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Part 7:Case Williams

A lil resume:Everything went well with Harisson’s case and things are finally starting to get in line which that makes things easier for Meghan and Henry. Although,things between these two are a little awkward after their kiss as Meghan assumes she’s into Evan.


“A week has passed and no life signs from Henry,I even texted him and no answer, what’s going on?We need to keep going! Williams is one of the stepbrothers,we need to be focused!”

Evan:Meghan!What a suprise...take a seat. How’s it going?

Meghan: I’m good,how things are going?

Evan:Umm...well um we’re stuck on Harisson’s men. They won’t talk that easy.

Meghan:Aha...what if I tell you that I know about Harisson and his relation to it.

Evan:But you gave up didn’t you?

Meghan:I don’t know. Wanna learn or should I keep it for myself?

Evan:What do you know?

Meghan:Harisson never learned about who they were sabotaging. We always had good relations with him,he would never do anything bad to us if he knew. Plus,every gang leader planned everything,all together. Take it as a common goal.

Evan:Did you go at the clubs again?

Meghan: That’s non of your business.

Evan:It is Meghan!I have to protect you!

Meghan:Yet,you didn’t protect me to not get involved and didn’t make sure that I trusted you. Nice protection.


Meghan: I’m done,if I learn something new, you’ll be hearing from me. Have a nice day.

“I left his office and I decided to go check on Henry, I’ve had enough. I took the bus and after half an hour I was a Henry’s ringing the bell.”

Ashton:Yo calm down, I’m coming. Meghan?What brings you here? I thought Henry-

Meghan: Where is he?

Ashton:He said he was-

Meghan:To my house?To Evan’s office? I was just there. Imma wait for him inside.

Ashton:Uh,yeah,come in. It’s just...he just said he was just going to you.

Meghan: Something’s fishy. He hasn’t respond to any of my texts,we need to get moving and he just poofed!

Ashton:I thought he was coming to you all these days,wait...

Meghan: I’m going to wait for him,I need to talk to him.

Ashton:As you wish...need anything?

Meghan:No, thanks by the way.

Henry: I’m home! Oh...uh,hi...

Meghan:Why weren’t you responding? Where were you? You got me worried!

Henry:I um...had some trouble with my job.

“I lifted my eyebrow and I pretended to believe him, it’s something else, I’m a hundred percent sure.”

Henry:What are you doing here Meghan?

Meghan:We have things to do, remember?

Henry:Oh yeah, let’s go to my room.

“I nodded,I stood up and we went inside his room. Still messy,what can I say.Is that a lipstick?What the hell?”

Henry:So,uh,who are we going after?

Meghan:Williams,one of the stepbrothers.

Henry:Oh yes. So what’s our plan?

Meghan: Firstly,I want you to tell me what the fuck is going on and you disappeared for a whole week.

Henry:Um... nothing for you to worry Meghan, I’m here.

Meghan:Come on, you can tell ke like everything because if it bothers you,we can’t do anything. You’re going to think about it.

Henry:I said it’s nothing for you to worry.

Meghan:If you say so. So...

“I started talked but I noticed his phone was buzzing all the time. What are you hiding Henry? After some time of making our plan,we took a break and he left for the bathroom leaving his phone unlocked with my inside. If you won’t tell me, I’ll find out myself.”

“Thanks for making it up to me ;)”

“He really hid from me the fact that he found a girlfriend.Wow...I’m impressed Henry is this how much you trust me. I wouldn’t bite man. Ugh,I want to learn more now...”

Henry: I’m back,so,where were we?

Meghan:We stopped exactly at the part where we were going to decide a day to go and find Williams.

Henry:Oh yeah um,give me a second.

Meghan:Who you texting?

Henry:A colleague.

Meghan:You sure?

Henry:Fine,you don’t trust me do you?

Meghan: Now we’re talking. Spill the tea.

Henry:I was seeing someone.

Meghan: Was? What do you mean?

