Partners In Crime

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Part 4:Case Stuart

A lil resume:Meghan and Henry shared their info about every gang leader and the gave most of their attention to Stuart ’cause he will be the first one to take info from.After that Henry put Meghan to show him how she flirts so he would be sure about their plan and after those two do a lil research on their own,Meghan finds important information about Stuart from a past case of her parents and Henry learns something very useful from his roomate Ashton.The chpater ended to the part where Meghan talks with the lawyer.


Lawyer:So Meghan,how’s your search going?

Meghan:I guess it’s going really good. By the following week,I’ll have my first information.


Meghan:Yes,I need to track how often each leader goes to their clubs.

Lawyer:Wait a minute...Are you going to abstract infromation from them?

Meghan:Yes,they’re the only reliable source.

Lawyer:Meghan,this is dangerous!

Meghan:You said,you were just going to take the information to the court,I’m just doing the job you should have done.

Lawyer:Meghan,things are not so simple...

Meghan:Even if they’re not,you should do the reasearch as if they were.And what you do?You sit right here in that expensive black chair waiting for me to fill you with the information that I’ve gathered.I’m risking my life here and you’re just sitting here,preparing your speech at the court.

Lawyer:Meghan,I understand that you’re upset and afraid but I actually do things too.

Meghan:Give me a good example of what are you doing to help me.

Lawyer:I’ve put my team to abstract information too.

Meghan:From who?

Lawyer:From their people.

Meghan:Do you think they’re going betray their leader this easy?

Lawyer:No of course not Meghan,we’re going to threaten them!

Meghan:That’s not a solution!

Lawyer:Why not Meghan?They want to save their families and themselves!If they want it,they’ll tell us!

Meghan:I’ll be waiting Evan...

Evan:Wait and see Meghan...

"He said as I was leaving his office.God,he's not doing anything,the only thing he knows is trying to calm people down,he only cares about money."

Henry:Meghan calm down,what happened?

Meghan:Let’s go to the club today,I’ll prove him that he’s doing absolutely nothing.

Henry:Meghan,he may not-

Meghan:If he’s not there,we’ll go tomorrow and so on.I will be the first to take the first information.

Henry:Meghan,this is not a competition.

Meghan:He started it.

Henry:I’m not taking you there Meghan.

Meghan:Then I’ll go myself.

“Henry sighed and then he finally agreed to taking me.He left me home and I started getting ready,he said he’d pick me up at 10:30 to tell me some things.I put on my shiny gold dress,my black heels and I curled my hair.As the time comes closer,I’m getting more and more nervous.Will I make it?Positive thoughts Meghan,all good.You’re gonna prove Evan that he doesn’t do anything.Here goes nothing...”

Henry:You do listen to me.

Meghan:I don’t have any other choice...

Henry:What’s going on with you and Evan?

Meghan:Right now?Nothing.

Henry:Okay...Do you remember the things I’ve told you?


Henry:One last thing,he loves votka.After you get what you want,say you’re going to the bathroom.I’ll be waiting for you outside.

Meghan:Wait aren’t you going to come in?

Henry:I will dummo,but I can’t stay for long there,they know me.

Meghan:Oh yeah,I forgot.

Henry:I’ll leave you here,Imma go park the car okay?

“I nodded and I left his car.I went inside the club and I looked around for that hot gang leader that I seem to be chasing.I sat on the bar I took a drink and my eyes were at the door waiting for Henry.Instead of Henry I got the hottie.He approached the bar,he ordered a drink and he winked at me.Oh Lord...I smiled back at him and I went closer to him.”

Meghan:You alone?

Michael Stuart:As it seems like...Do you mind keeping me some company?

Meghan:Of course not...

-Henry’s POV-

“I parked the car and I approached the entrance.Before going in I spotted Stuart going in,so I backed off so he could go in first.After 5 minutes I went in and I saw Meghan talking to him.She’s making me nervous...Why does she seem awkward?I have a bad feeling...”

Stuart’s Man:Henry?Is that you? yes...It’s been ages since we talked Brian.

Brian:Oh yeah!What brings you here?

Henry:Just wanna chill.It’s been a rough day.

Brian:Ohhh,so what are you doing now?

Henry:Stuff here and there.

“I took a glance at Meghan and she seemed to be succeeding.Well I guess I should head back out waiting for her.I texted her and I saw if she got a message.I said goodbye to Brian and I went out of the club waiting for her.It’s been more that 30 minutes where is she?”

Meghan:I think they’re chasing me.

Henry:Then let’s go!

Brian:Where is she?

Henry:Turn your back and kiss me.


Henry:Do you wanna get caught?


Henry:Kiss me then!For Zack!

“I grabbed her and I kissed her.I opened my eyes and I saw that they left.I pushed her away and we left for my car.After getting there I saw Brian with the others searching the parking lot.”

Henry:Get in and act like you’re searching for something.


Henry:Just do it Imma explain later.

“She grined and she got in the car.After Brian noticed me he came to me,once more,checking my car.”

Henry:What happened man?Anything wrong with Michael?

