The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 7

Kaka continued to do scenario analysis as they walked.

He knew it was important they got the matured male alone without backup. It would make the job of killing him easy.

The question of ‘what if’ kept popping up in his mind: what if the Lionesses joined in? What if the young Lion joined in the fracas? What if the matured male had a long lost brother that suddenly appeared?

In his analysis, the matured male might be able to handle two of them, but three of them would be a handful for him. However, at 4 to 1, they will kill him easily. Thus, the preferred setting still remained getting the matured male alone.

“You are quiet,” said Keke as he matched strides with Kaka.

Kaka smiled and replied, “Says the quiet one.”

“A penny for your thoughts?” Keke asked.

“Nothing major, I was just considering the different situations that could manifest and the contingency plan for any unexpected happenings.”

“Don’t worry yourself too much bro, between the 4 of us, that male Lion dies.”

“I know, but what if the Lion has a backup team we don’t know of?” Kaka asked.

“Remember, we stalked and surveyed the pride for more than a month. I’m sure we will come out successful and with our brides,” Keke replied.

“OK, if the Lionesses come for him, I will go and engage them.”


“None of us must die today.”

“We won’t bro, we’ve got the victory. Let’s go manifest it.”

“I sure hope so,” Kaka replied.

“I know so,” affirmed Keke.


They froze and listened carefully.

It came again, louder and closer this time.

There was a Lion or worse still, Lions approaching. And it was no friendly roar. The Lions were here for business, not pleasure.

Daka got up to move towards the sound.

“I will come with you,” said Cece the Lioness, Tete’s mother.

“And I also,” said another Lioness.

“No. You will do no such thing,” Daka snapped and added, “I’m the head of this pride. It’s my duty to protect you. Watch the cubs, prepare for the hunt, I will be back soon.”

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