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Meghan a 17 old girl,daughter of the most famous detectives at the town,is also a Dragon.Now you'll be wondering what a Dragon is. Dragons is the name of the most famous gang in town. Meghan and her brother Zack are one of them.On the other side,Henry,a former drug seller and now an accountant who studies in the law school tries to save up for a house for himself as he's living with his roomate Ashton.After an incident that happened to the dragons,Meghan and Henry should cooparate with each other in order to save her gang from gather information for the laywer.Will they make it or the Dragons will be found guilty in it?

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Part 1:Introduction to the disaster

Bzzz bzzz

Meghan:Shut up,I’m awake!

"I said and I threw away my alarm clock to the wall once more.Don’t get the wrong idea,it’s unbreakable,god damnit,and it’s fine with whatever I do.I got up and I opened my closet to see what I was going to wear at my last exam while scraching my head in curiosity.I got dressed,I went to do my bathroom routine and then I went down for breakfast."


Mom:Good morning honey,here’s your breakfast.


"Now you’ll be wondering why am I in this mood when it’s my last exam.It’s maths.MATHS.And I hate maths more than anything.Even Zack."

Zack:Good morning...

Meghan:Now my day’s been ruined even more...

Mom:Oh come on Meghan,it’s only two hours and then it’s over.Then University is waiting for you.

Meghan:Yeah,but till then,I’ll be dead.Anyways,I’m off,Bye!

"I took my earphone and a pen and left for school trying to focus on how Pethagoras Theory is.I went there peacefully and I took exam.Wait,did I write my name?Eh,they’ll see from the number so....doesn’t matter.Or it does?Oh my god...I’m screwed or tired.I finished the exam and I left for Blue Moon,Zack told me that he’ll be waiting for me outside."

Zack:You’re late.

Meghan:Bitch,I finished maths I needed to reward myself.

"I told him and I shook my coffee that I brought on my way here.He made an annoyed face and we went into the club which was closed and it was our meeting place.Lay and Noah were the first gangs.I mean,okay Lay has to be first here,he’s the leader.Noah is just my friend.We went to the basement and took our seats waiting for the others."

Noah:Finally somebody.

Meghan:I’m finally done with school!

Noah:Congratsulations girl!

Zack:Will the others come or it’s just us?

Lay:They said they’ll come.

Meghan:Oh,eeh,they’re not loyal.

Zack:Let’s not talk about it.

Meghan:Um yeah..

"It doesn’t praise me.I’m not that loyal either.But bitch,I was at school,mom would be suspicious.But I have a mind.I’m smarter than anyone in here.Sooo I’m useful..."

Noah:Meghan,what’s new?

Meghan:Nothing.Ohhh I see where you get it.No,nothing for you.

Noah:Oh mannn!

Lay:Okay,we’ll do it with four people and I’ll inform the others.So,umm we’re invited into a car race.

“I lit up my ciggarette and I carefully listened to what Lay had to say.After our 4 person meeting,I went to the mall with Noah.He’s my mate. I mean,just a close friend of mine.”

Meghan:Can I ask you something?

Noah:Yeah,be free to ask.

Meghan:Are you afraid?

Noah:What do you mean?

Meghan:Aren’t you afraid that one day,you might get caught,we’re a gang.What if one day all of these,with a snap of a finger,disappear?

Noah:I don’t think about it Meghan.I just focus to now and everything that has to do with the future,they’ll come soon,there’s no need to analyze anything from now.

Meghan:That means that you’re not afraid to lose me,or anyone from the gang.

Noah:If you or anyone doesn’t want to lose me,he’ll fight for me,just like I’d do.

Meghan:Isn’t this sort of egoistic?

Noah:No,I see it as a test.

Meghan:I see...

“I said and I took another bite of my burger.Around 4 I went back home.Lay said that the race is tomorrow and that I don’t have to go tonight at the bar.I guess today it’s Netflix night.Hmmm...what’s today’s series?I guess I’ll go with Lucifer now...I went down to the kitchen and I grabbed some snacks. I love being home alone. It happens all the time. Zack leaves around 7 when it comes to races and my parents come really late at night and keep in mind that I sleep at 4, they’re coming after 4. You know, they’re one of the best investigators in town. They work really hard and they love what they’re doing. After putting a random episode,I proceed to scrolling on my phone,I texted and then I put YouTube on my TV. I ate all my snacks and then I checked the time. 3 am. Zack isn’t home yet.... He said it wasn’t supposed to last long...Maybe he’s wrong,I don’t know. I texted Noah to see if things are good but he wasn’t active. Same for Lay. I feel weird,like something’s wrong. It’s just me, I should go to sleep and I’m sure that when I wake up I’ll hear Zack snoring. I turned off my lights and I tried to sleep. Well,just for the record,I failed.I dressed up and I went to Noah’s. I knocked but he wasn’t in. I called each one of them once more and I didn’t get an answer once more. I went back and while I was waiting,I fell asleep. In the morning,my parents woke me up but,they seemed really upset for something.”

Mom: Wake up Meghan!

Meghan:Huh?What happened?

Dad:Your brother,Zack,got arrested for being to a gang. He was at a car race.


Mom:Tell me you’re not involved in this...

Meghan:No I’m not.

Dad:Thank God...

“Shit happened. My feeling was right, something happened. I stayed with them for a while, as they decided to take over this case,and then I went to Zack.”

Zack:Meghan! What are you doing here?

Meghan: Where’s Noah and Lay?

Zack: They’re doing their phonecalls.

Meghan:What happened?

Zack:Someone from another gang called the cops.

Meghan:I called you a hundred times,why did you had your phone turned off? Zack,I got scared.

Zack: Don’t be Meghan, we’ll protect you. Especially you. Well,I don’t see me going outta here soon,so I’ll need your help.

Meghan: What? You have a plan?

Zack:If you help me.

Meghan:Of course I will, are you dumb?

Zack:Okay,listen here...

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