Partners In Crime

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Part 2:Dragons have fallen

A lil résumé:Meghan just finished high school and she and her brother Zack are part of a gang called Dragons. Zack attends a car race and gets arrested with the other dragons. Meghan visits him at the police station and he’s about to tell her his plan....

Zack:Okay listen here. Lay will give you a phone number. He can help you with the information we need. The lawyer will be in touch with you and you will contact him frequently. You need to take information from 5 gang leaders. His name is Henry he can help you with that. Please make sure to not get caught we’re counting on you.

Meghan:Wait too many infor-

Lay: Meghan! Did Zack tell you the plan?

Meghan:Yeah but-

Lay:Here is Henry’s phone number,call him and tell him you’re a friend of mine. He will help you with everything. The lawyer will call you soon. For now go find him,okay?

Meghan: I’ll do my best Lay.

Lay: We’re counting on you.

Meghan:Okay,I guess I’ll go now.

Lay:You should.

Meghan:Talk soon.

“I left the station and I called the number that Lay gave me. He procceded me to voicemail, I’ll try again later. I went to Starbucks and I took a coffee. I sat at the park and I called again. He answered.”


Meghan:Um,hi. Do I interrupt?

Henry:No,uh,how can I help you?

Meghan: I’m a friend of Lay,he told me that you can help me with something...

Henry:Lay?How come?Sorry,I can’t help you.

Meghan:Please, everyone is counting on me! My brother is with him!

Henry:Fine,one meeting. I’m not promising a second one,I wanna see if you’re trustworthy are you in person.

Meghan:Thank you.

Henry:Are you out?

Meghan:Yes,um, I’m at the park two blocks away from Starbucks.

Henry:Hm,can you wait there please?

Meghan:Yeah, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.

Henry:See you.

-Henry’s POV-

“We hung up,I took my stuff and I left for the park. What happened? I thought Dragons weren’t involved in illegal actions. Why did Lay pick me? How can I help that girl? God,I didn’t even ask her name! I entered the park and I looked around. Just a bunch of girls,how am I supposed to find her? I’ll call her. She immediately picked up but I didn’t see a girl talking to her phone.”


Henry: It’s Henry,where are you?

Meghan:Um,are you at the entrance?


Meghan:Are you wearing a black t-shirt?


Meghan:Wait I’m coming to you.

“She hung up and a kinda tall,brown haired girl appeared in front of me. Too stylish for being Lay’s friend.”

Meghan:You must be Henry, I’m Meghan.

Henry: That’s me,nice to meet you.

Meghan:Come let’s sit somewhere.

Henry:So,what happened? I’m really surprised that Dragons are in trouble.

Meghan:Um,I don’t know much either,um...Last night there was a car race,and my brother told me that someone called the cops and a fuss happened and here we are.

Henry:Are you a dragon?


Henry:Hm. And why does Lay need me so you can bail him out of jail?

Meghan:He said that you can help me with information and stuff. I need to gather information from 5 gang leaders.

Henry:I see...Well,things are tough Meghan. You won’t stand it.

Meghan:I have a plan,I guess...

Henry:What plan?

Meghan:I could,um,flirt with them...and you could help me with facts about them?

Henry:Not bad. We can try that.

Meghan:So you will help.

Henry:I never said that.

Meghan:Oh! I almost forgot,we must be subtle,my parents are the main investigators and if they find out,I’m dead.

Henry:Okay,let me get it from the start. The Dragons are in jail and you need to bail them out but you need information that I will give you. Our only issue is that your parents are the main investigators and you’re kinda screwed if anything goes wrong and that’s all.

Meghan:Yes. I’d be really thankful if you agreed on helping me.

Henry:I’ll think about it.Just give me some time.

Meghan:I don’t have time Henry!I called you hoping that you will help me!I don’t have anyone else to help me.I’m begging you Henry,please help me.You’re my last hope.

Henry:I’m sorry Meghan,I wish I could say yes right now but,things are kinda complicated.

Meghan:Lay told me that you would help me.

Henry:Lay is living with the old me!I gave up on these stuff years ago.I can’t tell you what I know!People change Meghan,I don’t think they’re the same anymore.

Meghan:What do you mean?What’s your relation to them?And Lay too.

Henry:I was a drug dealer.I was talking to everyone.Eventually,I became friends with Lay and the cost of that was my job.I don’t know if any of those men are the same.

Meghan:Where are you working now?

Henry:I told you enough about me.

Meghan:I’ll call you again tomorrow.I’ll respect your desicion,please think about it.

Henry:I will.

Meghan:Thank you.I gotta go now,I’ll call you.

“I nodded and she left as I did the same too.I went back home and my roomate Ashton was already there being high for once more.”

Ashton:How was work?

Henry:Are you high again?

Ashton:What's your problem,you’re living under my roof.

Henry:Not for long.


Henry:I can really tell the cops about your drug addiction.

Ashton:And I’ll tell about you.

Henry:I’m not selling those anymore.Say whatever you want Ashton.No one’s going to believe someone like you.

Ashton:Don’t forget where you came from Henry.You may be a decent accountant right now but you’ll always be a drug dealer to the ones who know you well.

Henry:Just wait till next month.


“I went into my room and I changed my clothes.I opened my computer and I did my research to what Meghan said.Maybe I should help her.God,our state really needs to update her media.“Gang of teenagers gets arrested for car racing and drug exchange.” They’re not even detailed what the heck is that?Meghan was more helpful than this.I opened some tabs and I googled the names of the other gang leaders:Michael Stuart,Peter Harisson,Greg Williams,Sam Johnson.Hm,interesting....I should read those too and then connect my info.In the process I fell asleep.A phonecall woke me up around 10 and I realized that Ashton left the house after picking up.”


Meghan:Hi,um,goodmorning.It’s Meghan.

Henry:Oh yeah,morning.

Meghan:Did I wake you up?

Henry:No,I was just rolling around my bed.

Meghan:Aha.So,have you made a desicion?

Henry:I have.


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