Crimson Tribunal

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"You're sick." He chuckled, "I'd rather call myself twisted, sick makes it sound like there could be a cure."

Action / Romance
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And It Begins...

Genesis Vercetti had been on a shopping spree for the last few hours... going through designer stores. This all seemed pretty normal, it sure was but the only person who wasn’t normal was Genesis Vercetti. Being an heiress to a mob family made her unique, divergent. Most women her age would be out there attending parties, having normal jobs but she had bigger things to take care of. She had a mafia to run.

Genesis had quite an action-filled childhood. Meanwhile, girls her age would be playing with dolls she would be loading guns and spending countless hours in the training room of her mansion.

Thankfully for her, she had a best friend who had the same upbringing. Isabelle had been friends with Genesis since they were kids. They both had constructed an unbreakable bond. Genesis was often over Isabelle’s house when they were kids. It was a place to hide and they both knew it, but not once was Genesis ever made to feel unwelcome or hurried out the door. It was a safe haven when the storm invaded her own home, her own space. This was often when training would become unbearable.

Genesis had to be trained extra hard as one day she would’ve to carry the legacy of her ancestors. She had to be trained to utmost perfection as she would be the first woman in her family to be a mafia leader. This was quite surprising as previously they were kept away from the business and weren’t supposed to swear in Omerta, the code of silence.

Genesis had an advantage, no one knew that she was going to be the future mafia leader. Everyone thought that it was going to be Kris after her father’s death. This advantage would only last for a few months as one day she had to officially take over.


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