Partners In Crime

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Part 3:Let's cooperate

A lil résumé:After Zack told Meghan his plan,Meghan met Harry a former drug dealer who is an accountant at the moment. At first he refused to help her but Meghan convinced him to think about it.

Meghan:So what’s your desicion?

Henry:I guess I’ll help you. But after all this we’re going back to strangers. I’m done with these.

Meghan:Okay,one last question. Where are you working?

Henry: I’m an accountant at an office.

Meghan:Oh. Okay then.

Henry:Have you done your homework Meghan?

Meghan:I learned the names. At least their last names and how they look like.

Henry:Hm,tell me then.

Meghan:Okay,starting with Peter Harisson. Tall,around the age of 30,brown eyes and hair and doesn’t trust easily.

Henry:Stop. A gang leader never trusts anyone. Take that off.

Meghan: Sorry. That’s all I know about him.

Henry:Go on.

Meghan: Michael Stuart. Nothing for him,not even a picture. Greg Williams and Sam Johnson. They’re step brothers and the most powerful among all these after Lay. Williams is involved to many drug cases and Johnson is 45 years old. That’s what I’ve found,you can fill the gaps.

Henry:Good. Let’s start with Stuart. We’re gonna mess with him first because he’s the easiest to deal with,for now. He’s going to many clubs but his favourite is “Red fire”. He goes there three times a week. After 4 shots, alcohol starts to have an impact on him so remember to count the drinks. You must get him drunk in order to take what you want. He’s tall with blonde hair and brown eyes and he’s always on sweatpants and t-shirts. He’s only 22, Meghan, he’s smart. His men can be found on the entrance, bathroom entrance and the barista usually cooperates with him.

Meghan:Wait!Too much information,let me write them somewhere and I can come find you at your place or anywhere so you can tell me the rest.

Henry:Not at my place.I have to do my laundry, let’s meet there. I’ll text you my location.


“We hung up and I put my notepad to my bag. I changed my clothes and I was ready to go.”

Mom:Where are you going Meghan?

Meghan:I thought you were at work, I’m going to meet the girls.

Mom:Okay,take care.


“I left the house and I went to the location he sent me. I entered into the laundry station and I saw him sitting on the chairs listening to music.”



Meghan:So where were we?

Henry:I told you about Stuart. Did you take notes?


“I reached my bag and I took off my notepad.”

Henry:Good. Our next target,if everything goes well, will be Harisson who you seemed to know a lot about him. I’ll go into more details when it’s time,okay?

“I nodded and I flipped my notepad only to write his name:Harisson.”

Henry:The next two are the same power:Williams and Johnson. In my opinion Johnson will make it more difficult for us than Williams so we’ll get our shot firstly with Williams. Got it?


Henry:Okay,when these are done we’re going to the mall. I wanna give you an idea for you appearence at the clubs. This matters too.

Meghan:Yes!I love shopping.

Henry:Take a seat Meghan, they’re not going to finish soon.


“After three hours of waiting at the laundry station,we stopped by his house so he could leave his clothes and then we left for the mall.We went to many stores and everything he showed were really expensive.”

Meghan:You think I have the money for these?

Henry:We didn’t come here to buy stupid.Just to give you some ideas,if you want your brother out.


Henry:Don’t be like that,I can leave you anytime.

Meghan:You’re annoying.

Henry:Okay,goodbye Meghan.

Meghan:No no!Please,I’m sorry.It’s just that I was too excited.

Henry:Look,I’ve been inside those clubs many times,you need to catch their eye Meghan.Othewise,it won’t be as easy as I expect it to be.

Meghan:I see.If we’re done we can go see Lay.

Henry:I’ll leave you at the police station.

Meghan:I was including you too on the “we” Henry.


“He rolled his eyes and after some time we left for the police station.Well,Henry didn’t want to come inside with me but he agreed in the end.We went inside a room and we were waiting patiently for Zack and Lay to come.”



Zack:Is this him?

Meghan:Mhm,he’ll help me.

Lay:So,did you gave her the info we agreed?

Henry:We never agreed anything.

Lay:Right,Meghan is he good to you?

Meghan:Yes but sometimes he can be a little grumpy.

Zack:You better protect my sister Henry.

Henry:I will don’t worry.But what do I get in return,if everything goes well.

Lay:Whatever you want.

Henry:Maybe if you never contacted me again,would do,who knows.

Lay:This is in the past Henry,I’m really sorry.

Meghan:Don’t mind Lay,he became an accountant now.

Henry:I’ll wait for you outside,we’re not done.


Henry:I said something Meghan.

Lay:Let him go Meghan,it’s okay.

Zack:What’s your plan Meghan?

Meghan:He said that we’ll start with Michael Stuart.

Lay:How will you take what you want?

Meghan:Do you trust me guys?

Zack:Yeah but-

Meghan:Leave it to me then.

“I said,I grabbed my bag and I left.I found Henry and we went to his place.I thought he’d never tell me where he lives,he didn’t seem to trust me.”

Meghan:Nice place.

Henry:It’s not mine,I live with a friend.

Meghan:Where is he?

Henry:Probably to a dark street you know,the ones you don’t wanna be alone at night,being high.

