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Part 6:Case Harisson (part 2)

A lil resume because this part has been split in two cause someone run out of words:Meghan decides to not give up and finally admits that she has strong feelings for Evan as Henry wants to continue their research.Henry tries to go by Meghan’s way bacause he doesn’t want her to give up so he ends up invinting her to his place for a movie night but will Meghan agree or not?


-Meghan’s POV-

“Will you come tonight or not?”

“A text from Henry,ugh,I’m not in the mood to face him right now.I’ll probably pass,I’m not sure yet.I rolled around my bed and mom came in just to find me in a bad mood.”

Mom:Bad mood?


Mom:Is there something bothering you?


Mom:You sure?


Mom:What are your plans for tonight?

Meghan:Probably nothing.

Mom:Any offer from anybody?

Meghan:Movie night to a friend’s.

Mom:Is that friend a boy?


Mom:Okay,okay I’m sorry...It’s just that I barely see you...I think you should go and have fun.

Meghan:I don’t know...

Mom:Just listen to me for once.Is there anything better to do if you don’t go?You’ll be alone again,me and dad will go to work again.

Meghan:Fiiine I’ll move my ass and go.



“I took my phone and I gave Herny a reply telling him that I’ll go by his place tonight,I kissed mom and she left the room for me to get ready.I put on my grey sweatpants,a black crop top and I brushed my hair cause I was a mess by doing absolutely nothing. After getting emotionally ready I took my way for Henry’s place. After I arrived,I went up the stairs and rang the bell.”

Henry:Hey,come in,I ordered pizza.

Meghan:Thanks,what are we watching?

Henry:Your choice,have a seat.

“I smiled as good as I could and I picked a movie to watch. While watching the movie I fell asleep cause I was tired. Not physically,mentally. The following morning,I woke and Henry with Ashton had made breakfast for me.”

Ashton: Morning sleepyhead.

Meghan: Morning...

Henry:You slept at the best part in the movie.

Meghan: Sorry I was tired.

Henry:Come eat, I’ve been cooking for you for almost an hour.

-Henry’s POV-

“She’s so cute right now. But it’s just a time of need. After all these, we’ll forget each other and we’ll part our ways so the best I can take from that is to understand what do I want to do and settle down and start over once again.”

Meghan: It’s delicious,thank you.

Ashton:Looks like someone doesn’t eat breakfast as often as she should.

Meghan: Shut upppp!

Henry:Is everything okay in there?

Meghan:Yes,you know what, you’re not as grumpy as I thought you were,I like you better this way.

Ashton: It’s just an act hahaha he’s the grumpiest person I’ve ever met. He is head over heels for you!

Meghan:Nahh it needs much effort for Henry to fall for someone.

Henry:And that’s correct, I’m focusing on myself right now.


Ashton:Are you into Henry Meghan?

“Ashton is taking it too far right now,he clearly likes Meghan and just wants to get me out of the way. He is sitting right next to Meghan and he’s playing a lot with her. I need to break this,she doesn’t deserve Ashton.”

Henry: We’re going to the club today Meghan,right?

Meghan:Oh,yeah I feel a lot of better.

Ashton:Wait,what club?

Henry:Non of your business.

Ashton:Are you back on drug dealing?

Henry:No,I wouldn’t do that,I told you, I’m done with these shit. I’ll pick you up at 11:30.

Meghan:Okay! I should be going now,thanks for everything, I’ll see you later Henry.

“I nodded and she left the house. Me and Ashton finished our lunch and disappeared to our rooms. I did a revision on my information about Harrison and around 10:30 I started to get ready.”

Ashton: Where are you going?I want to come too.

Henry: Don’t get involved with this. It’s Meghan’s personal problem.

Ashton:And why are YOU involved then?

“I shook my head and I left the house. I picked up Meghan and we left for Harisson’s club.”

Henry:Do you remember?

Meghan:Yeah, let’s just do it,I want it to be done.

Henry:Okay, I’ll find you inside,good luck.


“Meghan left the car and went inside while I went to park the car. I stayed in the car for five minutes so I could calm down. Then I went inside and I saw that everything was good. After some time Meghan left the bar with a smile on her face so I payed for my drink and I followed her until my car.”


“She came onto me and she hugged me happily.I slowly hugged her back and I took my time to enjoy it. After laughing she suddenly gave me a kiss and I didn’t hesitate to respond for some reason”

Meghan:Sorry,I got way too excited.

Henry: It’s...okay,I-I shouldn’t have kissed you back.,um the info.

Henry:Yeah,what did you get?

Meghan:So uh...Harisson,yes,um,he is involved in it,but, um,he didn’t know it was for Dragons,we always had good relations with his gang.Um, that’s it.

Henry:Okay...I should drop you at home.

Meghan:Um,can I...stay at yours? I feel lonely at home and-

Henry:Okay. Let’s go.

“I drove us home and we went quietly to my room.”


“We went at Henry’s place,once more,and I’m scrolling through my phone wearing one of his shirts,while he’s on his desk working on something. Things are a little awkward after that kiss,at the parking lot but,I guess we’ll get over it?Maybe...”

Meghan: I’m hungry,do you need anything?


“I nodded and I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich for me. Suddenly Ashton appeared and sat with me.”

Ashton:You sure that you and Henry are not a thing?

Meghan:Yes? I...

Ashton:Can I ask you something?

Meghan: Sure.

Ashton:Do I stand a chance with you?


Ashton:Is there any possibility for us to be a thing?

Meghan:Ashton...I don’t see you like that, you’re a nice guy but, I’d rather if we stayed friends...

Ashton:So you like Henry... It’s okay.

Meghan:I don’t like Henry, how did that cross your mind?

Ashton:I see the way you look at each other, it’s just guys are speaking with your eyes and non of you will ever admit that you’ve fallen,even the slightest bit.

“What is he saying?Me and Henry?Of course...No! We’re here for a reason, nothing else, I’m into Evan and-”

Ashton:Meghan, I’m talking, the sandwich.


“I took off the sandwich from the toaster and then I ran off to Henry’s bedroom. I will settle down the kiss thing.”

Henry:Did you enjoy your talk with Ashton?

Meghan:Yeah,um... about the kiss.

Henry: Let’s pretend nothing ever happened, it’s okay Meghan,I understand you were happy.

Meghan:No I...

Henry: It’s okay,for real.

Meghan:I...If you say so...

“Crap!I didn’t get to talk to him! I will,one day...Or not? Ugh,Ashton made me confused,like,I have feelings for Henry-I mean-Evan and things are complicated with Henry. Arghh I hate it”

Henry:Is there something bothering you?

Meghan:Um, no,I...

Henry:Is it about the kiss?


Henry:What is it?I mean, what’s wrong?

Meghan: I’m confused...Henry can I ask you something?


Meghan:We could be a thing in the future right?


Meghan:Oh my god...I got it all wrong,oh my god,act like I never said it it’s just that I have confused right now and-

Henry:Let me finish. Maybe we could I don’t know,I don’t trust life itself so...I don’t know how things will be some months from now on. But... if you...ever need me, how can I say it,you feel lonely, you can always find me.

Meghan:Ooookay,cool,um okay, I’ll sleep now.

Henry:Okay, I’ll lay by your side later,if that’s okay with you.

Meghan:Yeah,I don’t mind.


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