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Part 5:Case Harisson (part 1)

A lil resume in case you scrolled down to some point because the chapter was long:After her talk with Evan,aka the lawyer,Meghan had to prove him that he was doing absolutely nothing,so she decided to go to the club.Things went well but an issue came up in the end with Meghan hiding from Stuart’s men and Henry saving her.Then these two fight,as Meghan fights with Evan too as it turned out he was a step ahead of her.


Zack:What’s wrong Meghan?


Zack:Meghan,I can see it in your face something is bothering you.

Lay:What about the information?

Meghan:About that,I’ll leave it to Evan,he’s a step ahead of me.


Meghan:Zack,I’m really sorry but I can’t help you.He knows more than I do and he seems to know what he’s doing.

Zack:Meghan,look at me.There’s a reason why I put you to do that.

Meghan:What is the reason then?Because I’m tired,I’m anxious and scared.I want things back to normal like you never got arrested and mom and dad wouldn’t be so stressed right now.

Zack:Meghan,I don’t trust him.The more we stay here,the more money he gets.His only intention is to get you and Henry out of the way so he can make money.If you weren’t in the way,now he wouldn’t even find anyone.And if he loses the court,even better for him,he’ll gain more money and apparently,he’ll give up.Where’s competitive Meghan?I don’t like this version of yourself Meghan.Do it for me.

Meghan:Okay,okay...but what if-

Zack:What if what?

Meghan:What if me and Evan become something?Like a couple,let’s say..

Zack:So you wanna back down for him?Meghan,he’s just a family friend and nothing more.Get your shit together.

Meghan:He’s more than a family friend to me and you know that!

Zack:Yeah he was the person he-

Lay:Guys.Meghan,I’m begging you don’t stop.He may be a step ahead of you but we really need you.

Meghan:I’ll think about it.

“I left the station with Evan and we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee.We had a little fight on who’s was going to pay but we settled it.”

Evan:You going to university?


Evan:Good.Well um...


Evan:How’s life?

Meghan:Good.This is way too awkward.

Evan:I know,and it shouldn’t be.


“I said and I looked at my coffee.Zack is right,I won’t back off just because I still feel for him.I took another sip of my cold cappucino and I came back to reality.”



Henry:Can I talk to her in private?

Evan:Go on.

“I stood up and I went with Henry and I took a glance at Evan who was trying to start a conversation with Ashton,which seemed difficult.”

Henry:What’s wrong Meghan?


Henry:Are you going to give up just because that dude over there is a step ahead of us?


Henry:Good thing you’re back at your I’ll come and pick you up at the same time.

Meghan:I can’t today.

Henry:And the reason is...

Meghan:I have to stay for dinner with my parents.

Henry:Are you sure?

Meghan:Let’s just do it tomorrow please.

Henry:Okay,you can come to my place tonight if you want.

Meghan:I’ll see.

Henry:Have fun with Evan.

“I nodded and I went back to our table.Ashton was endlessly questioning Evan but they both seemed to get along well for some reason.Henry took Ashton and left as Evan took another sip from him coffee.”

Evan:What now?

Meghan:I don’t know.

Evan:Are you going to continue with your research with him?

Meghan:I don’t know,I need some time.

Evan:I’m sorry Meghan.

Meghan:You were just doing your job Evan.I should be the one apologizing here.

Evan:It’s okay,I understand your situation.

Meghan:Thank you.

Evan:Well,uhm,I have an appointment in about 30 minutes.Will you be okay?

Meghan:Yeah,take care.

“He winked at me and he left.I stood up and I took my way back home. This time my parents were having lunch.”

Mom:Hey honey,take a seat we’re having lunch.

Dad: Where were you?

Meghan:I went to see Zack and then I was with Evan.

Mom:Ohhh, what’s up with you two?

Meghan: What’s up with your investigation on Zack’s case?

Dad: That’s my daughter.

Mom: It’s going well,we haven’t found anything that makes him or anyone else guilty.


Mom: What’s going on with Evan?


Dad:And this is how it needs to be.

“I ate my lunch and I quickly ran into my room because I wanted to avoid any other communication with my parents.”

-Henry’s POV-

Ashton:So, what’s up with Meghan?Are you guys a thing or...

Henry:No,of course not. Why?


Henry:You sure?

“I asked him and I took another sip from my beer while checking out a girl that passed by our table in the pub we were sitting.”

Ashton: It’s just that you guys seem to hang a lot and I just assumed that,you guys, are a thing.

Henry:I can set you a date with her if you want.

Ashton:Wait really?

Henry:Yeah,I can if you want to date an 18 year old girl that’s so stubborn and she’s the most controlling person I’ve ever met.

Ashton:Bro,calm down. I think I can handle her.

Henry:Can you?

Ashton: I’ll teach her a lesson if she does.

Henry:Nope, you’re not going out with her.


Henry:Because you just want to fuck her. She’s not ready for it yet.

Ashton:You care a lot about her mate, you’re not something special or something wow.

Henry:So what? I’m just concerned, she’s young and we’ve all made mistakes before.

Ashton:Yeah whatever mate, you’ve just got head over heels for her,even though she’s 18 and you haven’t realized yet.

“He said and he drank his beer. He surely knows how to annoy me. After a while we headed back to our house and we both locked ourselves into our rooms.”

Ashton: You’ve just got head over heels for her,even though she’s 18 and you haven’t realized yet.

“Arghhhh why am I thinking about that? I don’t even like her, she’s just getting on my nerves, it’s just a hate relationship. She can find a man that is perfect for her just like I can find one too. She’s in love with that stupid lawyer with the name Evan.I should probably distract myself from the whole situation. I grabbed my phone and I texted Meghan to see if she was coming tonight or not and I opened Netflix to see a movie.”

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