Wandering the World

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The year is 2028 it's been 9 years since the Great War that saw most of the world nuked. A world government has now been set up to prevent anymore wars. After a tragic event Stan is seeking revenge, but against who? Find out more about this crazy world with Stan and his two homies, Dariűse, and Quiet. Who have their own beefs with this crazy world they live in. (Sorry for the way it's written this will eventually be a comic book. This is just the written out version.)

Action / Adventure
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The Prelude

Hello my name is Stan Heartly not a very impressive name for a hunter but I’m the best at what I do and what I do is hunt.

The year is 2028. New Year’s day. Stan brings in this year with his pregnant wife. No big extravagant parties with fake smiles, or false suits praising his hunting skills. This year he would spend the new year with the woman he loved.

Stan: I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the new year.

Asrai: You sure you don’t miss it.

Stan: Miss what dear?

He knew what she was talking about and she knew the answer -- they both did. Of course he missed it, it was the only thing he had known for sometime. He had enlisted into the Marines at 18, just one year before the seven year war. After the war the Gladiatorial Board of Peace was established, the G.B.P. is a savage way to keep the peace in a world where war was everything and the people demanded peace. Thus, the gladiatorial games were born. Murder is allowed but only for people playing the games. Stan has played in all the games at least once some more than others. His favorite was The Hunt.

Some days it feels like it’s been longer than a year since I dropped from the games he thought.

Stan: Of course some days I miss it but I have you and the little one now.

She kissed him on the cheek, he turned and kissed her on the forehead. After watching the ball drop on T.V. they head to bed. The next day he headed to his state of the art gym where he trains others for the games. He arrived two hours early as always. He might not be in the games anymore but it didn’t mean he couldn’t train like it. As he finished target practice his number one pupil came in.

Jeff: I see the rumors are true.

Stan: What rumors?

Jeff: The ones about you coming back to the games.

Stan: Ha. You of all people should know I’m never competing again.

It was the whole reason he turned his private gym into a training facility he can’t compete but he could at least train others.

Jeff: I know but everyone seems convinced otherwise. Maybe they have a false sense of hope.

Stan: Yeah and crazy imaginations -- now help me get ready for today’s training sessions.

The day went on without a hitch as usual but something seemed wrong. Just yesterday his wife asked if he missed hunting. Now today he hears there are rumors he is returning to hunting. He would have just ignored it if it had just been Jeff but almost everyone today has asked him. He began to feel paranoid about everything.

Is someone testing me, he thought. No silly rumors spread like wildfire he told himself and put the thoughts out of his head. He thought to his wife and their yet to be born child.

I’m making the right decision if they ever got hurt I wouldn’t know what to do with myself he told himself.

He cleaned and closed the gym and headed home. When he got home he received a message from the G.B.P.


We have received and accepted your application for re-entry into the gladiatorial games. Your first victim will be sent to you in 2-3 business days.

Just then he heard his wife coming from the kitchen. He quickly closed the message.

Asrai: Hey cutie! I’m getting dinner started….. You ok?

Stan:.... HUH?! I mean, yeah, yeah. I’m good just thinking about some shit that’s all, head in the clouds.

Asrai: Well, dinner shouldn’t take too much longer so your head better be back in time. She kissed him, smiled and walked back to the kitchen. Stan’s brain raced.

“Okay, someone is obviously messing with me right?” he thought.

“Testing me-- someone at the board must be trying to see if I’ll crack and go back. Seeing if I can really give up hunting forever, and the worst part is,” he thought to himself “I don’t know. I guess I will just have to wait and see what I decide if I even get a Victim,” he thought. “This could all just be an elaborate prank.”

He tried hard to put the thoughts out of his head. Later at dinner.

Asrai: Stan can I ask you something?

Stan:(chewing) What’s up?

Asrai: You’re not Hunting anymore are you?

Stan: Woah no baby no who told you that?

Asrai: My friends are saying that they have been hearing rumors that you have picked hunting back up.

Stan: My students have been saying the same thing, but I promise you I’m not nor am I even thinking about going back to the games. I gave all that up for you and our future family and I wouldn’t risk that or go back now.

