Partners In Crime

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Part 11:Are we okay?

A lil resume:Henry finally woke up and until he fully recovers Meghan and Ashton got to take care of him as Henry and Meghan had a nice moment together. After some days Meghan finds Henry with Kenna and those two have a fight.


Ashton:Really?You just left her go like this?

Henry:I did everything I could okay?

Ashton:No you didn’t!I’m going to find her.If you’re not going to do anything then I will.


“I couldn’t stop him,he banged the door leaving and I didn’t have the courage to go and find him.”

-Meghan’s POV-

Ashton:Meghan wait!


Ashton:Please don’t leave,Henry’s acting childish and he really does want you to stay,Kenna just came for me.

Meghan:Did she?Or are you covering up for Henry?

Ashton:To be honest,both but mostly she came for me,we’re kind of a thing.

Meghan:Good for you Ashton,I really got to go right now.

Ashton:What should I tell Henry?

Meghan:Nothing.Just let him be,I want this to be over so... we gotta move on.

Ashton:So you guys are just over like that?You won’t be cooparating again?

Meghan:I’ll be waiting from him to make the next step,if he doesn’t I’m on my own.

Ashton:Meghan,please let aside your ego and let him help you,back off for the last time,please.You know I care about you.

Meghan:It’s the last time I step back for Henry. There won’t another.

Ashton:Thank you Meghan.

Meghan:Just for you Ashton.

“I said and I left for home.I sat on my bed in frustration. What are we going to do? Henry is acting childish and he’s making me rage over the fact that I can’t resist to him,I truly need him.Maybe I should visit Pete-and then call Henry- we need to know what to do. I took the bus and I visited Pete’s office.”

Meghan:Uh, I bothering you?

Pete:No,of course not come in.

Meghan:Thank you,how are you?

Pete:I’m good,how about you,what brings you here?

Meghan:Um well,I want you to take over my brother’s case. If you heard of-

Pere:Of course.

Meghan:You didn’t-

Pete:It’s my job to defend people,right?So what’s the case?

Meghan:I don’t know if you’ve heard the case,it’s about that gang case,you know-the drug dealer that-

Pete:Oh yes,I’ve heard it,Dragons was the name,wasn’t it?

Meghan:Yes,that’s correct.

Pete:Good thing I keep myself informed.

“I chuckled and I sat in front of him. We discussed the situation for like three hours but it seemed to me like a couple of minutes. Pete agreed to take over Zack’s case just exactly where Evan will leave it. I got extremely excited,Pete seemed and is a nice guy. He keeps it professional but makes you comfortable at the same time. Let’s not jinx it.”

-Henry’s POV-

Ashton:So are you happy now?


Ashton:Don’t play dumb. You should have chased Meghan,not me.

Henry:She didn’t even listen to me,she needs to apologize...

Ashton:Yet,she acts like she’s older than you.Call her,tell her to meet and apologize,she’ll apologize too.

Henry:Why doesn’t she make the first move?I alway-

Ashton:No you don’t.Call her,now,in front of me.


“I reached out for my phone and I dialed Meghan’s phone number.She send me on the operator.She can be so stupid sometimes.”

Henry:She won’t answer.

Ashton:Oh my God Henry!


Ashton:Call from mine.

“He handed me his phone and I dialed her number from there.After a couple of seconds,she answered with an excited tone on her voice.”

Meghan:Hey Ashton,what’s up?

Henry:Hey Meghan.

Meghan:Oh Henry...hi,what’s up?

Henry:Uh,I wanted to ask you if you’re free-not right now,just someday if you wanted to go grab some coffee...

Meghan:Sure,I have news too so I would call you soon or later.

Henry:Oh what for?

Meghan:The case,what else?

Henry:I don’t know,so um...when are you available?

Meghan:I don’t know,busy schedule.

“She’s mad at me I’m so sure.”

Henry:Fine then,I’ll text you.


“She hung up and I gave Ashton his phone.He put it inside his pocket and he looked at me with a judgemental look.”



Ashton:Are you going out or...

Henry:I’ll text her,she’s mad at me.

Ashton:I wonder why...

Henry:Thank you for supporting me Ashton...


“He shrugged and after taking his keys he left the house.I punched a pillow and I tried to calm down. If Meghan is mad at me once,I’m mad at her twice she can’t accuse me for stuff when she doesn’t know what happened! A couple of days passed and me and Meghan decided to finally go grab some coffee and I could say it wasn’t the same as before,we were back to formalities.”

Meghan:How are you feeling?Are you fully recovered?

Henry:Yes.So,what are the news you had to tell me?

Meghan:I found a new lawyer for Zack’s case.

Henry:Wow,that’s awesome.What’s his name?

Meghan:Pete,he’s a really good guy.


Meghan:How about you?Are you back with Kenna?

Henry:Meghan,me and Kenna-

Meghan:I know and I’m happy for you.

Henry:Will you ever listen to me?We’re not together,she’s with Ashton and about the other day she came-

Meghan:For Ashton.

Henry:Exactly. I will always-

Meghan:Be here for me.

Henry:Exactly.What?How did you know what I was going to say?

Meghan:Oh my God...back to our topic.

Henry:No I want answers Meghan,how did you know?


Henry:Stop being childish and answer.

Meghan:Childish?Me?Hah,let me reckon about who was childish a few days ago!

Henry:Well,I’m tired of you making your own conclusions!You’re so fuc-you’re so stubborn and I cannot take it anymore!

Meghan:Stubborn?!Like you aren’t!

Henry:At least I don’t need someone I barely know to tell me!And you know something?Zack and the rest of the dragons won’t come out of jail!They’re done,the other gangs won’t let it go like that!You’re wasting your damn money!

“I could tell she already teared up by my words,she gulped and she tried to take my words in the best way she could.She placed the coffee on the table and she took a deep breath.”

Meghan:Don’t ever fucking call me again.

“She stood up and left.I inhaled and I could feel something heavy inside me,I felt guilty for my words.I cleaned the table and I left for home.The rest of the day went by so blunt,it took me a couple of days to understand what I did to Meghan.I couldn’t tolerate the guilt that had gotten over me,the only thing she ever wanted was her brother out of jail and I burnt down every hope of hers with the snap of my fingers.I screwed up,again.After many many days,Meghan called me,it was the first time in a while that my eyes sparkled or that I got excited for something.Little did I know though..”



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