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The AdventuresofFashionWoman,SurferMan,Holidaygirl

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This story is about three super heroes who fight crime and save the earth. Fashion Girl can wear anything she wants while crime fighting, Holiday Girl can change costumes, and Surfer Man can ride in the air on a surfboard. They all have secret lives to. Fashion Girl is an anonymous fashion blogger whose real name is Althea Tifton, Holiday Girl is a movie star named Hannah Isles and Her boyfriend is a movie star to named Colin Tifton, yes he is Fashion Woman's older brother.

Action / Adventure
Hayli Hill
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Chapter 1: House Robbery

It was Saturday October 31rst at 3:59 p.m and Holiday Girl and Surfer Man were sitting in their living room when Fashion Girl called.

"Holiday Girl, Surfer Man. I just got an invitation to a Halloween party and all three of us are invited. But we should get ready fast. See you there".

"Bye Fashion Girl". Said Holiday Girl

"Bye sis." Said Surfer Man.

Holiday Girl changed herself into Bat Woman and she changed Surfer Man into Bat Man with her powers.

They flew to the party on Surfer Man's surfboard and Fashion Girl was already there with a Cheetah Girl costume that she wished on from her own mall closet.

They went into the house and some people were already there. Four people were dressed as superheroes, two as Disney Princesses and some were dressed as monsters. One was dressed as a zombie. There were treats out like a veggie platter, fruit platter, junk food platter, and a huge bowl of candy on one table. The other table had Soda and juice. Both the food and drinks were of the healthy and unhealthy variety due to people having allergies. This house belonged to a friend of Holiday Girl and Surfer Boy. Her name was Pilates Girl. She was the only one that new of Fashion.Woman's true identity for she was a blogger to. All of the super heroes were protected by an organization called the Superhero Identity Protection Program ( the Sipp). Pilates Girl had fitness powers and not only did she keep the world safe from villains but she kept the world healthy by putting out fitness and health videos by the name of Catherine Iris. She travelled around the world not only to fight crime but also to meet her fans in person. When she wasn't crime fighting she had normal fitness clothes on that she made herself and she also puts them on the internet for her fans to buy. She also sold water bottles, fitness books, fit journals, DVDs, yoga mats, resistance bands, and fitness shoes. Her super suit was green and pink. She even had ombre hair and make-up and a red,black, and white shield. She was wearing a Katana outfit since that superhuman was tough like her. Pilates Girl had brown hair (when she wasn't in her super suit), brown eyes, and tan skin. She was sweet, active, and cool. Her powers were super speed and super strength. Her weapons were modified resistance bands (that she used as a rope for climbing buildings and tying up bad guys to keep them from getting away long enough to let the cops capture them), water bottles with experimented water that burn any villain, super heavy weights, and a super heavy fitness ball that can knock out every villain and monster. She did not have any pets or boyfriend since she only had time for crime fighting and work. Her favorite color was pink and her favorite pattern was ombre. Her favorite food was a macro bowl and she loved Disney movies and helpful books. Her favorite music was anything country or pop. She often worked out with Fashion Girl and Holiday Girl.

"Hi guys." She said and she brought her three super friends into a group hug. (They were always in disguise because it would be dangerous to reveal their true identity and SIPP organization would not let their super heroes protect themselves due to a fearful thing that happened long ago.

"Hi girl".Said Fashion Girl.

"Hi"said Surfer Man and Holiday Girl.

"If you guys are hungry, there are healthy and unhealthy snacks. You can eat an unhealthy snack if you haven't had a YOLO meal yet. There's sugary candy, pizza, chips, doughnuts, McDonald's, Halloween cookies, a Halloween cake, Halloween cupcakes, and Halloween cake pops.". Said Pilates Girl. And If you have had a YOLO meal, I made lots of healthy stuff and there is twizzlers.

"I already had pizza earlier this week"said Holiday Girl. Withthat she went over to the healthy options and picked out a macro bowl that Pilates Girl made and some water while Surfer Boy went for a hamburger and fries with a cup of MT. Dew since he hadn't eaten a YOLO food.

"When you are done eating you can go to the dance floor once you know your stomach has settled. We are doing the Zombie Shake at 7:30 and if you haven't had dessert yet then you can eat my homemade healthy doughnuts, cake and I also made some Halloween cookies without the sugar in it and dark hot chocolate. I will join you in a bit I am just going to go to the kitchen to get a water bottle

"Okay"said Holiday Girl

After that Holiday Girl and Surfer Man went to the dining room to enjoy their meal. A few minutes into their meal Fashion Girl and Pilates Girl joined them. Fashion Girl was eating Pilates girl's homemade Mac and cheese and a drinking water and Pilates Girl was eating a lettuce wrap. After one bite Pilates Girl took a drink from her water bottle. It was 5:30 and alot more people showed up. Some were dressed as Zombies, Some as Vampires and more were dressed as either a Disney Princess,Prince,Villain, Sidekick or another disney character like Wall-E, Wreck-It-Ralph, Nemo and even Hercules. One person was dressed as Merida, who was the only Pixar Disney Princess and a group was dressed as the main Harry Potter characters.