Meghan:Oh...well uh-

Henry:I brought you here for one reason:I want to see your technique.

Meghan:My what?

Henry:You said you’re gonna flirt with them.I wanna see your way.I need to make a plan in case something goes wrong,don’t worry I’ll be always by your side.Somewhere inside the club watching you.

Meghan:Oh um...I...okay.I’ll show you my way.

Henry:Okay then,pretend that I’m Michael Stuart.A really smart and good looking guy,who gets drunk EASILY.’re freaking me out....

"I mumbled and I shook my head.I went closer to him but I couldn’t be in the spirit for it.I froze over in front of him and I was looking at him.”

Henry:Meghan what happened?

Meghan:I can’t do that with you.It doesn’t come off.

Henry:You have to Meghan,what if it isn’t successful?

Meghan:It will be.

Henry:And how do I know that?

Meghan:You don’t trust me,I get it Henry but you really need to,right now.

Ashton:Yo man,who’s that?

Henry:Non of your business Ashton.

Meghan:Let’s practise on him.


Meghan:Yes,I don’t know him,it’ll come off better than it would at you.

Henry:Fine,man can you come here for a second?

Ashton:Sure,what is it?

Henry:She will try to flirt with you,just go with it okay?

Ashton:Sure,but it won’t be my fault if I go out of the play?Are you an actor or something?



“I shook my head and I approached Henry’s roomate.I sat next to him with my legs crossed,I suppported my head to my hand and I looked at him.”

Meghan:Want some company?

Ashton:Hell yeah.

Meghan:Do you want a drink?I’m Meghan.

Henry:Stop.Don’t use your name stupid.Go with something else.

Meghan:Fine,uhm.Do you want a drink?I’m Elena.

Ashton:Ashton,the drinks are on me.

Meghan:Thanks.So...why are you here?

Ashton:I don’t know,I just felt like it.Don’t get the wrong idea I’m not any gang leader to sell drugs or setting plans to destroy other gangs.

Meghan:Haha you’re so funny,want another one?

Henry:Okay stop.It was good enough.Ashton,she could seduce someone right?

Ashton:Man,she’s got everything,don’t be afraid to any play or whatever,she’s gonna do fine.

Henry:Okay you can go now.

Ashton:Give me her number later.

Meghan:Hah,no thanks.So what do you think?

Henry:It was good.Last question:Are you willing to sleep with them for anything?You know,because it’s a possibility too.

Meghan:Yes.Look don’t get the wrong idea,I’d anything for my brother,I promised to leave those behind by the time I go to college.

Henry:Okay.Um...I’ll do my research to the days he’s going to the club okay?

Meghan:Yes cap!

Henry:Give me a week,and I’ll call you okay?

Meghan:Mhm,I’ll speak to the lawyer while you’re doing your part.

Henry:See you Meghan.

Meghan:See ya.

“I stood up,I took my stuff and I left form his house.I put my earphones and I left for home.Mom and dad were not home so I had the whole house for myself.I went into their office and I went through their drawers to see their past cases.Harisson,Johnson and Williams were involved to drug cases as Stuart was the main suspect over a murder but he wasn’t guilty.I should pick them up they may be useful,who knows.I took them and then I left for my room.I took a shower and I made dinner for myself.I put a movie and I sat on my comfy bed.While watching the movie,I was reading the cases I took from my parents’ office.Ohh this is how Stuart looks like... He’s not that bad...The flirt could easily be real...But he’s a gang leader....Wake up Meghan!You need to bail Zack out of jail,not sleep with a hot gang leader.After finishing my research I fell asleep as I had to meet the lawyer tomorrow morning.The following morning,after I did my morning routine and ate my breakfast,I was checking my stuff before I go see the lawyer,our appointment was at 11:30.I was going to go there by feet but Henry told me in the last minute that he could take me there as he found some interesting stuff to tell me about Stuart."

Henry:So,I asked Ashton if he knows Stuart and I really got information that will be useful to you.

Meghan:What do you mean?How does Ashton knows him?

Henry:He’s into these stuff.I said to not ask too many questions.

Meghan:Okay sorry.

Henry:So,Ashton told me that he’s planning to involve into a drug deal,but this can happen only if one gang gets out of the way.

Meghan:And us,Dragons,were never involved to illegal actions such as this,and we were always fighting the drug deals,so does that mean that Stuart is the one who did this to us?

Henry:Not valid but not impossible.You will find out,just be patient.

Meghan:Henry!If it’s him,what are we going to do?

Henry:What you were going to do from the start,you’re going to tell the lawyer so he can suspend Stuart and if these accusations are true,your brother is out and he’s in.

Meghan:Oh,yeah.Question,how do you know these?

Henry:I’m attending a law school.

Meghan:Oh,hope it’s going well.

Henry:Anways,I think here is the place.

Meghan:Yes,thanks for the info,call me when you pick a day to go at that club.

Henry:Okay,keep practising your flirt Meghan,we need your best self that day!

“I nodded and I left his car.Wow,law school,how old is he?I went into his office and I was waiting to his lounge until his secretary called me in.”

Laywer:Hello Meghan,how are you?

Meghan:Hello,goodmorning!I’m really good,how about you?

Lawyer:I’m really good thank you,take a seat.

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