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Part 9:Case James

A lil resume:(dang nothing important happened in the last chapter XD)Evan is covering Johnson.


“Ughhh I don’t know anything about him!Henry’s going to kill me!I don’t even know how the hell we forgot about him! Ughh google doesn’t have a thing about his ass not even a social media account!Who the hell is he?Ughhh!”

Mom:You have a visitor Meghan!

Meghan:He can come in!

Henry:I’m here!What are you doing?

Meghan:Oh hi,please close the door I don’t want anyone to eavesdrop.What am I doing?I’m stressing over the fact that we know absolutely nothing about Christopher James!

Henry:Calm dowm...I maybe got some information from Ashton.They’re just enough to make a plan.

Meghan:Really?Spill the tea Henry!

Henry:Okay okay...So James is supposed to be the hidden head of the situation based on my plan at home.I mean,James has always been envolved to these kind of stuff but never got arrested or left his name go around,wanna know why?He was never in the spotlight,his men were always doing his jobs and yet,he was getting the credit for that.Crazy,I know but here’s the best part.James is the oldest gang leader right now,I mean he’s 67.And...drumrolls please,Stuart is his stepson.

Meghan:How-Wow...then why didn’t he pass the gang to Stuart?

Henry:I don’t know.Anyways,what are we doing?

Meghan:What we always do.But,we need to be careful from now on,people can recognize both of us.

Henry:I thought this was something we both knew...Okay then,you’re going to use the wig and I’ll find a disguise,maybe we’ll need Ashton for me to come in.

Meghan:Yeah,we’ll do that.

Henry:Awesome.So what are our plans for today?

Meghan:I don’t mind,you pick.

Henry:Hmm,maybe go at the mall,eat some lunch and watch a movie?


“I took my stuff and we left for the mall by taking the bus.We wandered around the stores for a while and then we sat for a burger.I was actually having fun,he really knows how to make people forget their problems and have fun at least once inside the mess they’re going through.”

Meghan:Remember when we met what you said?

Henry:What did I say?

Meghan:That after everything,we’ll become strangers again.

Henry:Did I?

Meghan:Mhm,you forgot it already?

Henry:Maybe I said that because I didn’t trust you,I guess.I don’t remember,it’s been a month already.

Meghan:I know.What movie are we watching?

Henry:Your choice.


“After watching our movie,Henry left me home and I decided to spend some time on myself as I had a long time to do that.I had a nice bath,put a facemask on and then I sat to watch some Netflix.Ah,I missed that.”

-Henry’s POV-

Henry:Let’s go clubbing this week.

Ashton:Really?I thought you didn’t like these kind of stuff.

Henry:Wish I could explain....I kinda do,we’ll take Meghan too.

Ashton:Count me in.

Henry:Awesome,let me tell her.

“I quickly texted Meghan telling her that Ashton’s in and I sighed in pleasure ’cause our plan was going perfect.Well now what Henry?You’re bored as hell.I guess a quick shower will kill some time.Then maybe cook something ’cause I’m starving and then,I’ll be finally able to relax at my bed.After doing all these,I lied on my bed and I was scolling through my phone as if there was no tomorrow.I was this bored.Ashton was out so I was all alone.After a while I found myself falling asleep and the following morning my phone woke me up.”


“I said with my eyes half open.I really need to sleep more.”

Meghan:Were you sleeping?


Meghan:God,wake up you idiot!

Henry:I’m up...

Meghan:I can hear you...anyways is today the day?I feel so refreshed and I’m ready to get in action.

Henry:I guess,I need to ask Ashton.

Meghan:Okay text me.And make sure to keep yourself awake.

Henry:Note that.

“We hung up and after stretching myself,I went inside to the living room hoping to find Ashton.When I walked into the room Ashton noticed me and I sat close to him.”

Ashton:Good morning.

Henry:Morning.Let’s go clubbing tonight.


Henry:We’ll drive Meghan to the same club too then,she’ll find some friends.


“After his response,I texted Meghan and I smirked to myself. Time went by very quick and it already time for me and Ashton to go pick Meghan up. I drove us to her house and when she got out,we both stayed with our mouths wide open.She got in and I drove us to the club.”

Henry:Be careful Meghan okay?We’ll pick you up when you text me.

Meghan:Okay,have fun boys.

“I nodded to her and I watched her going in.God,I’m nervous.”

-Meghan’s POV-

“Where could he be? God,this is more difficult than the other times like,I’m wandering around searching for a 67 year old-”

Meghan:I’m so sorry.

“I lifted my eyes up and bingo it’s him!YES!”

Christopher James:Are you okay?

Meghan:Um,yes,thank you.

Christopher James:Do you mind if I bought you a drink?To make it up for you.

Meghan:It’s ok-I mean I was the one who bumped on you first,I should be the one buying you a drink.

Christopher James:I insist.

Meghan:If you insist.

Christopher James:Okay follow me.

“He gave me his hand and I followed him.I guess he’s taking me to the VIP rooms.After sitting next to him,I ordered a drink and I looked around.He’s got a big idea for himself.Is my phone recording?”

Christopher James:What’s your name?


Christopher James:What a nice name...

Meghan:Thank you sir.

Christopher James:You can call me Chris.I don’t like formalities in my own club.

Meghan:You own the club?Wow...

Christopher James:Let’s say it’s my backup for all my other jobs...What brings you here Hayley?

Meghan:I was with my friends and somehow I lost them.

Christopher James:But you found me.

Meghan:Haha only make a living from this bar?

Christopher James:Of course not,the bar makes the smallest income.I also run a company and I do small jobs for other people.

Meghan:What do you mean by that?

Christopher James:Let me tell you a fairytale...Once upon a time,an annoying team of kids were getting into other team’s nerves.So a strong man got rid of them.And everyone got their happy ever after...

Meghan:Are you the strong man?I mean,you could be a strong man.

Christopher James:You’re smart Hayley,I could easily hire you to my company...Are you done with college?

Meghan:Actually I’m on my sophomore year.

Christopher James:That’s what department?

Meghan:Buisness.I came all the way from Seattle just for college.

“I could easily be an actor after this.I’m hiding the stress successfully.”

Christopher James:Can I tell you a secret Hayley?

Meghan:Um yes...

“He’s coming closer,I don’t have a good feeling about it,he’s drunk.At least he may reveal some shit.Let’s hope.”

Christopher James:Those kids,Dragons,I destroyed them...I put my people to leave drugs here and there.They were so annoying,they were going to destroy my fame.

Meghan:Um,I don’t know what are you talking about...

Christopher James:I just wanted to let it out doll.You can go find your friends now...

Meghan:Oh,uh thanks.Have a good night.

“I immediately left the room and I texted Henry.I recorded it!”

Henry:Hey are you okay?

Meghan:I did it!

Ashton:Hey...I’ll go home by foot I wanna walk.


Henry:We’re ready to go.

Meghan:Wait!Ashton take my phone.

Ashton:Uh okay,see you guys later or tomorrow.

“We both nodded and after Ashton left,we got into the car and we started chatting.”

Henry:Are you okay?

Meghan:Yeah,I just feel weird,he was making me uncomfortable.At least,I recorded what he said for evidence and that’s why I gave it to Ashton,it’s safer with him.

Henry:I see.

“I turned around to look at the street but something crashed us.Everything blacked out until I woke up and I found the car on me and Henry unconscious.I reached out to his phone,I dialed 911 and I explained everything.Then I waited for the ambulance.They got us inside and then I fainted again.”

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