Partners In Crime

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Part 8:Kenna

A lil resume:Meghan finished quickly with Williams’s case and Henry after finding out that Meghan learned about Kenna wants to make it up to her so he drove him and Meghan to a special place.Meghan sees Henry and Kenna walking together at the parking lot and she got hurt by that and Henry is curious about what happened to her.


Henry:Meghan,you can talk to me... I can’t watch you cry,we succeed.

“I went closer to her and I brought her closer to me.”

Meghan:Who was she Henry? We’re not here just for you to flirt with girls!

Henry:I wasn’t flirting!

Meghan:Then why were you with her?You were supposed to be watch me!What if things went wrong?

Henry: Meghan I-

Meghan:This was very childish by your side Henry!What’s going on?I thought you-

Henry:LISTEN TO ME!I wasn’t flirting with her!It was Kenna,the girl I’ve been sleeping with for the past week,she just found me and I was walking with her to YOU!You’re the one who’s actring childish right now.

Meghan:I’m sorry it’s just the stress,I guess...

Henry:Maybe there’s something else that’s bothering you.Talk to me Meghan.

Meghan:It’s not a big deal,really.It’s just that-it’s a long story so let’s say that me and Evan were a thing before and right now the feelings are only from my side. why don’t you tell him?I mean,he should know,maybe you still have hopes Meghan,don’t let it take over your head.

Meghan:I can’t tell him Henry,at least not now.There are other things in between that I don’t know if this is what I really want and honestly,they feel wrong for some reason...

Henry: It’d be real if it felt right to you.

Meghan:Thanks for the advice and I’m sorry for acting like that.

Henry:No,it’s okay,really.Everyday’s different we can’t be okay all the time.I’m proud of you Meghan.

Meghan: Thanks,I wouldn’t make it if I hadn’t you by my side.

“I smiled,I hugged her and I rubbed her back. She broke the hug and I looked at her clueless.”


“I didn’t say anything. I took a glance of the view and I told to myself:Now or never Henry.I turned my head back to her and I kissed her. After all,I am feeling things for her. I broke the kiss,I awkwardly rubbed my neck looking somewhere else. I didn’t want to say sorry,I don’t regret it. Before I could do anything else,I found her on top of me kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and I enjoyed that as much as I could. I broke the kiss and I moved onto her neck as she was slightly moaning in pleasure. I unzipped her dress and I tightly grabbed her ass. She took off my shirt and she ran her hand through my chest. We rolled out and I was on top of her as I could see her bare chest and her eyes staring at me.”

Henry:Are you sure?

“She nodded and I kissed her. She unzipped my pants and she took off her skirt and panties. I put a blanket on me and I thrusted in her. She moaned and I started going faster as she had her arms around my neck looking at me with those brown eyes. After some minutes,we were both done and I gave her my shirt to wear for the night as the dress was to tight for her to sleep. I gave her the blanket and she immediately fell asleep. After admiring the view for a little longer,I fell asleep next to her.”

-Meghan’s POV-

“I woke up feeling refreshed for some reason like a void in my heart was filled. I woke up and I saw Henry next to me sleeping. Wow... where did he find that place? Last night was really amazing but that girl...Damn she was so pretty and so right for Henry. I checked my phone and no missed calls,thank God.”

“Dinner tonight?”

“Ugh,Evan... I replied to his text and I went inside the truck to put my clothes. I woke up Henry and he drove me to my house safely. I lied on my bed and I ate whatever there was on my drawer. My date with Evan was at 7 so I should start preparing at 5. I burned myself at Netflix and I decided to not text Henry,I felt awkward after last night. I took a shower and I started doing my hair. I put on a black dress and my white sneakers and as I was making my bag,Evan texted me that he was out of my house. I went out and I got into his car.”

Evan: Hey gorgeous.


“He kissed me and my eyes widened as I wasn’t expecting it. He smiled and he drove us to the restaurant he had booked while having a nice conversation. Are we in a relationship?I mean,did I just cheat on Evan? Nah, we’re not a thing yet,are we?”

Evan:So,how are you doing?

-Henry’s POV-

Kenna:She looked cute,who is she?

Henry: That’s non of your business Kenna, what do you want?

Kenna:Oh,you know what I want Henry.

Henry:Kenna, I’ve told you we can’t keep doing this.

Kenna:Why? Do you like that girl? Whatever her name is.