Henry:We um,were sleeping together. But now we’re not. And we won’t.

Meghan:Why didn’t you tell me?

Henry:I don’t know,I was afraid that you were going to rage over the fact that I was seeing someone and that would be a distraction for us and-

Meghan:I wouldn’t,I mean,I understand that you have a life and you can’t stop everything else just because of me so, I’d find it normal.


“He looked away embarrassed and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. Well um,I guess I shouldn’t have asked.”

Meghan: I’m sorry, you didn’t want to tell me and I forced you to,I should um...go.

Henry:No,it isn’t like that.

“He grabbed me by the hand and he looked at me. He was like a puppy who wanted a treat. I can’t resist to him.”


Henry:Sorry,I just want things to work for you and Zack.


“He was still holding me and I didn’t mind at all. I sat back down and we continued to talk even though I was feeling awkward but not really awkward I don’t know how to explain it,it was just weird.”

Henry:Are we clear Meghan? We need to be extremely careful here.

Meghan:I know...

Henry:Um,is there anything wrong?

Meghan:I just feel awkward? I didn’t mean to put in a difficult place.

Henry:No you didn’t,it was my mistake.

Meghan:I should...go.

Henry:Okay, I’ll come and pick you up at 10:30. Take care.

“I awkwardly nodded and went to my car.”

-Henry’s POV-

“Fuck fuck fuck she learned about Kenna! I screwed up...I surely need to make it up for her she seemed, disappointed,somehow. Fuck. Wait,did she-no she wouldn’t do that. Or...”

Ashton: What’s up with you two?

Henry:Nothing,just uh,she found out about Kenna.

Ashton:Woah,wait did you-Again?!

Henry: It’s over,it was only a week of hookups.

Ashton:Bro, Meghan is head over heels for you and you sleep with your ex?

Henry:Meghan is in love with Evan,it doesn’t matter if I feel for her or not, for real.

Ashton: You’re wrong here but I don’t insist,you’ll see it yourself,one day.Fuck I’m going to be late,see you!

“He left and I started preparing for tonight. I got dressed up,I took my stuff and I drove to the parking lot where Ashton left me his truck. I put some stuff in there as I planned to convince Meghan to spend the night at the truck at a special place and I left for Meghan’s house. At first she was suprised to see me in another car than mine but she laughed it off. God she’s stunning.”

Meghan:Hey you. Why this car?

Henry:Suprise at the end of the night?

Meghan:Ohhh, sounds awesome, I’m down.

Henry:Okay. Let’s go, I’ll drop you at the entrance like always,I brought a wig with me incase they told the others about you.

“She nodded and left the car. I went to park and then I got inside the bar as well. I assume that everything went well with Meghan to get in. I went to the bar and I ordered a drink. I looked around and Meghan was nowhere to be seen. I texted her and I decided to walk around in case I didn’t see her.”

Kenna:Henry? hey.

Kenna: What are you doing here,I thought you didn’t like clubbing.


“My phone buzzed and Meghan told me that she’ll be waiting for me outside. Thank God this is awkward.”

Henry:I was just leaving.

Kenna:Me too,come with me to the parking lot.

Henry:Uh,yeah sure,I guess...

“We left the club and I was walking as fast as I could until the car. How come Meghan did it so quick though?”

Kenna:So...are you alone?


Henry:This is me, goodnight Kenna.

Kenna: Goodnight.

“Kenna left and Meghan seemed like she was about to cry. Did Williams hurt her? We got into the car and I drove to our special destination.”

Henry:Is everything okay?What happened with Williams?

Meghan:He gave me the information quickly. I’ll tell you tomorrow I want to...enjoy the suprise.

Henry:Did he say anything bad? Because you’re about to cry.

Meghan:Uh,no, I’ll go sit outside.


“I took the blankets and we sat at the back of the truck. She was admiring the view but she couldn’t help herself but cry. Something was wrong for sure but I didn’t know why.”

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