Partners In Crime

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Part 12:Case Johnson-Part 1

A lil resumee:In the previous chapter we saw Henry and Meghan’s cooperating drift apart,things are not going good by every side of the story. Pete met Meghan and Meghan seems to like him,but what about Henry?Henry is an absolute rack and he feels guilty about his words.Well what does Meghan’s phonecall will mean??


Henry:Meghan,I’m so sorry about what I-

Μeghan:Listen to me,go to my place and take everything we’ve gathered,take them to Pete and he’ll know what to do I’m-

Johnson:Who are you talking to?Hello?

“What the hell?Meghan’s in danger,is that Johnson who’s talking?What happened?”

Johnson:Hello?They won’t answer you’re lucky this time doll.

“I didn’t realize much,Johnson hung up an I started to do what Meghan told me,wait.I don’t know where Pete is or who Pete is.Ugh,I never expected that this would happen. Oh my God Meghan... I dressed up and I left for her house,wait-what if it’s only her dad at home?Oh my God don’t chicken out now Henry..Take some deep breaths...everything is going to be fine..”

Meghan’s mom:Oh hey Henry,what brings you here?

Henry:Oh hello miss,Meghan asked me to bring something from here.

Meghan’s mom:Of course come in!Are you guys...a thing?

Henry:Pfft,what?Of course not!We’re just good friends.

Meghan’s mom:I see...where did you guys meet?She didn’t mention you a lot since summer started,you guys were inseperatable,you were the friend on the accident right?

Henry:Um we met through Zack,um we started hanging out this summer that why. And yes I was on the accident...

Meghan’s mom:What’s your relation with Zack?

Henry:Old friends.

Meghan’s mom:I see...what are you doing now?

Henry:I’m working as an accountant and I’m attending law school...

Meghan’s mom:Oh great,did you find what you needed?

Henry:Yes,she needed some notes.Hope I’ll see you again miss!

“That was awkward..I went into my car and I tried to open her computer.Forgetting that this wasn’t my computer I put my password to hers computer,in other words my name,it’s only thing I always remember and I opened it.Wait-she has my name for her password?What the-anyways...I contacted Pete and I told him what was going on and we made a plan.The plan is that we’ll track Meghan with the help of police and I’ll go find them as Pete will film from far until the police comes,so I’ll have time to make them confess and poof it’ll be soon over for us.I hope,at least.”

Pete:Do you remember what do you have to do?

Henry:Yes,Meghan’s safety is our priority.

Pete:Okay,I’ll be expecting news from you.

“I nodded and I entered the building we tracked down by Meghan’s phone.I wandered around the building but it seemed hopeless to me,nothing was there.”

Johnson:Where’s your friend now huh?Henry always cared about saving himself and no one else,you really think he’ll come and save you now?

Meghan:People change,but yet you’re still the same old bastard!

“Oh Meghan,don’t throw an attitude...”

Johnson:Ohhh,look who we got here...come in Henry,join us.Get him.

“His men came and took me dispite of my trials being a total failure,thank god my phone was still recording.”

Johnson:As I see,you came to save the princess,pathetic.

Henry:Says the person who never loved something in his ENTIRE life!

Johnson:Let me gave up Henry,I could have made you the biggest drug dealer in the town,you had a strong potential AND YOU FUCKING GAVE UP!WHEN THINGS GOT ROUGH YOU LEFT,YOU HAD TO SAVE YOUR ASS!IF YOU NEVER LEFT MY SIDE WE WOULD HAVE BEEN SABOTAGING THE DRAGONS TOGETHER!I’ve always seen you as the son I always wanted to have Henry...

Henry:You were just making me see that side YOU wanted me to see,you never gave me the chance to see the real world.

Johnson:You’re smart Henry,if you never left my side right now only the love of your life would be standing in front of me,you would be next to me.Dragons always pissed me off.Me and Christopher always wanted to get rid of them,and once we got the chance we shoot our shot,I’d never regret the things I’ve done.

Meghan:You’ve killed thousands of innocent people by the years and you put the same amount of people in prison too,including my brother AND YOU DON’T EVEN REGRET IT?You should be asham-

“One of his men hit Meghan and my whole body jumped in order to stop him.I pushed him away and I put her inside my arms as she was crying in pain.”

Henry:If you touch her again-

Johnson:What are you going to do now Henry?

Henry:If you’re willing to touch her,please hit me instead of her.

Johnson:Huh,you’re pathetic Henry,you’ve changed for the worse.

Henry:I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done one day...

Johnson:Lock them in here,we’ll deal with them later.

Meghan:You can’t-

Johnson:Watch me.

“Meghan ran onto the door and before she could reach it,it got slammed on her face.She banged it and she yelled at it as she was exchausted.I reached to her and I hugged her.”

Meghan:Why did you come?

Henry:To get you,Pete is outside waiting for the cops and I’m recording.

Meghan:You what?

Henry:I’m hiding a phone somewhere on me.I’ve recorded everything he said.

Meghan:Are you still recording?

Henry:Yes but don’t worry,Pete will protect this conversation.

Meghan:Pete?How do you know him?

Henry:I went to take your stuff from your house in order to come and get you from here.

Meghan:How did you open my computer?

Henry:I honestly don’t know,I just typed my name and-

Meghan:You typed what?!

Henry:I forgot it was yours!

Meghan:HENRY!What if I had stuff you couldn’t see?Didn’t you think of that?

Henry:I wouldn’t dig your computer if you hadn’t an obvious file.

Meghan:I’m not going to go crazy at the moment...

“I looked down and we both went quiet.After a couple of minutes,we heard a gunshot.As soon as I heard that I got closer to Meghan I hugged her as she seemed scared.”

Henry:It’s nothing.

Meghan:If you say so...

Johnson:Aw,look at you,so pathetic...Henry,with me.

“Meghan broke our hug and Johnson started pointing at me with his gun. I nodded to Meghan that I’ll be fine and I left with Johnson as a man of his stayed back with Meghan.”

-Meghan’s POV-

“Don’t make me worried Henry...After him and Johnson left I was left alone with one of his men.It was really awkward but we would make several eye contacts at times and it made it more weirder than it was.We waited patiently until they come back but when they did I saw Henry on a terrible condition.”


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