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Part 13:Case Johnson-Part 2

A lil resume:Meghan and Henry are hostages of Johnson and Henry wtih Pete and we’re in the middle of their plan.(I didn’t know what to say because the case is not completed lol sooo enjoy the rest)


Meghan:Henry,talk to me.

“No answer,fuck what am I going to do now?I tried to slap him slowly but he still didn’t answer.Oh no...Henry don’t leave me now...”

Henry:Don’t cry because of me,I’m okay.

Meghan:Henry!Don’t scare me like that!

Henry:You got teary,don’t be.

Meghan:Fuck you.

Henry:Chill,I’m fine.Pete texted me that the cops are here,let’s just be patient...


“After that,silence again but still I didn’t like the view of Henry in this condition,it made me hurt on the inside.15 minutes later,everything seemed to be getting awful,voices and gunshots were heard from the other side of the door.I reached Henry and I stayed next to him knowing I’ll be safe.Suddenly the door opened and Pete walked in.I sighed in relief and I left Henry’s side,it was finally over.”


Pete:Meghan!Thank God you’re okay?Henry,did you record?

Henry:More than enough,did Johnson got arrested?

Pete:Yes,and he’ll be charged for a kidnap attempt and based on your recordings maybe with even more,plus drug dealing and other small crimes.

Meghan:Wow...this is officially over.

Henry:Yes...almost,now the only thing left is justice served.

Pete:Leave that to me,thank you Henry.

Henry:It was my pleasure.

“After all this story was done me and Henry testified against Johnson and James and Henry’s recordings were heard and helped the detectives solve the case.Me and Henry didn’t talk after what happened but I’m sure that he’ll be at the court,he deserves to see justice being served.I texted him informing him that the trial will be next week and if he wanted that we could meet and visit Zack and Lay to tell them the new but he never responded,so I went with Pete just to find Henry being there.”

Henry:Hey guys,I was just leaving.

Pete:No it’s okay,stay with us.


Meghan:Yes,guys you’re getting out soon me and Henry made it!

Zack:Really?!Henry you don’t know how thankful we are,when I get out I owe you one.

Henry:It’s nothing man.And when you guys get out,please pay a visit at Seattle.


Lay:Of course,you’re hosting!

Meghan:Why Seattle Henry?

Pete:I’ll be waiting outside Meghan..

Meghan:What do you mean with Seattle Henry?

Henry:I’m moving to Seattle because of law school,I asked for a transfer before I met you.I’m sorry...

Meghan:When are you leaving?Will you be able to be at the court?

Henry:Yes and then I’ll take off.

Μeghan:I’m going to miss you Henry.

Henry:Meghan,don’t start these.

Meghan:Are you going to cry?Huh?

“I wrapped my hands around his arm and I started walking with him outside while teasing him.After we passed the exit,Henry distanced himself away from me and Pete approached us.”

Pete:Meghan are you ready to go?

Meghan:Kind of,give me a second alone with Henry.

“Pete nodded and I turned my body towards Henry.I have to admit,I’m not ready to say goodbye to him,but I have to.He made this summer better and way more interesting than the rest.”

Henry:What’s up Meghan?

Meghan:I don’t want you to go Henry.

Henry:I’ll be here for some more days,don’t worry.

Meghan:And after you leave? You’ll forget me and this surreal summer we’ve spent together.

Henry:Who said I’m forgetting you stupid?

Meghan:Everyone says that they won’t forget you but they do,after a year or less

Henry:They’re liars,am I liar Meghan?I promise I’ll visit you often.

Meghan:Fine,but don’t forget your promise Henry.

Henry:Just don’t worry,I ain’t forgetting you.

“I hugged Henry and he took me and Pete for lunch. I actuall had a great time with both of them,Henry will be missed by everyone.Especiallly by me. Wish I could spend his last days with him,he’s become so special to me,he can’t leave.”

Pete:Meghan are you with us?


Henry:You got absorebed by your thoughts or..?

Meghan:Yeah,I got um..distracted.

Henry:You sure you’re okay?If not I can take-

Meghan:I’m fine.

Pete:You sure?

“I nodded and we all went to our homes after this.God I’m not good,summer’s almost over and instead of being happy I’m sad over Henry leaving for Seattle.That ain’t right...I’m out of my summer shape,I need to live before everything goes back to normal.”

~To be continued...~

Henry is moving to Seattle and Meghan doesn’t seem to want to let him go.They both made it,the only thing that’s left is the court trial.Will everything go okay?Will Henry keep his promise?

Keep reading to find out...

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