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The guardian angel

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Some people fight for themselves but others fight because they can. But few fight to save someone.

Action / Drama
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A woman is walking, the silence of the night was cut with the sounds of her shoes. The buildings around her stand menacing in the dark, being dimly lite buy a street light. Her phone rang, the office theme plays as a ring tone, it cut the silence of the night. she answered

"Hey dad" the women said happily.

"I have been good, job is fine" she said almost like a script.

The woman almost said something but stopped in a sudden moment. The night was silent again

"Honey? Are you there"

"Uh yeah dad can I call you back I realized that I forgot something at the work" she hung up the phone. The woman looked down at a person in a pool of blood in a dark alleyway. slashes on almost ever part of his body. The boy was wearing a white sweatshirt, to the naked eye you would think his sweatshirt was colored red. The woman thinks for a second on what to do and starts to help the unconscious boy.


The boy wakes up, he looks around in a dazed motion. He is in a uncomfortable couch. He says, "where am I".

The woman replies sharply, "your in my apartment."

The apartment looks like dumping ground, there is beer cans and chip bags laying around everywhere. There's a old tv I front of him and behind the tv is a kitchen where the woman is.

The boy asks in a frightening voice, "are you with the cartel!?" Then he jumps up in a instance but falls back down.

"god fucking- I didn't spend 8 hours basically sowing you up just for you to tear all your stitches" the woman said in a angry tone. She goes over to the boy lifting him up and back on to where he was laying.

"Now stay on that couch" she said leaving no room for interpretation.

The boy says, "so who the hell are you?".

The woman states, "I'm the lucky girl who found you in a puddle of blood". The boy shifts his weight in guilt.

"Now tell me something, why the hell did I find a 16 year old kid covered in slashes and bleeding out last night. Should kids like you being doing something else like playing video games or skate boarding".

The boy replies furiously "what I do is what I do and is none of your business. Look I appreciate your help but I have to go." The boy tried to get up but the woman grabs him and forces him back down.

"Hey asshole" she says

"you got about ten stitches that need healing. Also what you do is my business when my patients broken bones are from you."

The boy looks at her confused, "what do you mean?" he questions.

She replies "Look I know who you are, your kinda of a myth. I work at the hospital near here and I treat the idiots that the police and paramedics bring in. I don't get a whole lotta thugs but recently I've been getting a lot more thugs with broken bones. They all say the same thing, that they got beaten up by some dude in a white sweatshirt and bandanna."

The boy replies, "I didn't know I was that famous".

"In the hospital. the stories I hear of how they hit you but you acted like they tickled you is crazy. Now I wonder where a kid like you learned that stuff." The boy says defensively "I'm just lucky I guess".

The woman laughs, "well with the amount of scars on your body I'm guessing this fighting thing you've been doing hasn't began recently, or at least before your whole crusade". The boy looks uncomfortable. The woman says, "well this has been nice but I got work so I'm trusting you to not get up"

She gets up and turns on a old tv, "I got the office or breaking bad your pick"

he says "office please".

"Wow you seem like a breaking bad type of guy" she says in a joking manner as the dvd goes into the tv. The boy says thank you softly. "Your welcome, I'll be home in a couple hours so just wait here. and I guess I'll grab us some dinner" the woman says.

As the woman goes out the door she says "my names Katie". There's a silence then she gives up a leaves. The boy says to himself softly "Sam".

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