.

“You are a cyborg with a human heart, yet your design doesn’t permit that you need exercise. Why are you still doing it?”

Watching a skeleton move and sound like a raspy wet older man was sight and he had on an army jacket so he wasn’t completely naked, but there is no record of him ever being a Tavvax, yet he stands with Taz Keller.

McKinley shrugged and countered with her own question. “It’s a routine and habit, I want to keep the appearance of human. Why do you dress when your skeleton? I imagine no one would mock you.”

She could’ve sworn the skeleton mouth smirked, that may have the hours of running around and managing the balance of everything catching up to her.

He walked up to her and ignored the irrelevant question she asked him and continued on talking.

“I think its about time we’ve talked about the trusting game when it comes to politics. You guys have the largest scale scholar this world or the universe has ever seen, no one has even managed to sway a Berserker to do anything but you have

“That speaks volumes that a half a machine can coincide with the first species ever been known, people will want to latch onto that, they will want to offer you various options to keep you happy and healthy. Buy into the ones that save your ass first,” He clamps her on the back and walks out, she watches him go. Thinking about what he meant.

Basically follow her own instinct and minimize the people she trusts because everyone has an angle, something she figured out a long time ago when she announced how she was a lesbian and had a seat of power.

People wanting things from her wasn’t going to change anything, all they wanted know was her as a weapon.


It’s been almost two months and avoidance couldn’t be the answer, they were McKinley’s engineer and okay maybe her soulmate. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, she wasn’t even secure about the possibility that there is someone out there for everyone.

She liked them before all the messy things happened and somewhere in the universe someone clocked that. Now if they stopped running so they could get somewhere.

Fatima glanced over to the open door and stood when they saw McKinley, scanning with their eyes to find an exit. There were plenty if they really wanted to bounce.

“Will you knock it off? I’m not some monster, I’m not going to hurt you Fatima. I came to tell you how incredibly dumb avoiding each other looks, we need each other to face Spencer and whoever else she has with her, everyone needs to be united,” She needed them in more ways than one.

Central was lurking around and she may be on their target list, no she was damn sure she was on their list. For how valuable she is and who made her.

Fatima stood, wiping the grease from their hands and sitting it down on their work station, hands in their pockets.

“We can work together and not think or talk about what happened between us-”

“You saved my life and I knocked your mask off, that’s what happened to us, you helped me understand how wrong I was about everything and there was always another way to handle situations. I’m not apologizing for how I feel about you or how I choose to think about you,” McKinley walked forward, stopping inches from her and gazing downward into her warm brown toned eyes, “If its too much for you, find a way to break it because I’m not going to do it for you.”

With that, she gave them a small smile and turned her back to them and left their section of the ship, still not feeling too confident.


Legs spread over Moche’s lap, McKinley told him everything Mr. Skeleton warned her about, not because he was the Captain of Vulture and gained some fame and would know about how to handle this; he was her best friend. They told one another everything.

He cared doubly for Alice, she saw how they were spending more time together and how hushed he was about it. A first. Central may be interested in her too, a Berserker, last of her kind filled with free will.

“Do you want to go with them? Does Fatima know about this?”

“We aren’t talking, this is the first time they went to Earth, I don’t want to be the one to ruin it… maybe I do, convince them to fight with us against Spencer, learn about who made me,” what happened to others like me? She couldn’t say it aloud.

She was willing to have her factions in her order. She had to make sure that everyone made it out okay. Coming to Moche meant the choice was already made and now she would have to reconvene with Ryan about her decision.

Moche touched her knee.

“I am a hundred percent behind you, we’ll be okay, go round up as many allies as you can for us.”


Ryan and Severen were going over the map and stopped when they saw her entering the door, they both nodded and she supposed that was the best time as any to say what she meant.

“I want to go with Central, they will be faster going to Earth and I can convince them to fight alongside us instead of against us, they want to use me as a weapon, but I get to decide how. I believe I could find the person who made me Ryan - the two superiors exchanged looks - I will maintain communication with Severen every day, any detail I encounter. Please let me do this,” While Central did what they wanted and were her boss’s before either of them.

McKinley trusted Ryan and Severen more, Severen protected her from the truth about Spencer to give them more time and time was running out. Ryan gave her a chance to live a normal life, away from the casualties her life would’ve been.

Severen held out her hand and she took a white halo glow formed in the middle of her palm, she heard about this, this was tech from the Birm. No one has ever encountered it.

This was their way of giving her the a-okay to do what she needed to do.

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