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Part 10:We're taking a break

A lil resume:After working on James’s case Henry and Meghan had a car accident. Sadly,Henry got seriously injured and Meghan got away with some scratches amd wounds.


Ashton:He’s okay Meghan,he’ll wake up.

Meghan:What if he doesn’t,I really need him right now.He can’t die,we are so close to the end...

Ashton:He’s strong don’t worry...

“Ashton gave me a warm hug and then I sat down to a chair”

Ashton:You should go and see your wounds Meghan...

Meghan:I’m okay...

Ashton:Henry would want you to be okay.

Meghan:I am fine.

Ashton:Nurse,can you see her wounds please?


Nurse:Yes of course,come with me.

“The nurse took me inside a room and after treating my wounds,I ran back to Henry.Ashton had brought me coffee and something to eat.After eating 2 bites of that sandwich,I stood up and I went close to the window,which from there I could see Henry.God,this is hard...He’s in that bed helpless,with these tubes around him.He will wake up,right?”

Meghan:You have my phone right?

Ashton:Yes,there you go.


“Fuck,4 missed calls from my mom.She must have gone nuts,I should give her a call.Woops,she’s here.”


Meghan:Hi mom...

Mom:You don’t know how worried I was!What are you doing here?How did these happen?

Meghan:Um,me and my friend were crashed by another car...Please don’t get mad.

Mom:Meghan!Are you-You’re okay,thank God...

Meghan:Can I stay with my friend?

Mom:Meghan,don’t forget that you’re 18,you’ll come tomorrow again okay?


Mom:Nothing,you’re going out a lot,I need you at home,for once.

“I sighed,I gave Ashton my phone number and I left with mom for home.I changed my clothes and I lied on my bed because mom told me to rest. How can I sleep when Henry is unconscious at the hospital?Who did it?Maybe it was,Evan with someone else,I don’t know everything’s possible right now. I’ll go find him tomorrow,I’m so sure he’s involved.And I’ll find a new lawyer for Zack and the others.I can’t sleep...I put a movie to watch but it was hard for me to focus,so I texted Ashton to ask if there’s any progress to Henry’s situation.Around 8,I got down to get my breakfast and then head to Evan’s office.I ate my breakfast,I got ready and I left the house without explaining anything.I arrived to his office and I bursted in.”


Evan:Meghan,hi,what brings you here?

Meghan:Answer my question Evan.

Evan:Involved to what?

Meghan:To my car accident.

Evan:Oh my God Meghan,are you okay?


Evan:I have so many files Meghan,you can’t do that.

Meghan:Watch me.


Meghan:I DON’T CARE EVAN!I PROMISED ZACK THAT HE’LL BE OUT OF JAIL AND I’LL DO IT!WE BOTH KNOW HE’S INNOCENT,If you’re going to do your job,do it right,if not,I won’t waste my money on you.

“I said and I left his office.The next thing I did was visit Zack to tell him what’s going on.And then I’ll go find a new layer.”’s it going...

Meghan:Uh,worse than expected,but good.

Zack:What do you mean?

Meghan:Long story.Anyways,any suggestion for a laywer?

Zack:Uh,ask Henry,he’s studying at a law school,right?

Meghan:I can’t,he’s at the hospital.We had a car accident and now I’m waiting news from his friend.

Zack:I’m sorry Meghan.

“Zack held my hand and I felt my phone buzzing inside the purse.I picked it up and I saw Ashton texted me.”

Meghan:I need to go at the hospital,we’ll talk soon.

“I said goodbye to Zack and I rushed to the hospital.I found Henry’s room and when I got in Ashton was sleeping.”


Ashton:Oh,hi...take a seat,he woke up an hour ago,he’s fine...

Meghan:I can stay here if you want. Go get some rest Ashton...

Ashton:Will you be okay?

“I nodded and after hesitating,he left me with Henry.We’ll take our time now.I promise Henry.”


Meghan:Get some rest,I’m here...

Henry:I’m okay,really.What happened?