Brian:Nothing for you to be concerned.Have you seen a tall girl with a gold dress?Who is she?

“He asked me while pointing to Meghan.I looked at her and I was ready to answer.”

Henry:Oh her...I just met her,nothing special.

Brian:Where did you meet her?

Henry:Exactly here.She was wasted.Wait is she throwing up?

Brian:I see...I’ll leave you do your thing here,have a good night.

Henry:You too,I guess.

“I rushed into my car and I hit Meghan softly.”

Henry:Are you stupid?You don’t know how much worried I was about you!

Meghan:I’m sorry okay?

Henry:That’s not enough Meghan,what if something happened?

Meghan:I was nervous okay?I’ve never done this before and if it wasn’t for Zack I would never have to experience this.I’m sorry I will do better next time.

Henry:Will there be a next time Meghan?We did all this for what?For some damn information that no one knows if they’re useful or not!

Meghan:Don’t shout!I said I’m sorry okay?Let’s move on to the next one.

Henry:No Meghan,we can’t.He has seen your face,he could tell everyone.

Meghan:I don’t care!I want Zack out,and I will get him out!

Henry:Don’t be so selfish,for once Meghan!The world isn’t always the way we want it to be!Maybe Zack deserves it.

Meghan:He doesn’t!And I know that very well!

Henry:Oh yeah?What do you know then?

Meghan:That dude just told me!Him and the others had planned to do that!

Henry:You trust him?

Meghan:Yes I do!

“I pulled over and I stop the car.I took off my belt and turned towards her so I can face her.”

Henry:Call Evan,right now.

Meghan:Why?You know more.I knew it!

Henry:Just call him Meghan.

“She made a weird face expression and she dialed his number.She put him on the speaker and she was ready to talk.”

Evan:Meghan,why are you calling so late?

Meghan:The gang leaders planned all this.They framed us so they can steal our power.

Evan:I knew that Meghan.I know much more...You should quit Meghan,I have everything under control.

Meghan:No you don’t!

Evan:Go get some rest Meghan,I’ll come to your house if you want and then we can go to Zack in the morning.

Meghan:I hate you.

“She hung up and she faced the road from the window.She’s mad.I started the car once again and I left her at her house.Then I took my way home.I didn’t pay much attention if Ashton was home or not,I went straight to my room and after changing my clothes,I lied on my bed.Is this what I really want?Am I really going to be someone like Evan?”

-Meghan’s POV-

“After Henry left me at my house,I didn’t find my parents there,as usual,so I changed my clothes and I was removing my makeup while someone knocked my door.I went to open and it was Evan.Here goes nothing...”

Evan:Hey Meghan...Are you alone?

“I nodded and I made way for him to go in.He came in and he sat on our couch.I don’t have a good feeling about it.”

Meghan:What brings you here Evan?

Evan:I wanted to check on you.

Meghan:Stop the bullshit and just tell me what do you want.

Evan:I told you.

Meghan:Evan,I know you better than anyone,just tell me.

Evan:I came here to tell you to quit.I have everything under control,the case is almost closed and Zack will be out of jail in no time.

Meghan:What if something happens?What if evidence against us,get in the spotlight?How will you deal with it?

Evan:I have my techniques,Meghan,trust me I know what I’m doing...

Meghan:Evan,you don’t.You just put some of your people to search for some dumb people that happen to be under their leadership and just want to save their asses by telling you stuff.And you say you did all the job.

Evan:It’s not like that Meghan.

Meghan:It is Evan,I know that very well,my parents are investigators.Right now,they’re hoping to not find anything that makes Zack or any dragon guilty while they’re doing one of their usual investigations on their case.I can’t sit here and watch Evan,it’s my brother.

Evan:Meghan,trust me.I promise everything will be okay,Zack will be out of jail soon.

“I finally understand where I’m wrong.Maybe I’m just too selfish,I want things to go my way and I want to win this when I know very well that Evan does something more than me that’s more effective.Maybe he’s right,I should quit it.But on the other hand,I feel like I shouldn’t,something drags me into it and tells me that I shouldn’t stop.I guess I’ll back off for now.Evan spent the night at my place and the following morning we went to see Zack and the others at the station.”

Zack:Meghan!Evan what a suprise...

Evan:Don’t be sarcastic I’m working my butt off to get you outta here.

Lay:What did you find?

Meghan:Evan,tell them what you know.

Evan:Okay,Stuart admitted that him and the other gang leaders had planned to frame you in the car race so they could steal your power and gain some popularity.In other words,it’s all about the bigger picture.They want to seem the nice ones as you do but their actions will speak the opposite.So we’ll hit to the source.

Zack:Who’s the source?

Evan:Johnson.I assume that he’s the big brain behind all this,and I hope that I’m right.My men are talking with one of his men at the moment.

Meghan:Henry said that he’ll be the hardest to deal with.

Zack:He’s hard to find,and he won’t trust you easily Meghan..

Evan:She won’t need to approach him.I got everything under control.

Zack:Evan,will you give us a moment?I wanna talk with Meghan.


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