The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 6

Daka got to Didi and nudged Didi’s left cheeks with his head to show he came in peace. Then he moved and sat down 10 feet away from Didi.

Didi then went to meet him and rubbed his left cheek against Daka’s cheek and they rubbed heads together.

The rubbing of heads together is a show of affection, commitment, loyalty and respect.

After some minutes of rubbing heads together, Didi sat down beside Daka. His heart was pounding in excitement as he waited in silence. He was no longer scared. He was happy that Daka came in peace and that he, Didi, was able to show respect to him.

“How have you been?” Daka asked.

“Fine sir.”

“Hope you have not been naughty.”

“No sir, I have been good.”

“You sure?”

“Yes sir.”


Didi waited in silence. He was not sure why Daka approached him but he believed it had to be important for Daka to have approached him.

“We will be hunting soon, and I want you to play an active role,” Daka said.

Didi kept quiet.

Daka continued, “I want to show you strategies and techniques on how to take down giants. This will help you fend for yourself when you eventually have your own Pride. So I want you to be serious about it. Watch closely, learn quickly and act decisively.”

“Ok sir.”

“If you perform well, it won’t be for the Pride, it would be for you. You will be way ahead of your mates in terms of skills, experience and expertise.”

“That would be great. But which of the giants are we taking down?”

“Worry not your head about that. You will find out soon enough.”

“Ok sir.”

“Just follow me closely and mirror what I do.”

“I will do that sir.”

Daka stood up and as he walked away, he said, “we leave within an hour, be ready.”

“I am ready sir.”

“Don’t disappoint me.”

“I won’t sir.”

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