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Our Last Hope

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Many years have passed since Hope took down her biggest enemy almost killing herself in the process, but she never expected them to survive. She will protect her family no matter what, but at what cost? Alliances will be formed and truths will be revealed. Hearts will be broken and not everyone will survive. The last of Hope King's story. "I have always loved you Hope, and I always will till I take my last breath"

Action / Romance
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Drama Queen

Mila's Pov.




"Dad, for the love of god can you stop doing that and just order something, we both know you can't cook." I placed my book down and glanced at my dad.

He was stood next to the fridge with it wide open, tapping on the side trying to figure out what to make us. He always does this, and we always end up having a takeaway.

"Yeah you're right, fancy a Chinese?" He asked as he closed the fridge and walked over to the table to grab a menu.

"Do you even need to use that? Just ring up the place and mention your name, they know the order like the back of their hand by now."

"Are you calling me fat?" He looked over the menu trying to hide a grin.

"Did those words leave my mouth?"

My dad dramatically placed the menu on the table and put his hand on his hip sticking it out sassily, "you might not have said it but you thought it, gee Mila I think you hurt my feelings." he faked a sniffle.

"You know what they say, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips" I responded.

"You watch way too many friends episodes."

I couldn't help but snicker, I love the relationship between me and my dad, he's practically my best friend. You wouldn't think he's a thirty-five-year-old man, not one bit of fat on him and still looks like a teenager apart from his stubble and odd wrinkle near his eyes.

Most people are scared of him, and to be honest he can be quite rude towards others. He only shows his soft side to me, my mum and uncle Callum. My dad, West Shaw owns a number of garages. He's one of the best mechanics in Manchester.

"You are such a drama queen, now let me read my book." I smiled at his childishness.

"You read too much." He took my book and hid it behind his back.

"And you moan too much, I thought I was the child and you were the parent?" He tossed my book behind him which ended up landing in the sink which unfortunately for me was full of water.

I jumped out of my chair and ran over to retrieve it quickly, but it was ruined. The pages were soaked and already falling apart. I spun around to face my dad who nervously scratched the back of his neck with a sheepish grin.

"I'll buy you a new one, just please don't kill me."

"You are lucky I love you."

He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big squeeze before placing a quick kiss on my head.

"And I love you my little Dove."

That stupid nickname, well, it's my middle name and he is the only person who calls me it thankfully.

I sat back down on the chair as my dad rang up the Chinese to order our food, his kitchen was quite big and just a plain white and grey. He's not really into decorating as he's the only one who lives here if I don't come and stay.

"So, did Xavier say anything to you when he came back?" my dad passed me a strawberry milkshake, which is my favourite drink of all time.

"No, he just stormed in asking for my mum like he never left. What were you and mum talking about?" I asked him with a smirk of my own this time.

"God the guys a dick, but don't you use that language," He pointed at me. "and absolutely nothing, just catching up."

Does he think I'm stupid? I think he forgets I'm seventeen and not seven. I took a sip of my drink and gave him the look, "You so fancy mum still." I laughed.

He started coughing uncontrollably making me laugh even more, "I do not, sure she's a beautiful woman but I do not fancy her. Your uncle Callum on the other hand..."

Ah yes, he still loves her and has done for fifteen years and I know for a fact my mum does too. I so ship them but obviously me and Jackson disagree because he thinks his dad can do no wrong.

As you can tell I don't like him, simple as that.

We've never seen eye to eye, and I think his reasoning to his disliking towards me is because West is my dad. They hate each other, and it's not just because my dad is the ex. No, it's much bigger than that and I still have to figure that out.

We haven't seen uncle Callum for seven years now, apart from the phone calls and face times, but apart from that, we've had nothing else. He won't even tell us what he's doing or why he left.

He used to argue with Xavier a lot too, well, to be honest, no one really gets on with him. For the first few years from what I can remember him and my mum were extremely happy. They had Hunter and all four of us were got on really well, then one day Xavier just changed.

I have no idea why, but I know one night he really hurt my mum and I can never forgive him. He started to drink and became distant when Jackson came along.

"Uncle Callum needs to grow a backbone and tell her, I've never seen someone look at someone the way he did. That reminds me, when are you going to settle down, I can't be around forever to make sure you have a shower and eat your food.."

He pinched my arm and I yelped in surprise, "I've had girlfriends"

"Don't you mean one night stands? Come on dad, you aren't getting any younger"

"Rude" We both burst into laughter.

Seconds past by and we finally calmed down, both of us catching our breath.

"Seriously though, I don't think mum is happy at all. I've heard her crying in her room sometimes, Hunter doesn't take notice of anything and Jackson is only eight. What am I supposed to do?"

My dad's phone made a noise indicating that a message had come through," speaking of your mum, looks like her and your brothers are staying tonight" He stood up from his seat texting away, then opened the fridge door to grab a beer.

As he kicked the door with his heel to close it I took my drink and stood up too so I could have a quick shower before tea arrived.

"I give you permission to hit my brother if he's rude towards you," I told him and he just chuckled.

"Don't think your mother would agree"

Very true, my mum doesn't believe in violence.

As I turned on my heel to leave the doorbell rang, "Mum was quick."

"Or it's the Chinese, go and answer the door"

"I'm getting a shower, you go and answer it"

"I am the adult, now do as your told and answer the door or I won't buy you a new book" He smirked like a child.

I rolled my eyes and threw the closest thing to me at him, which was a hairbrush. It hit him on his right shoulder but he didn't even flinch.

"Damn, I was hoping that would hurt more"

"If you don't go now, I'll tell your mum all your secrets"

"She knows everything" I crossed my arms.

"Even about the time when you got drunk for the first time and ended up crashing her car and pinned the blame on Hunter"

I glared at him, "I totally forgot you knew that, ugh fine you win this time", I left the kitchen away from his laughter and headed for the door.

I swung it open and couldn't believe who was stood in front of me. It wasn't our food or my mum either.

"Uncle Callum"

"Mini Hope" He beamed.

He lifted me off the ground and spun me around, and as he placed me down I eyed someone who was stood behind him. He looked nervous, and a lot like my dad. His eyes and hair were a different colour though. Bright white hair and dull brown eyes, a Faded scar just above his Eyebrow.

"This is Mila?" His voice was deep.

"The one and only, wow look how much you have changed. You look just like your mother" I could hear the sadness in his voice when he mentioned my mum.

"Not that it isn't great to see you, but, who is he?" I pointed towards the stranger.

Uncle Callum and I'm assuming his friend, looked at each other before turning their attention back to me.

"Oh, that's..."

"What are you doing here Caleb?" My dad's voice boomed behind me.

Well, he didn't sound happy at all to see this man and I think Caleb knew that too.

"West, it's good to see you," Caleb said quietly, but loud enough for us all to hear.

My dad was now stood next to me and he looked quite pissed off to see him, even with his best friend right in front of him.

"Can't say the same thing about you, now leave" He warned.

"Oh come on brother, it's been years since that happened. Can't you get over it?" He stepped forward, both of them glaring at each other as Callum looked at me.

"Not the best time to be discussing this, how about we head inside" Callum suggested, trying to push my dad in who eventually gave in.

As I closed the door when everyone entered my dad spoke to me, authority lacing his voice "Mila I need you to go to the shops and get me some milk whilst I chat with my brother"

"You don't need milk..."

"Now Mila, " I grabbed my coat and my dad's wallet, gave Callum a quick smile, and walked out of the door.

So much for a quiet night in.

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