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An Impossible Mission

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A Special Agent forced to battle snipers, bombers, and much more to protect her country. But who can be trusted is unknown.

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The killer was now holding penny at point-blank range. A shot from so close would result in immediate death. There were highly trained snipers in the distance. There was a bomb inside the building, which was about to wipe out thousands of people. She started to sweat. A thousand thoughts gushed past her. She was in desperate need of her team. She knew this was the end. She knew one way or another she was going to die. Therefore, she decided to go out fighting. She dodged the killer standing next to her she grabbed the gun. Shots were fired during the wrestle. She thought for sure she had been shot, however, as she stood up the killer stayed down with a bullet in his arm. She immediately ran as she knew the snipers were about to start firing. The bullets chased her landing only a few centimeters away from her. She did not know how but she had actually made it into the building without dying. The only problem now was the bomb. All the doors leading out were shut, only the door she entered through was open, but we all know how that would end. Therefore, the only thing she could do was disable the bomb. She had disabled many bombs while undercover; however, when she looked at this one, she was shocked. It was the most massive thing she had ever seen.

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