The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 5

“What do we know about this pride?” Kaka asked.

“They are led by one matured male,” Keke replied.

“There are 4 matured Lionesses and 7 younger ones just about matured,” Koko said.

“There is also a young lion there. He appears to be on the verge of being chased out of the pride,” Kuku added.

Kaka nodded in satisfaction. They had been stalking and surveying the pride for over a month. They had most of the information they needed. The rest will be discovered at the point of life or death.

“Good one guys, you have done your homework well,” Kaka said.

“There are enough Lionesses to go round us all. That is sweet music to my ears,” said Keke.

“Yesso,” chorused Koko and Kuku.

“Guys, calm down. Don’t count your chicks before they are hatched. We still have the Lion of the pride to contend with,” Kaka replied.

“He is no match for the four of us,” stated Keke, “abi I lie?”

“Yesso,” chorused Koko and Kuku, “if he stands in our way, he dies.”

Kaka, Keke, Koko and Kuku were 4 brothers from the same Lioness.

About 4 years earlier, when they were just a year old, their mother had ran off with them when her pride was attacked.

Two rogue Lions had attacked and killed her husband. They also killed two Lionesses who had tried to defend their cubs. She had escaped during the melee.

One of the rogue Lion had tried to track her down, but she managed to stay hidden with the 4 cubs.

For the next two years after they had left the pride, their mother taught them everything she knew about hunting and fighting. Unfortunately, she was killed in the 3rd year after she accidentally stepped on a Black Mamba.

The four Lions had spent the 4th year stalking and surveying various prides to determine which one was ripe for a takeover. And it seemed they had now found the perfect one.

“What’s the plan?” Keke asked looking at Kaka.

Kaka was regarded as the leader of the pack. He was not the strongest, but he was their chief strategist. Keke, the quiet one, was considered the strongest of the pack, while Koko and Kuku were carefree, troublesome and aggressive.

“Any suggestions?” Kaka asked.

“Me and Kuku will go for the Lion of the pride, Kaka goes for the cubs and Keke goes for the young Lion,” Koko said.

“Can two of you handle the Lion?” Kaka asked and added. “He is a beast with plenty of experience. We all saw how he chased off the two Lions that tried to take over his Pride.”

“Lions are not Tigers. A Lion is more of a wrestler while a Tiger is more of a boxer. He can’t successfully wrestle two of us at the same time,” Koko explained.

“I will rather three of us go for the male Lion, while Kuku handles the young Lion and cubs,” Kaka stated.

“So na only the three of you sabi fight, abi? Na me no like fight?” questioned Kuku.

“You this overgrown house cat, who teach you how to fight?” Koko teased.

“I go slap that your stupid mouth if you talk nonsense again,” Kuku replied.

“Hey, will you guys cut it off,” Keke snapped. ”This is serious business, get serious for once. Please Kaka continue.”

“To ensure we don’t mess things up, and reduce margin for errors, we will all attack the male Lion,” Kaka said.

“What about the young Lion and the Lionesses?” Keke asked.

“One at a time, we divide and conquer,” Kaka answered, “is that clear?”

“Ok boss, I’m with you,” Kuku replied.

“Koko?” questioned Kaka.

“You are the brain, just point the way,” Koko responded.


“You know I’m not one for much talk, let’s get this fight started,” Keke said. “When do we attack?”

“Now,” Kaka said and turned to walk into the pride’s territory.

His brothers followed him.

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