Wolf Within

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I turn toward him, puffing on his remaining air, “I’m sorry, Stanimir…” “Don’t fuc-ing start, Beast. You will pay for what you did,” He pins his memories away, “I already paid for what I did, anything you do to me would mean nothing,” “You will remember this, when your ten feet underground, you will remember every damn thing you caused, I will make sure you do,”

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Author note

A note to let everyone know… this book switches between POV’s… a lot… but I do have names explaining who is talking…

Wolf within is something I have written a few years ago and recently started rewriting it, it’s something which I don’t generally write but I love challenging myself…

Although I have watched a lot of wolf and werewolves’ movies to actually (imaginative) know what they’re all about… we all know I’m not into underground things, so this book will be clean from such things…

Anywho… I honestly hope this is good… I feel like it’s getting along wonderfully...

I don’t know much about this subject, if I do have something misplaced, feel free to let me know, or giving feedback does help a lot


I made a trailer for this book which will be for viewing on my YouTube page

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