The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 4

Daka approached his Pride silently.

He had gone round to mark his territory with urine, spraying bushes and other obvious objects. He also defecated conspicuously and scraped his feet on the ground where he had urinated, transferring the scent to his feet to pass on while he patrolled his boundary.

He always liked to listen in on the gossips of his 4 wives. Their gossips were usually on the pregnant Lionesses, the young cubs, the next hunt or which of the Lionesses was on heat.

Speaking of being on heat, he could smell the scent of a Lioness that was fast coming into heat. Daka knew he was not the only one who could smell the scent. There was another matured male in the Pride, his son Didi.

He liked Didi. But he knew he could not allow his son stay much longer with the Pride. His son was now at the age of sexual maturity and the possibility of wanting to mate one of his half-sisters or even step mother was very high.

Daka stopped and looked around to see where Didi was. It was almost time to send him packing. He was not ready to kill his son. But if he had to, this won’t be the first time.

For now, his son might still yet be useful for one last major heist before his time in the Pride expired.

The rains had stopped for days now and the drought season was now in full force. Thus, the issue of feeding his growing family outweighed the necessity to chase off Didi. Today made it the 3rd day the Pride had gone without food. It was time to hunt again. The key issue for the Pride was that most of the Zebras, Buffaloes and other grazers had left Daka’s territory in search of greener pastures.

Daka knew they had only two options: follow the animals into the territory of other Lions and risk an all-out war if discovered, or go for an animal that didn’t usually migrate but was bigger than anything the Pride had ever attacked.

Given the risks involved in the two options, Daka rationalized that option two was less risky for his pride.

If he was to go with option two, Daka had to decide between two giants. Either of them would guarantee food that would last for 5 days or more for the Pride.

Daka knew the lionesses were better hunters. However, in this high stake heist, it was not speed that mattered but weight.

This was why he needed Didi. Though Didi was not yet a fully grown male Lion, still he outweighed a full grown Lioness. Thus, if the Pride was to successfully take down a giant, Daka knew they needed the complementary weight of Didi.

Daka watched Didi for some minutes. He knew the young Lion would be wary of him. He had, twice within a week, chased Didi away from eating the animals killed by the Lionesses. If this planned hunt was to be successful, he needed Didi on his side.

Daka moved and stopped at a position that allowed Didi see him. Once he was sure he had the attention of the young Lion, he walked slowly towards him.

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