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Henry Special

(No resumees it’s a Henry special chapter,you can skip it or read it,it doesn’t affect the storyline)

Lay:Henry,we’ll take it from here.Go to school and don’t get caught with Johnson’s drugs.

Henry:Pfft,fine.See you later.

“I left Blue Moon and I went to school.Fuck I already missed the two first periods.”

Jake:Yo,Henry,did you remember you have school?

Henry:Did you forget to focus on your life?

“I lifted my middle finger and I made myself as comfortable as I could to my chair

Betty:Henry,you up for a quickie later?

Henry:Only if you do the most.

“Betty winked at me and I conitnued minding my own buissness.At lunch me and Betty went to a bathroom stall and she started blowing. God she does it so well. After finishing, while I was about to take over my phone buzzed. Fuck, why now?”

Betty:Leave it.

Henry:What if it’s important?Wait...fuck.I gotta go,we’ll finish some other time,I promise.

“She middle fingered me and after buckling up I left for home.Is my mom in trouble again?”


Father:Here’s your son Kassandra, look at him! Tell him what you did will he still defend your ass? Go on Kassandra!

Mother:Henry son-

Henry:Just get a divorce already.

Father:And what about you,smartass?

Henry:I have money aside,I’ll be fine, don’t worry.

Father:Where did you find them?

Henry:Where do you find your money?



Mother:Henry why didn’t you tell ys? You know we’re always by your side honey.

Henry:Because of this.

Father:You should stop working Henry,stop the work.Your grades are dropping,how will you become like me?

Henry:When did I say I wanted to become like you?

Father:I said so.

Henry:I don’t want to.

Father:You will.You have to continue our legacy.You will become the best student in class,in school,in college and then the best lawyer in the country,the world.

Henry:If I ever become a lawyer it’ll be just to become better than you and no one else.

Father:You are my son!You WILL be the best!

Henry:I wanna be a cashier,happy?

Father:A ca-cashier!?



Mother:Damien,calm down I’m sure he’s just trying to mock you.

Henry:No I mean it,I’m already working at Target. They pay good.

Father:If you plan on continuing that job,you leave this place.

Henry:If you get a divorce I’ll become like you.

Mother:Henry,me and your father are-

Henry:Madly in love,I know. To your information,that ain’t love,you’re just married because you benefit yourselves by that. Just get the damn divorce,get a chance to be happy. You’ve suffered for too long.

Father:Get out of this house,pack your bags and go to hell. My son’s dead.


Henry:It’s okay mom,don’t worry. I won’t be homeless.

“I left for my room,I packed my bags and I left that house for once and for good.I started wandering around,until I bumped into an old man.”

Henry:I’m so sorry,are you okay? Let me help you.

Old man:It’s okay,I can get up. You have a lot of buggage here. You’re not from here,are you?

Henry:No!I-I am from here,I just..

Old man:Got kicked out,I see. I have an accounting office,I can offer you a roof to stay and you can work for me,if you’re good at numbers.

Henry:I would say that I am but,my grades wouldn’t agree.Thanks for the offer.

Old man:You’re hired.what’s your name?

Henry:Um,Henry.Nice to meet you uh..

Old man:Alexander Diaz,come let me show you your workplace.You’ll got to school in the morning and then at the evening you’ll work for me after studying.You’ll love it.

Henry:Thank you mr.Diaz,it means a lot to me.

“We went to his office,I settled in and I left for Johnson’s club.I went in and I waited for him in his office.What’s taking him so long?”

Johnson:Henry!Finally!Got my drugs buddy?

Henry:Here.It’s the last time you’re getting drugs from me,I’m quitting.

Johnson:But-Henry,you’re the only dealer I trust nowadays,you’re good at it too,why all of a sudden?

Henry:Personal reasons.

Johnson:I see.You’ll regret it Henry,that’s all I’ve got to say.

“I left his office and I texted all of my contacts.After taking a small walk around the neighbourhood I went back to the office.”


Alexander Diaz:Our little Henry just graduated! And wait! I’m not done,I just wanted to say that....HE GOT ACCPETED TO COLLEGE!

Henry:It’s not a big deal,it’s just law school.I will continue working here,you’re like a family to me,I wouldn’t leave you for nothing.

Alexander Diaz:You see him y’all?He’s a loyal one!Go eat them just like you did here!And don’t forget Henry,you’ll always have us to support you and believe in you.You made it man!I’m proud of you.

Henry:I will.I won’t let you down Alex. You really stood for me at my lowest,I won’t forget you.If you need anything from me don’t hesitate to tell me. I need to repay you back for all these.

Alexander Diaz:Bullshit kid! I’m already happy for you and as for you repayment,I don’t need it. You made me happy just by not giving up.

“I hugged him and I went back to work.After work,I went to Ashton’s place.I live with him now,we became best friends at highschool and we’re sharing his apartment.”


“My first year of college just finished perfectly.Ah I’m relived.My life is finally well put together,everything’s good in general.Ashton just left for work and I’m chilling on my room-I deserve it anyways-until my phone buzzed.”


Meghan:Um,hi. Do I interrupt?


Meghan:You must be Henry,I’m Meghan.

“God she’s pretty.No you don’t know her,keep yourself Henry.Be a gentleman,as much as you can.Don’t let yourself fall.”

Henry:That’s me nice to meet you.


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