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Part 14:Finally all gathered

(Previous chapter wasn’t affecting the plot [Henry Special] so here’s a little resume about Part 13:

Pete attacked at Johnson’s hideaway successfully making a fuss.Johnson got arrested and thankfully,no one was severely hurt. Meghan and Pete got closer and they met Henry at prison while going to announce the good news to the Dragons)


-Henry’s POV-

Meghan:We’re going to be late for the trial! Move!

Henry:I’m coming,is everything okay by Pete?

Meghan:Mhm,he’s waiting inside the courtroom.

Henry:Let’s go then.

“Meghan took me by my hand and we went inside. We found two seats and we were waiting patiently for the trial to start. God,I’m nervous. Nah, there’s no need to everything will go just find. Pete is good at his job,he’ll make it.”

Judge:Everyone please sit down,the trial is about to begin.

“Here goes nothing. I turned my head toward Meghan and she looked nervous,I would do the same. I was about to grab her hand until Pete turned towards us and comforted her that everything was going to be okay with a thumbs up.I put my hand away and I turned to face the judge and the others. Pete seems to be interested at Meghan as much as she is to him,I’m happy.”

Judge:The defendants are made innnocent. Sam Johnson is accused with drug dealing and transmition, scamming, murder, framing and other illegal actions. The court who is authoritized by the goverment gives the defendant 20-25 years in prison.

“The desicion has been made. Finally. Meghan hugged me filled in happiness and she started running happily towards her brother. I stayed at the back, I had no buissness with them anymore. I stood up and I left the courtroom without anyone noticing me,it’d be harder for me if they did.”

-Meghan’s POV-

Pete:Where’s Henry?


“I turned my head towards our seats with Henry but he wasn’t there,he dissapeared.I reached my phone out of my purse and I called him but his phone was turned off,what the hell?”

Meghan:He isn’t answering.

Zack:Call him later,maybe he’s packing and his phone died.

Pete:Yes,don’t worry,he’ll call you immediately when he sees your call.

“I nodded and I went with Pete to McDonald’s to treat him cause of his hard work.I’m still worried about Henry,he hasn’t called yet.”

Pete:Where’s your mind at Meghan?

Meghan:Huh?Oh,nothing I’m enjoying my food.

Pete:Okay,I’d say that you’re worried about Henry but okay.

Meghan:Nah,don’t worry.

Pete:Okay,that the case is over,may I ask you something?

Meghan:Yes,what’s up?

Pete:What are we Meghan? Do you want to be in a relationship with me?

Meghan:Pete.Let’s just-No.I want to be in a relationship with you.I really like you and I can;t see it working with a little effort.

Pete:I’m glad we think the same Meg.Wanna go on a date tonight?

Meghan:I’d love to.

Pete:Awesome.It’s a date,I’ll pick you up at 7.

Meghan:Awesome,let me go pay for the meal and we’re good to go.

“Pete nodded,I went to pay for our meals.Pete drove me home and I chilled for a little bit.Then,I took a shower and I started to get dressed.I put on a light pink dress,some white sneakers,I lightly curled my hair and I a neutural makeup.Just as I was finishing my final touched,Pete texted me that he was outside.I said goodbye to mom and I went I went Pete’s car and he drove us to a fancy restaurant.”

Meghan:Pete this looks expensive!

Pete:Don’t be worried about the price Meghan,take whatever you want.

Meghan:You sure?I can pay for mine you know.

Pete:No,don’t worry.We’ll take the duck with black truffle,2 of them,your finest bottle of wine and a Ceasar’s salad.

“The waited took our order and after a short amount of time,our food was here.”

Meghan:When Zack and the rest of Dragons are getting released?

Pete:In a week,we need to give out some papers.

Meghan:I see.

Pete:Did Henry called?

“I shook my head and I lowered my head facing my food.”

Meghan:The duck was wonderful.

Pete:Don’t change the subject he didn’t reach out to you?

Meghan:No,anyways the desert-

Pete:You’re worried about him,I get it.Maybe I shouldn’t have asked you out.

Meghan:No,it’s okay.He’ll reach out soon.

Peter:If you say so.

“He said and he took a sip of wine from his wine.”

Pete:So,what’s summer bringing to you after its ending?

Meghan:A college life.

Pete:Oh.I thought you were...older?

Meghan:I do look older,I gotta admit.

Pete:Have you decided the major you’ll be following?

Meghan:Not really. To be honest,a lot happened this usmmer that I didn’t get the chance to think about it.

Pete:What about criminology? It’ll seem interesting to you since you’ve been in it once.

Meghan:I don’t know,thanks though.

Pete:No problem Meghan. May I ask you something?

Meghan:Of course.Please,be comfortable with me.

Pete:Okay then,here I go..How did you find me?I mean,you already had a lawyer,why bother look for a new one?

Meghan:Evan didn’t do his job as I wanted,actually,he was trying to push me away from the case and I found out.I searched for new lawyers and I asked friends and here I am,I found you.

Pete:Mhm. You should feel honoured that you’ve known me from my early steps. I’m going to go big in a few years.

“I chuckled at his words and I agreed with him.Our date was normal,we shared a lot to each other and I had a great time after a while. My mind though,is still back at Henry...Is he okay?”

-Henry’s POV-

“Stupid college boys,big at appearence,small at mind. I’m only here for a couple of hours and their voices annoy me the most in here. My lectures start tomorrow morning and I can’t say I’m nervous. After unpacking I can say that it’s time for me to rest. Holy fuck,Meghan literally spammed me. I must’ve worried her... I’m sorry Meghan,I couldn’t say goodbye,the fault is all mine. When I’m done with it I promise I’ll find you.”

~To be continued...~

Henry officially left for Seattle,Meghan and Pete are going steady and everything seems to be taking their way as summer is coming to an end. How is everyone going to end up after this surreal summer?

Keep reading to find out...

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