Partners In Crime

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5 years later...

-Meghan’s POV-

Ashton:Be faster you’re going to be late to the wedding!

Meghan:I’m not going to be late on my own wedding Ashton... Hey Ashley,aren’t you at the chruch?

Ashley:No,I wanted to see how you looked. And I wanted to take a break from Paul,he’s been throwing tantrums every 10 minutes. He’s so impatient that it kills me.

Ashton:Don’t speak about my godson like that!

Ashley:I should give him to you then to babysit him.

Meghan:I’m ready.

“Ashley and Ashton stopped arguing and they turned to look at me. They were frozen for a couple of seconds that I started to wonder if I looked terrible.”

Meghan:Do I look ugly?

Ashton:OF COURSE NOT!You look stunning,glad you didn’t listen to your mother my choice was the best.

Meghan:If you say so.

“The makeup artist did my makeup and after taking some photos we left for the church. I’m nervous,I don’t want to get out of the car.Everyone will be there and that means that I have to kiss him in front of everyone. Bad idea,it’s not too late to run away and leave once and for good to another country with a new name and start over.That’s what I’ll do,yes great idea.”

Ashton:You can’t run away from me Meghan,come let’s go together.

Meghan:Thank god I have you here.

“We went both in and Ashton went to take a seat.Ashley went to calm down Paul and as soon as I was about to walk down the aisle I saw him standing right there. The guy that I met the wrong but perfect time,when things were awful and made me feel alive again and made me believe in love again.I feel lucky to have a person like him by my side for the rest of my life and I’m thankful about having him and getting to call him mine.”

Pete:You look stunning baby.

Meghan:So do you.

“We did the ceremony and I still can’t believe it,I’M MARRIED!I wanna scream it out loud but I can’t.Yet.We have to go to our party.When we went to the ball room we closed just for the party everyone was there waiting for us.We cut our wedding cake and had our first dance as newly-weds. I’m so happy.”

Pete:I’ll go greet some guests,go do the same and then I’m all yours.

“I nodded and I wandered around our guests accepting their congratsulations and having small talks.”

Henry:You’ve never looked that good before.

Meghan:Henry! I didn’t see you at all today.

Henry:I know,Ashley had me looking after Paul so she could come to you.

Meghan:I see.

Henry:Paul,that is not nice don’t do that!Come here.

“Henry lifted Paul on his arms and Paul rested his head on his shoulder as if he was tired.I chuckled and I greeted Paul.”

Henry:Where were we?

Meghan:Are you going to marry Ashley?

Henry:We don’t want to,we’re happy like that. We’re already a family.

Meghan:As you wish. Are you coming at Christmas as usual?

Henry:If this guy here allows it,count us in.

Meghan:Paul,I’ve heard you’ve been giving your parents a hard time. Don’t do that to the people you love okay? I hope I see you at Christmas and see if Santa passes by here too.

“Paul turned away and me and Henry laughed at him.”

Meghan:You handle him well.

Henry:You think?

Meghan:Yes.I gotta greet some other guests,have fun okay?As much as you can.

Henry:Will do. Congratsulations on your wedding Meghan.

“I thanked him and I left to greet some other guests. He looks happy. I’m glad that Ashley found Henry,they made a wonderful family. I don’t know how things would be if things were still awkward.I’m proud of him.”

-Henry’s POV-

Henry:Come on man,let’s go somewhere silent so you can sleep.Mommy’s having fun.

“I put Paul on his stroller and gave him his pacifier.I went to the corner of the room and I started walking until Paul was asleep. I can’t take my eyes off Ashley,she looks so beautiful today,I haven’t seen her this way for a long time. I should thank Meghan for that,if it wasn’t for her,Ashley would never find me at the dorms wasted.Meghan is happy too.With Pete,I’m glad she picked him instead of him. She always looked happy around him,he never made her cry.She’s not that little stubborn and bossy girl anymore,she’s a woman now.”

Ashley:Babe,I’m so tired.Should we head back now?

Henry:If you want,I don’t mind.

Ashley:Paul’s asleep?How so?What are you doing to him,it usually takes me two hours to put him to sleep.

Henry:Then he probably loves his dad more.

Ashley:Don’t you have a big idea of yourself Henry?He loves me more.

Henry:So I do have an antagonist...I have to try harder.Come let’s go.

“I put my hand on her waist and we left the party.The following morning we woke up and we found Ashton wasted on the couch.Ashley made some milk for Paul and I made us some breakfast.I woke up Ashton,I placed an aspirine and food on the coffee table for him and we started getting ready to get to my parents’ house.”

Ashley:Are you sure you want to do this?

Henry:Mhm,the worst scenario is me getting kicked out,again.

Ashley:Just don’t lose your temper okay?I’ll ring the bell.

“Ashley rang the bell and we were waiting patiently until my mom came and opened the door.She was shocked when she saw me in front of her and then even more shocked when she saw Ashley with Paul on her arms.”



Mom:Come in,come in. I’ve missed you.

“She hugged me and I hugged her back.Dang I got teary.I leaned my hand for Ashley to get in before me and mom started the questions.”

Mom:Is grandson?I’m sorry where are my manners I’m just in shock,I’m Kassandra Henry’s mother,call me mom.

Ashley:Ashley,nice to meet you.

Mom:What’s his name?


Mom:Can I carry him?

“Ashley gave Paul to my mom and we sat on the living room talking about the years that we spent apart.I told her that I became a lawyer and my adventure with Meghan,how I met Ashley and about Paul.”

Dad:Kassandra I’m home-Henry?

Henry:Hey dad...


It officially ended,GOD.

That was the end,finally I guess.

It was fun writing it and thank you for reading my story

I really apreciate it :))

Have a nice day/night <3

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