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What will happen when venus moves to her home town what will she discover who will she stay away from and will she choose to stay

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It all started when i moved to cloudside all i can say for now is its about to get crazy you probably want to know what happen so let's get started first thing first let's have some background my name is venus i know it is a really strange name but i kind of like it anyway i was born in cloudside but once i was 2 i moved to greendale my parents never really told me why just said i needed to leave i basically growed up in greendale my friends uhh all i can say i didn't like that horrible day i won't go into detail yet but basically we had a horrible fall out and we cutted each other ,their names where oliver and chelsea we were friends since i moved to greendale that same day i went to my mom crying i couldn't deal with them so my parents decided it was a better for me to go back to my hometown to cloudside you might be saying “you shouldn't run away from your problems “but it was the only choice that i could think of the time so i took it we packed and i wrote letter to chelsea and oliver i know it was dumb but i knew if i said goodbye even of the horrible fallout i would start crying so writing them a letter seemed smart at the time we left the next night i remembered getting called at 6am still driving but we were almost there chelsea was calling so was oliver but i was too scared to pick up so i blocked them but before i said”i am sorry” I turned off my phone and just slept woke up the next morning “sweety sweety wake up” my mom said , i woke up and it wa around 6 30am the house was huge “mom this house is huge” i said “let's just say your father has friends in cloud side” my mom said “ oh okay “ i said we walk in it was quite empty since we barely moved in so my mom wanted to get room I went upstairs and there was for one in front of the stairs and one on the left , the last one to the right and one behind the stairs and the master bedroom is the one in front of the stairs I really wanted the one behind the stairs so I'll be more private but I ended up going for the one the last room because it was the bigger and it was besides the master bedroom and I felt like it had enough space for me to put my the thing in So I picked that one for that exact reason i didn't feel comfortable yet I had to wait for all my stuff to move in. I was planning to put everything to the left and then my beds on the right but then I ended up the other way around I have a huge TV so either has to go on the left right or in the back of that of the room I picked the left because I was going to put my bed on the right but then that's what I figure out my bed that I was going to change out the size of my bed my mom said it's better to have a king size bed so I did end up having a king size bed so I was going to the blueprints were everything was going to go I picked you the right corner for my bed and the left corner for the TV that's how it's going to go since the left corner was going to have last things like a vanity or something and in the right corner a night stand , whenever I look I look from left to right I don't look from right to left I look from left to right was probably anybody else does that too. I was going to go to in Cloud side most popular school it is called enchanted High I know weird name but I didn't think much of it at the time” hey honey come downstairs dinner's ready” my mom said” oh okay I'll be done in a sec” I went downstairs slowly and smelt the smell of tamales after I smell that I ran down quickly like really quickly “ mama mama mama mama mama mama”I say we running down the stairs” yes” are we having tamales?” yes we are having some odd that you like that” of course I do so what did you have for dinner” you'll see child you'll see” ok” I said I sit down dinner table my mom and my dad were sitting there So when do I start school” oh about that so there was nothing going on at your school so it's closed down for the rest of the week so you have Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday off at school do you know whatever you want you can pack up your room the moving truck should be here shortly but you should really start styling ends when you go to school be easier if I knew things like your backpack is closed and maybe just start picking out your outfits for the week I don't know just do whatever you think you do” my mom said” oh okay but what exactly happened “Well maybe people there will tell you what happened I don't really feel comfortable saying it” why is that Mom?”Well how do I save it it's not really a pleasant thing half of it's the reason why we didn't but you grow up here and move you to Green. If something very weird and strange are you won't understand yet” Mom I'm 16 I think I'm able to handle anything yet” I know sweetie I know is just that pretty traumatizing and I don't want you to know yet people that will tell you okay” oh okay but can you at least give me a little thing that you really care about what happened it is my school as you know what's going on with it” I know sweetie I know Chase would you say this” oh sure so sweetie at the school someone was killed yesterday and school shut down for investigation they were killed in school and nobody really knows what happened”Murdered” I said “Yes murdered I'm sorry sweetie” my dad said I was shocked the school was going to a school that someone was murdered in it how do I handle this .I finished and went up to my room. I was thinking what can I figure out what happened there about the murder no no I should not get involved right?I went and just sat on the floor there wasn't much in my room since it was the first day of moving I only thing I had was a inflatable mattress on the floor with a blanket and pillow I layed on the bed and thought what if that happen again. It was pretty hard falling asleep my parents let me by myself exactly how I wanted it after 30 minutes of overthinking everything I fell asleep I woke up again at 5:55 in the morning*yawn* *knock knock*Let's see who's at the door. I went upstairs. I had my pajamas on. I yawn as I opened the door . It was a girl. I opened the door” hi” . Who are you?’ oh right where are my manners I'm Brook what is your name” oh my name is venus do you live around here” yes I do I live next door I saw that someone was moving into the house finally and I decide to take it out are you going to” oh I enchanted high school” oh maybe we can some of the same classes” where are you from? she said” oh I'm from Greendale I was born here but moved to Green Day When I Was 2 “. “Oh that's weird yeah I guess you already know about not going to school for the past week because of something “Yeah I've heard of it and parents told me it kind of sucks I really want to go” I said” it's a really good place it might have a lot of drama and lot of sucky people But you will get used to it and you will see the red Flags right away “”Okay if you say so” “ anyway I kind of need to go see you at school bye

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