The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 3



“You said Father is your 3rd husband.” Tete said.

“Yes, he is,” answered her mother.

“What happened to the other two?

“The first one ran off to avoid been killed by my 2nd husband. Your father killed the second one.”

“Father killed your husband?”

“Yes he did. He also killed all the cubs I and your step mothers had at that time.”

“Haa, why?”

“The life of a Lion is a short and brutal one. A young Lion is customarily chased out of his Pride once he reaches the sexual maturity age. This is usually from age 2. Thus, he has to fend for himself as well as avoid being killed by other Lions and Lion haters such as the Hyenas.


“After two or three years of killing to survive, the young Lion is now ready to start a family. So he needs a Lioness or more to father his cubs. However, a single and unattached Lioness is an uncommon sight in our jungle.”

“So how does he start a family?” Tete asked.

“The young Lion has to take over an existing Pride. And to successfully take over a Pride means death or banishment of the reigning Lion of the Pride and death to all cubs. The new Lion won’t allow any seed except his own to dwell in his territory.”

“What happens to Lionesses who put up a fight?

“He will kill Lionesses who refuse to cooperate.”


“Your father has so far won all attempts by invading Lions to take over his Pride. But as I said before, the life of a Lion is a short and brutal one. Sooner or later, he will meet his match.”

“And what happens to us?”

“We become widows and then wives to the new ruler or rulers.”


“Sometimes, more than one young Lion is sent out of the Pride at the same time. If the Lions are two or three, they gradually become aware that though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Thus, they become a force to reckon as they grow older and bigger.”

“I won’t allow my cubs to be killed.”

“Then you will need to flee with your cubs and risk being attacked by other Lions or haters.”

“Are there other options mother?”

“My child, you might need to discover that by yourself.”



”Is father going to kill Didi?” Tete suddenly asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“Father is heading towards him right now.”

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