Holiday Girl and Surfer Boy had finished their food and drinks and were taking out their breathe fresheners. They sprayed the product into each other's mouths and then quickly kissed each other. "Awww." Said Pilates Girl. "You two are so adorable."

"Thank You". Holiday Girl said as she giggled and put her head on Surfer Man's shoulder. ( By the way Holiday Girl and Surfer Man are 21, Fashion Woman is 18 and just got out of Superhero High School. She was blogging a lot which was the requirement for getting out of school early for the super heroes that chose to be secret bloggers she is a fast learner. Pilates Girl is 32.)

After two hours, everyone went to Pilates Girl's huge fitness room where there was a boombox, a huge karaoke machine and a microphone. They did the Zombie Shake and then Pilates Girl got on the microphone and said" Okay guys let's sing some Halloween songs". Everyone cheered, hooted and hollered. "Any volunteers?"

Holiday Girl said"I will go".

"Alright".said Pilates Girl. She handed Holiday Girl the microphone and Holiday Girl went to the Karaoke box and picked a song called Fearless by Opal Iron. She started to sing.

"I got the upper hand now

And you're losing ground

You never had to fight back

Never lost the round

You see the gloves are coming off

Tell me when you've had enough

Ready for a showdown

And we're face to face

I think I'll rearrange it

Put you in the place

You don't get the best of me

Check it, you're afraid of me

I'm stuck in your head

I'm back, back from the dead

Got you running and scared

I'm fearless

I'm calling you out

I'm taking you down

Don't you come around

I'm fearless

I'm fearless

I'm fearless

You used to make my heart pound

Just the thought of you

But now you're in the background

What cha gonna do?

Sound off if you hear this

We're feeling fearless

We're feeling fearless

I'm stuck in your head

I'm back, back from the dead

Got you running and scared

I'm fearless

I'm calling you out

I'm taking you down

Don't you come around

I'm fearless

I'm stuck in your head

I'm back, back from the dead

Got you running and scared

I'm fearless

I'm calling you out

I'm taking you down

Don't you come around

I'm fearless

I'm fearless"

Everybody cheered and then there was a loud bang coming from Pilates Girl's bedroom. Pilates Girl, Fashion Woman, Surfer Man and Holiday Girl went to investigate. Sure enough Holiday Girl's ex friend Constant Quaker was in the window holding Pilates Girl's resistance band net. Immediately Holiday Girl attacked her and Constant put down the net she was trying to steal and fought back She dropped Holiday Girl to the ground and tried to take her clothes off. Holiday Girl broke free and changed into her super hero suit and so did her current friends. Suddenly Constant punched the floor and created an earthquake but Surfer Man took his shield and with a wave of his hand the floor was calm. Then Constant's distaster gang broke into the bedroom and stole the resistance band net. Holiday Girl flew after the evil group, Surfer Man and Fashion Woman went onto the window sill, Surfer Man brought out his surfboard and jumped on board with his sister. Pilates Girl quickly took out her flying yoga mat out and flew out the window.

They caught up to Constant and her natural disaster army and as Holiday Girl and Constant saw each other, Holiday Girl started using the Valentine's Day part of her powers. She started making some of Constant's friends fall for each other. She only left Tornado Girl, Forest Fire, Volcano Man, and Constant alone. Then She flew down and fought Forest Fire, Supervillain who was dating Constant. Constant and Fashion Girl were fighting each other after Constant put down the stolen band. Volcano Man started fighting Pilates Girl and Surfer Man was fighting Tornado Girl. Using her Holiday powers, Holiday Girl started to shoot ice out of her hands and froze Forest Fire's whole body. Tornado Girl created a Tornado and tried to in gulf Surfer Man, luckily Surfer Man was able to escape it by surfing in it with his surfboard. Constant made a small earthquake but Fashion Girl dodged it and tied up Constant with her fabric rope. Volcano Man tried shooting lava at Pilates Girl but she killed him with a weight bomb. Surfer Man and Holiday Girl were fighting Tornado Girl with martial arts then she froze Tornado Girl with ice. Lastly Holiday Girl used her hero phone to call the SIPP. Then She froze Constant's entire posse and Surfer Man healed the earth with a wave of his earth healing shield. The SIPP arrived with two trucks of the agency and put the frozen villains in one truck and Constant in the other and drove off. Pilates Girl picked up her resistance band net, got on her flying yoga mat, thanked her friends and flew off to her home. Holiday Girl flew off after her,then Surfer Man and his sister on his surfboard. They were able to finish enjoying the party.

I hope you enjoyed the first actual chapter of my new story. Here is a picture of what I envisioned Constant as.

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