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Part 15:See you again,buddy

A lil resume: At the court trial, the Dragons were found guilty and they go released from prison straight away.Henry after packing his stuff he left for Seattle right after the trial and Pete asked Meghan on a date


-Henry’s POV-

“Ugh,another depressing day at Seattle. I hate everyone here. I miss Ashton,Meghan and everyone.I left too soon. I didn’t even get the chance to greet them or even get in touch with them,I simply dissapeared. Maybe it’s finally time to text them.At least Ashton knew I was about to leave. Or call? But who to call first?I owe some explainations to Meghan,it’s time for her to get them.I dialed her number waiting for her to pick up.”


“I froze at that moment.I haven’t heard her voice in a month,I was this close to forget her voice.”

Meghan:Hello?Do you hear me?It’s kind of noisy there.

“It’s now or never Henry.Talk,don’t be a coward.”

Henry:Hey,it was a little bit of noisy,I thought you didn’t answer.

Meghan:Henry?I- What- WHY THE HELL DID YOU DISSAPEARED LIKE THAT?Did you know how worried I was?

Henry:I’m sorry,I know I need to explain myself.

Meghan:Oh you think so?How nice of you to remember about me a month after leaving without any explaination.

Henry:I’m sorry Meghan,I know I messed up.

Meghan:And what are you going to do about it?

Henry:I...I’m coming to town this weekend,if you could-

Meghan:Only for a weekend?

Henry:This is the only thing I can do right now,I’ll come at Christ-

Meghan:Okay,I’ll speak with Ashton so we can come together to pick you up.

“Before I could say anything she hung up. Ugh,she’d always been stubborn. I should probably head to the dorms.”

-Meghan’s POV-

“IT’S THE DAY!He’s coming!I’ll finally get my explainations,what a great day!”

Mom:Meghan,Pete’s here.


“I took my purse and I left my house with Pete. After picking up Ashton we headed to the Airport to pick up Henry. God,we’re a little bit early...only 20 minutes. We were waiting patiently while Pete and Ashton were arguing about a game they recently played.I was studying through my phone in order to make time pass quicker since the others were busy ignoring me.”

Henry:I actually thought that you wouldn’t come.

Ashton:Henry! Hey man,god you’ve lost weight,don’t they feed you there?Why aren’t you taking care of yourself huh?

Henry:Ashton,I’m good I’m eating normally.Hey Pete how’s it going?

“He’s avoiding me! Don’t act like I don’t exist Henry! I’M HERE”

Henry:Meghan?Hello?You okay?

Meghan:Huh?Oh,hey!What’s up?

Henry:All good.Come let’s go eat something,it’s on me.

Ashton:Now you’re treating us like a dad huh?

Pete:Henry should be responsible for all of us now,hah.

Henry:It’s the first and last time I’m treating you y’all.Let’s go.McDonalds or anything else.What do you say Meghan?

Meghan:McDonalds is good for me.

Ashton:McDonalds it is then! Let’s go,let me carry these.

“Ashton took Henry’s luggage as we were walking and we all headed to Pete’s car.We drove to McDonalds and after ordering,Henry paid for everything and we sat down to eat.He’s changed so much in a month. He looks more serious than he was,more mature.”

Henry:So Meghan,what major did you pick?

Meghan:Oh,buissness sounded good to me.

Henry:Awesome,hope you do well.


Pete:Did you meet anyone in Seattle? I’ve heard that Seattle has the most beautiful girls.

Henry:Nah,no luck for me till now. Plus,I’ve someone on my mind.What about you guys. A lot seems to have changed in a month.

Ashton:Ahh,yes I forgot to tell you I-

Pete:Me and Meghan became official.

Henry:Official?As what?

Pete:A couple,you know girlfriend and boyfriend.


Meghan:Zack got into university too. He took the exams and is currently studying accounting.

Henry:Accounting huh? When he takes his diploma he has to contact me for sure. I hae the perfect job for him. I’m proud of him.What about the rest of the Dragons?

Ashton:They split. Only Lay has kept relationships with Meghan and Zack. I personally find it logical.

Henry:Yes,it is.Thank you for updating me. Are you all done eating? I’m kind of tired from the flight if you all don’t mind.

Meghan:Yes,of course.Let’s go.

Ashton:Let’s go clubbing tonight.

“We all agreed and we all headed back to our homes.Should I call him? Nah,he’s probably tired. I should watch Netflix. I put some Netlfix and after an hour,I think, my phone buzzed.”


Henry:I owe you some explainations. I honestly don’t know if I would be able to tell you face to face so I called.

Meghan:Okay,go on.

Henry:I left suddenly I know. I regretted it after arriving,I honestly wanted to say goodbye but if I did tell you and the other goodbye,I wouldn’t be able to go.Stupid I know but yes,I don’t regret it now. It was better that it happened like that.

Meghan:It’s okay,I understand now why you did it.I’d do the same.

Henry:And something last. If you and Pete weren’t together,I wouldn’t feel guilty for confessing my feelings for you. But Meghan, I realized that I liked you and I fell head over heels for you. It’s okay though,Pete’s my friend and so are you and I’m truly happy for you two and I wish you two to never break up.

Meghan:Henry...I have to thank you. Because if it wasn’t for you I’d never meet Pete and frankly, I feel lucky to have him. I gotta admit,I still feel things for you but my love for Pete gets past everything,even you and I’m sorry.I will say to you what you told me when I kissed you that night at your room,let’s act like it never happened,like you never said it. There’s no room for judgement to our friendship.

Henry:I’m sorry Megha-

Meghan:Feelings are feelings,don’t apologize for it. It’d be worse if we never shorted it out and you never got to tell me all these. It’s awful to live with a carrage that it belongs to the past,don’t do this to yourself.

Henry:Thanks Meghan. I’ll always be here for you,even if I am at Seattle,please don’t forget that. I’m hanging up now.

“He hung up.Should I feel bad? Maybe I should cancel the clubbing tonight,it’ll be awkward. I’ll call Pete to come over and dine with us.Yes,that’s what I’ll do.”

-Henry’s POV-

Ashton:Meghan and Pete cancelled,is clubbing still on the table?

Henry:I don’t mind.It’s up to you today.

Ashton:Okay...should I order pizza?

Henry:If you’re hungry.

Ashton:I’ll go make an order,pick a movie.


“I searched through our DVDs and I found a movie for us to see. Damn,we haven’t watched this in a while. Ashton came back and sat in the other couch scrolling through his phone.”

Ashton:The pizza will be here in a while.May I ask you something?

Henry:What’s up?

Ashton:I thought you didn’t want to be a lawyer,what changed your mind?

Henry:Many factors. Firstly,when I left the house I told my dad that if I ever become a lawyer it’ll be just to be better than him and that was the main reason but then when I met Meghan I felt good while helping her and while searching for all these information made me like it a little more. I was about to change major but I changed my mind.

Ashton:I see. I bet you’d change into accounting.

“I agreed with him and after some seconds of silence the pizza was here. We watched the movie and after having a deep talk we both fell asleep at couches because we were too drunk to get up. The following morning,I packed my stuff and I was heading for the airport with Ashton. I texted Meghan and Pete telling them that I was leaving and I took off for Seattle once again.See you at Christmas everyone...”


It ended?

God,I really don’t know what to write right now. Things ended well(?) Everyone took their own ways and they’re now back in the search of happiness. I am shooketh right now lol I finished my “project”

Thanks for reading until here <3

PS.Hang on it’s not over :D


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