The Way of the Lion

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Chapter 8

As Daka turned the corner, he saw they were 3 Lions roaring.

He moved slowly towards them and was surprised the 3 Lions stayed close together and did not try to flank him.

Kaka, Kuku and Koko stayed in front of him, snarling and making halfhearted attempts to charge at him. They were making so much noise.

Daka roared back and held his ground, not backing away from them but stayed right in their faces. He knew as long as he kept them in his front he was safe.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his body as his right hind leg was seized in a vice like grip.

The instance Daka turned to see who or what was biting down on his leg, the other 3 Lions attacked him.


Out of the corner of his eye, Kaka noticed the fast approaching Lionesses. They were 2 of them. He turned to face them. Because by now, Daka was rolling on his side and back trying to protect his soft under belly from being ripped open.

Kaka was sure his 3 brothers could handle him so he decided to give attention to these newcomers.

As Kaka faced the Lionesses, they stopped in their advance and ran back, he gave chase. The Lionesses ran in the same direction so he followed them, closing the gap with powerful strides.

At the exact moment Kaka got ready to pounce on the closest Lioness, Didi slammed into him with force from the right.

The impact knocked Kaka over onto his back, and Cece (Tete’s mother) pounced on his genital.


Daka stayed on his back and clawed at his attackers.

Keke had lacerated Daka’s tendon when he attacked Daka’s leg from the back.

As a result of his injured leg, Daka could neither stand on the leg nor flee the scene.

He was trapped, surrounded and outnumbered. So Daka kept rolling and twisting his body to defend himself.

His 3 attackers kept circling him, dodging his flailing claws, feinting and then moved as a unit to sink their canines into him and rip flesh off.

Keke, Koko and Kuku did this move again and again.

It was a ferocious and coordinated attack.


As Cece yanked on his genital, Kaka almost fainted from shock. So he shook his head violently to clear it and twisted his body sideways. He then grabbed and pulled Cece with his front paws, and clamped his canines into her neck.

Kaka felt and saw one young Lion and 3 other Lionesses biting different parts of his body. But he kept his grip on Cece’s neck because the pain from his now bleeding genital was unbearable. The more he tried to roll over or pull Cece off his “crown jewel”, the more she yanked on him.

It was a bloody scene.

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