Henry: It’s Meghan and what if I like her Kenna? I see the way you look at Ashton,why can’t I like someone else that’s not you?

Kenna:Henry...please let’s not act childish.

Henry:You’re the one who’s acting childish Kenna!You can’t seem to let me live my life without you!I have a life too you know that doesn’t contain you in it,get over it!If you don’t have to say something,you should leave and never come back again...

Kenna:Henry I’m sorry I-I...I thought we still had a chance...

“She drank her water,she stood up and left. I opened up the TV and started watching a shitty movie ’cause I didn’t have anything else to do. Around 9,my door knocked,I assumed that it could be Meghan but sadly, it was someone else.”


Sam Johnson:Glad to see you again Henry. Won’t you invite me in?

Henry:Uh,yeah,come inside.

“Fuck, what does he want here?”

Henry:What brings you here Sam?

Sam Johnson:Well,I bet you’ve heard the thing about Dragons.

Henry:Yeah, I’ve heard some stuff.

Sam Johnson:Well,a girl,no name for now,has gone to Stuart’s,Harisson's and William’s club asking for information. The idiots gave it to her,they said she was pretty and stupid but I don’t believe them. I assume you know her as you were at both clubs the same day she appeared.

Henry:What?I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sam Johnson:Do I need to remind you Henry?I know you since you were 15,you can’t lie to me.

Henry:Sam,I don’t know her.

Sam Johnson:Okay then,this will clear your mind.

“He took off an envelope with some pictures in it. I immediately opened it and I found pictures of me and Meghan at the clubs,the park we met and in my car.”

Henry: Don’t hurt her Sam, I’m begging you.

Sam Johnson:And what do I get in return?


Sam Johnson:Evan will warn her,he didn’t succeed keeping her away from us. I am warning you Henry, stop doing what you’re doing. You’re going to get hurt,both of you.

Henry:Then why don’t you go and tell everything? The investigators will find you soon or later.

Sam Johnson: I’d rather be arrested for what I’ve done to Lay and his stupid gang than go and betray my people.

Henry: Don’t mess with her. You can do whatever you want to me. Eventually,she won’t listen to you. You better be expecting us.

Sam Johnson:I said what I had to say Henry,I bet she’s smart,she knows what’s better for her.

“She won’t give up that easy,I know her. You better be expecting us Sam,I mean it. After he left, the first thing I did was call Meghan but she didn’t pick up. What’s up with her? I’ll go find her. Where could she be?”

-Meghan’s POV-

Evan:Meghan listen to me.

Meghan:I want to go home.

Evan:I want to protect you...

Meghan:I can’t believe you knew all these! Why won’t you use them in court?Are they paying more than me?


Meghan:I don’t believe you Evan,I don’t recognize the person who’s standing in front of me anymore...

Evan:Meghan wait!

“I stood up,I took my stuff and I left the restaurant,leaving Evan shouting my name.Some blocks away I found myself crying,I still can’t believe that Evan would do that to Zack. He changed so much...I-This isn’t him...I need to find a solution,we can’t keep working with Evan. I need to find Henry,no!I can’t go like that,I need to change and-ugh...I should better text him when I get home.These heels are killing me!”


Henry:Meghan!Oh?Were you crying?What happened?

Meghan:We need to find a new lawyer,Evan isn’t trust worthy.He knows literally everything and-

Henry:I know.

Meghan:Do you know any good lawyer?I’m going to pay him.

Henry:I can find someone.

Meghan:Okay.Um,want to come inside?


Meghan:No one’s home,don’t worry.

“He nodded after thinking about it and we went inside.Is it the first time he comes?Wow...I threw my shoes away and I threw myself at the couch.”

Meghan:Make yourself at home.I can order pizza or whatever.

Henry:No I’m good,unless you’re hungry.

Meghan:I’m okay,I just think that I’ve had enough. Evan,thing with the clubs...I don’t know where it starts and where it ends.

Henry:I can say...Maybe,we should take a break after this.

Meghan:No,no breaks.When it’s over I’ll be finally able to relax.

Henry:Meghan,don’t be so hard on yourself.Maybe you need it.

“Suddenly,his phone buzzed.He checked it,he got upset for some seconds but then he came back to normal.What’s up with him lately?”

Meghan:Is everything okay?

Henry:Uh,yes.Don’t worry.

Meghan:I don’t believe you.

Henry:Just trust me,okay?

Meghan:Don’t make me more worried than I already am.

Henry:Don’t worry.

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