Asrai: I believe you. I just wanted to hear it.

That’s it, this has gotten out of hand, he told himself. When or if I get a victim I’m gonna reject it and dispel these rumors once and for all. He thought to himself and tried to put the whole thing out of his head for now. Him and his wife changed the subject and finished dinner. Two weeks passed and no word from the G.B.P. it started to seem like a bad joke. Then he received a letter at his gym. It was the G.B.P. It read.


You have been selected for our special hunt this year.

This years Victims are:

Chelsea Landburk Naomi Landburk

Good hunting to you!

This had never happened before there were two victims and they seemed to be a mother and her daughter. Never in the history of the G.B.P had a hunter gotten two victims at the same time let alone a mother and her child something wasn’t right. They are hunters not hit men. He decided to call the Board and ask some questions.

Desk Lady: Hello this is the G.B.P headquarters how can I assist you?

Stan: Yes I’m calling about a victim I have been sent. It seems to be not one but two people and it’s a mother and her child.

Desk Lady: Let me get their names and I will check the registry for you.

Stan: Chelsea and Naomi Landburk are their names.

There was a long pause with typing in the background. Another pause.

Desk Lady: It seems as though everything is in order they are registered. Anything else I can do for you?

Stan: Yes I’m dropping from the games.

Desk Lady: Are you sure sir?

Stan: Yes my name is Stan Heartly and I am dropping from the gladiatorial games.

Desk Lady: Ok Mr. Heartly it has been noted.

He ended the call and sat and thought for a second. Something was off the legal age for sign up in the games is 18 but the girl looked no older than 13. Something was off and he planned on finding out what but first he has to teach his classes. As he was walking out of his office he felt someone go to grab him. Reflexes and instincts save lives. A quick back elbow to the midsection. Then he turned to face whoever it was. Just then a knife comes at him. X block downwards. He takes control of the wrist. A punch directly to the nose to disorientate them. Knee to the gut. He twisted the attackers hand behind his back, takes the knife and points it at their throat.

Jeff: Woah it’s me Jeff.

Stan: What?

Jeff: It’s Jeff.

Stan released him.

Stan: What the hell man I could have killed you.

Jeff: Just making sure you’re at the top of your game for your come back. And it looks like you haven’t missed a step.

Stan: Damn Jeff i told you I’m not coming back.

Jeff: Yeah but I saw the letter.

Stan: That was a mistake. I already called the G.B.P and cleared everything up.

Jeff: Oh…. Well sorry about scaring you man.

Stan: It’s kool just help me finish up these classes so I can close up.

Stan closed the gym for the night while trying to take in everything that had been going on. Nothing seemed to add up though. He was missing something and he planned on finding out what it was. On his way home he kept thinking about Jeff attacking him. He may have been only acting on instincts but he loved it. He tried to calm himself. I would have killed Jeff if he hadn’t said something he thought. He returned home and greeted his wife. He kissed her and headed straight to his study. The first thing he did was look up the names of the woman and child. The lady seemed to be the wife of a big time banker. The child he found out was from a previous relationship the woman had. This was beginning to get more and more interesting but less and less was actually starting to make sense. Why was the wife of a big time banker and her daughter signed up for the games? Why were they sent to Stan? Even better question: who signed him up for the games? I’m retired and for good reason so who would do it? He thought then oh shit has she been warned? Of course right? All victims were warned before hunters were even picked. That’s how the games worked. You were told you were being hunted and that’s all. Stan began to get a headache. Better pick this up tomorrow he thought. The next day began like any other. Stan headed to the gym like always going over the events of yesterday. While Stan was teaching at the range Jeff came rushing over to him.

Jeff: You need to get the phone.

The look on Jeff’s face suggested he didn’t wanna tell Stan why. Stan went over to the phone.

Stan: Hello.

Fire Chief: Hello is this Stan Heartly.

Stan: Yes sir.

Fire chief: This is Fire Chief Taylor I’m sorry to inform you but your wife has been killed in an explosion at your home. We need you to come identify the body. -End of first issue?

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