Meghan:We got into a car accident.Henry,I promise,we’ll take our time after this.

Henry:Don’t worry,we will go to our next target next week,I’m already recovering.

Meghan:No,we’re taking our time and this is final.How are you feeling Henry?

Henry:I’m fine Meghan,chill.

Meghan: You sure?


“I chuckled and I started talking to him. After some days, Henry had gotten out of the hospital and at times I would go and take care of him as Ashton couldn’t do it himself. I also found a new lawyer,Pete,he seems like a nice guy,really.”

Ashton: Come in, he’s watching TV.

Meghan:Haha okay, thank you.

Ashton:Okay, I’ll be leaving now. Meghan,if you need me call me.

“I nodded and after leaving my bag to a chair,I sat next to Henry.”

Meghan:How are you feeling?

Henry:Good. How are you Meghan?

Meghan:Just as you left me.

“He hummed and then he kinda stood up and left to his room with me following him. Where is he going?”

Henry:Will you help me take a shower?


Henry: You’ve seen me before, just think that you’re a nurse.


“We got into his bathroom and I helped him take off his clothes and get in the shower. He left the water go down his body and once I turned my back on him and turned back to him again he could do it himself.”

Meghan:You can do it yourself.

Henry:Join me then.


“He dragged me in and he kissed me after banging me to the wall. My clothes got soaked but I was enjoying it. I took off my clothes and now we were both naked. I couldn’t stop kissing him. He started leaving marks on my body while I was softly moaning. I jumped on him after making sure he would stand it and I just knew that it felt right. I wouldn’t regret it,or think it was wrong. He looked at me and after taking my permission he thrusted inside me. I moaned and he started going inside out. I don’t know if we could be heard but honestly,it was the best sex I’ve ever had. After doing our job we wrapped a towel and we sat at his bed.”

Henry:Thanks for helping me out,partner.

Meghan:Anytime. Can you put my clothes at the dryer?

Henry: I’m not fully recovered so you have to do it yourself.

Meghan:Yeah sure... not fully recovered but you can fuck me in the shower.

Henry:Did you say anything?


“I put my clothes on the dryer and then I put on a shirt that Henry gave me. After a while,Ashton was already back and he found us on Henry’s bed on a terrible condition.”

Ashton:Okay, I’ve missed a lot.

Meghan:Ashton,you’re here,I should get going...

“I stood up to go but Henry caught my hand.I looked at him and I left his house. God,what was all that for?”

-Henry’s POV-

Ashton:Dude what was that for?


Ashton:Did you take your pills Henry?

“I nodded and I continued to ignore him. After some days I was completely fine but..Meghan seemed to ghost me after what happened at the shower. I can’t understand her sometimes..”

Ashton:You have a guest Henry...


Kenna:Wish I was Meghan Henry...How are you?

Henry:What do you want Kenna?

Kenna:You know...Just kidding,I just heard about your accident and I passed by to see how are you.

Henry:That’s for your concern.

Kenna:It’s nothing really,you know how much I care for you.


Meghan:Henry-oh...I will pass by some other time if I interrupt.


Meghan:See you later Henry.

Henry:Meghan wait!

“I started to follow her but she didn’t bother to stop so I caught her hand and I stopped her with all my power.”

Henry:Why are you acting like that?

Meghan:Me or you? Some days ago we were at your shower doing-ugh!Just let’s keep this the way it was at the start. I’m tired of letting you hurt me all the time.

Henry:ME?I’m the one who’s hurting you?YOU CHOSE THAT!You had Evan to fuck you but you chose me over him YOURSELF!

Meghan:Seems like I made a bad decision.After that night at Ashton’s truck everything should have gone back to normal,but I didn’t let that happen,I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Henry:Okay Meghan I get it,you made a bad desicion,this shouldn’t have happened but it did and no one can change that. We both felt some stuff but I’m sure they were temporary,you’re right...We should go back to start.If you need anything from me,text me.

“I said and I left back to my apartment.I tried...I did everything I could to keep her on my side,it didn’t work and I should move on.For real this time.”

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