The birth of a superhero

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A boy whose family killed by a killer in the circus. And he will be taking revenge.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

In the country of India. there was a loss of crime . to stop crime and to save the country against crime.

In 2020 10 October .ln the circus the happy family of Mr.shiva have born the son and his name was a Dhruv. Mr.shiva has happened family. but in the year of 2030 11 November the gang of theif come in the circus and the theif put the gun on the head of Mr.shiva and asked money but Mr. Shiva doesn't tell him .the thieves things that here is a circus then they have lots of money but the thieves can't find money and the thieves burned all circus. he kills all family of Mr shiva but the son of Mr shiva isn't die . after someday the police came to see the circus . and head police of the department name was Somanth he sees a Dhruv his face burned. police take Dhruv and immediately send it to the hospital . and the head of the police department goes with them. and he said to Dhruv that your all family died in the burning of the circus. now you have no family. I have no family. and also you haven't a family. I want a son to my family. then should come with me. because I want you. and then Dhruv said "ok! but please tell me where is the theif. if you caught them I will finish him. he says that we can't catch theif. the theif was so talented. we don't get any clue.

then after over of treatment. Dhruv goes to a new home. Dhruv was nervous and crying for his father and all his family. he decided that he destroyed all crime. then his new father said that yes, I wish you always and our police department also. now let's test how strong you have come with me to my train room. Dhruv says that you have trainING room. then somanath said that yes, but At my police station. Dhruv says what in the police station. so let's go see your training room. and they sit into the cargo to training. the Somanath is driving then he sees that some theive are on road. Dhruv also sees the theif and Dhruv and somanath is finding a gun to shot the theif then he realized that his gun was at home . and thief stop the car. they said that her out of the car. then Dhruv and Somanath come out of the car. then theif put guns on the head of somanath .but Dhruv can't control his anger and Dhruv takes the gun easily of the one member of the gang who put the gun on Somanath. Dhruv shoot gun on the leg of thieves. but the strongest person in the gang he can't feel any pain. and he punches Dhruv. dhurv fly and fall into the sea on the side of the highway. the person who punched the Dhruv he sees in the sea he can't see the Dhruv he thought that the Dhruv has died. he is going to punch somanath.

then he realized the police is coming then he is run. then somanath see in the sea the Dhruv isn't dying. Dhruv swims and comes on the highway . and somanath say your fighting was so good. how you learn this .i learn this skill in the circus. now let's go to the home. police will catch theif. Dhruv said that ok.

the gang of thieves' strongest person goes on his secret place. and he said that I kill the all family of her . then who is with him . my boss tell that to kill him but he wasn't dead. I will kill him and destroyed his life.

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