Catherine McKay and the powers of the Phoenix

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She's no stranger to getting new powers she's on a mission to save the world

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 aborting G.I.S.D space ship.

Scene 1: Alfred and Catherine are on there way to G.I.S.D space station. when they arrived the chef meets them.

chef mike: Welcome Aboard agents 227 and 219 whats Today's mission is well....

Alfred: I cant wait-

chef mike: Hold on there Alfred i know you cant wait but you didn't even let me finish what i was gonna say. (looks at text) well Alfred i think your not gonna be on this mission its only for your sisters and Catherine

(Tiffany and Jane walks pass Alfred and Catherine)

Catherine: Um chef i have a quick question why my boyfriend is not coming.

chef mike: well i can pull some strings and ill get back to you on that okay.

Catherine: thanks.

Scene 2: After a while the chef came back.

Chef mike: well i got some good news.

Catherine: whats the good news chef!?

Chef mike: Alfred can go

Scene 3: The spaceship takes off meanwhile alfred and tiffany are arguing.

Tiffany: Goddanm it alfred you Really scrued me and jane up because your love life but That dont mean a danm thing to us!

Catherine: alfred i-

Alfred: Look dont come at me ever with that you see you always Always had a fucking issue with catherine what she did to you Huh tiffany! (slams hand on the table). Im getting sick and tired of you talking bullshit about my girlfriend.

Tiffany: dont you Fuckin rase your goddanm voice at me who do you think you are!!

( Jane and catherine pulls away alfred and tiffany)

Jane: hey hey HEY! knock it off you guys we got a mission right now!

Catherine: yea tiffany why you dont want your brother going with us.

Jane: Tiffany i-

Tiffany: (backs up) - Stay the fuck away from me ill be in my room (walks out mad)

Jane: Ill go talk to her but in the mean time get some sleep our mission starts in a hour.

Scene 4: Jane walks up to tiffany's door and knocks.

Jane: (knocks on tiffany's door) tiff its me jane.


Jane: ....Ok theres leftover pizza in the kitchen if you want some.

Scene 5: The spaceship hovers over the I.S.D spacestaiton head qurters.

Jane: Ok in case you all dont know why we are here ill give you a little recap on our mission: The chef wants us here for.....

Tiffany: Oh for god sake jane spit it out!

Jane: ok (smiles joyfully) our mission is Traning for the battle for the world a.k.a saving the world from marco.

Alfred: WhAt! (looks confused) i thought he died (grabs jane) jane plz tell me your joking right Tell Me Your Joking!

Jane: nope bro im serious trust me i know what im doing I dont Know about you soo

cadet ryan: (on a hollagram) morning agents my name is cadet ryan and your clear to land. Landing pad opening now.

scene 6: The spaceship lands and they walk out into a docking bay.

Tiffany: I cant belive it how can he survive that explosion: we blew up his engine, and took out his hench men and after that we blew up the ship with him in it. So how is it possible.

Alfred: Hmm.. its crazy but in some type of way he exscaped the blast. Buuut how he knew we was gonna blow him up Now thats the real question.

Catherine: ...The power of the phoenix...He uses its power to exscape thats what happened.

Jane: Ohh so thats how he exscape!?

Catherine: yeah i notice how he vanish i didnt tell nobody but i went back i found this (reaches in backpack) his necklace it probably dont- (screems in pain) AHHHHHHHHHH!

Jane: oh my God catherine can you hear me!

Catherine: (screems) Jane get back!

(Alfred and tiffany sees clouds rolling in with lightning)

Tiffany: Alfred.. you gotta see this (hands him binoculars) thers something going on down there.

Alfred: (looks throught the binoculars) OHH man tiff i can see jane but there some weird red ball of...wait a min i see a necklace and its the phoenix necklace!

Tiffany: We gotta get down there fast!

Alfred: Yea Lets go!

Scene 7: When alfred and tiffany made it a gather of people circled around catherine and jane.

Jane: come on catherine plz dont be dead.

(Alfred and tiffany runs up to jane)

Alfred: Hey what the hell happend to her!

Tiffany: Im gonna need everyone to step back plz! theres nothing to see here come on move along now.

Alfred: ok while tiffany is holding up traffic that gives me time to talk. So jane what happend and be honest.

Jane: ok all i know is that we was just talking and then outta nowhere that necklace that was on marco came on her and thats about it.

Alfred: (holds catherine's head) babe its me alfred.

Catherine: (moans in pain) A...Alfred... t..take me back to...the ship (passses out)

Alfred: oh shit.. Maday! Maday! this is agent 227 agent down i repeat Agent down! we need a medic out here fast!

Space station: Copy that agent 227 we have your location medics are on the way over and out.

Scene 8: After they got done with catherine alfred walks in and sees catherine with her bra and cargo pants on

Alfred: (walks in and sits on a chair) I dont know how did..that necklace got onto you but

Catherine: (Sits up on the hospital bed faceing alfred) I feel ok (stands up) alfred where is jane and tiff.

Alfred: Well..

Catherine: Ether you tell me or i have to make you tell me (walks up to alfred sexually) 1...2...2 in a haft.

Alfred: OK ok ok.. they are on the ship.

Catherine: (gets on top of alfred) Now that wasn't so hard huh baby (puts arms around alfred's neck) Now can you take me to the ship plz baby huh huh

Alfred: i totally forgot you get horny when you wake up

Doctor: Woahhh woahh take it eazy lovebirds haha hope i wasn't interupting anything.

Alfred: (looks at doctor) Oh no not at all we was just leaving right catherine!? (helps up catherine and walks out) she be fine.

Catherine: (walks sexually drunk) YeA Im rEadY BabY! HahA

Scene 9: Meanwhile on the ship morlax, tiffany and jane are playing cards.

Morlax: (robot voice) Aww man thats the third time you won jane

Jane: (smiles) Trust me morlax your gonna get it or i can teach you how to be more better than me if you want.

Tiffany: ( looks worred) im getting the feeling that alfred wont make it back here on time. I mean that blast.

Jane: (Puts hand on tiffany's showder) Hey tiff dont blame yourself we just didnt know now come on play some cards with us plz.

Tiffany: (Smiles) Ok i havent played cards in a long time.

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