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De Luca Book 2: Mrs. De Luca

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After brutal attacks about my sucky ending of De Luca, I had to try my best and make a Book 2. Here lays beyond the summary. De Luca Book 2: Mrs. De Luca. He was cast out. He told lies. He became the Devil. Surrounded by Lava, angry gushes of heat blowing around him. It was basically considered living on the sun. The question is... If he is surrounded by these flames, burning time after time again, decades. How is he still alive? It's a simple answer. The flames became numb with his Queen of Hell beside him. And a Devil's Queen is she.

Action / Romance
Shanti Aventurin
4.5 8 reviews
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Chapter 1

No One’s POV

Now I lay my head to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Seeing that the women in his life love to break the glasses in his house. De Luca thought it best to redesigned his home. Choosing to do less glass more bricks. De Luca was trying to keep his mind busy from the state Nathalie was in.

Against orders from his sister, Angelica, he demanded that Nathalie be brought home. At the time, the house was still surrounded by glass. However, on the first night of her return home, she went into shock. With minimum equipment and medical supplies, she was rushed back to the hospital.

De Luca held a gun to security when they were called to escort him out of the building because of the demands and threats he was throwing out. De Luca stood in the corner of the operations room, his left hand mindlessly rubbing the ache in his chest.

He fucked up. In his urge to protect Nathalia, he fucked up, causing her to end up on the operation table. It took hours before they finish closing her up. He learned his lesson. While Nathalie is strong as a bull, she did suffer major damage.

Two days had passed, and Nathalie was still sleeping. De Luca sat at her bed, his fingers hovering over her skin. The one thing that was on his mind was he hated seeing her like this. By the third day, De Luca decided to keep himself busy by remodeling his home.

Agent Mckenzie hadn’t given up on trying to prove she is right about De Luca. Ever since he filed a restraining order on the persistent Agent, she’s been more annoying. He wondered to himself if someone could be this damn annoying. His fingers were itching to pull the trigger, ending her life.

If he killed her now, it would be problematic. Her attention was on him. It would undoubtedly cause problems for him. There would be an investigation into her death. Suspects she was currently interviewing will go under a microscope. While he had people in high places, it didn’t mean he was going to be sloppy.

Although there was a saying that being too careful and calm will gain attention.

“When did shit get so fucking complicated,” De Luca asked himself. He rubbed his tired eyes. He needed sleep, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. Not when his love was lying in the hospital bed.

On the fourth day. He showered, ate, and left his unfinished remodel home to go to the hospital. The good part about knowing the streets is the routes to take to lose a tail. He would always see Agent McKenzie parked out of his ‘apartment.’ He would shake her off before actually going to his house. He made sure never to use the same route whenever he needed to shake Agent McKenzie off him. He had to admit to himself that she was determined.

Sometimes being too determined can get you in unwanted trouble.

As he steps out of his Chevy truck, he looks around his surroundings. Sure enough, there she was; her car was parked in the lot, successfully blending in with similar cars. How did he know this? De Luca could always pick out what didn’t belong or how long a car was parked outside. A weird and odd talent that he’s developed.

He continued his way into the hospital, heading straight for her room. His family, except his mother, was in Nathalie’s room. He knew his mother stayed behind to make sure Olivia didn’t disappear.

Olivia De Rio, the other complication in his life. She is the sole reason why Nathalie is lying in the hospital bed. Olivia used her family’s connection to have Trent released from prison. A man with no parole manages to get out. The situation reeked of mafia connection. De Luca was certain all the little gold digger had to do was bat her eyelashes at dear old daddy to get what she wanted.

De Luca is pissed off with himself. Failing to handle the situation between Olivia and himself better. Had he only put a bullet in her skull that night, maybe. Just maybe. Nathalie would be giving him a lap dance; they’d fuck and then cuddle up the rest of the night.

Instead, he must restrain himself from wrapping his hands around Olivia’s neck. After nine months, that bitch will get what’s coming to her, De Luca thought to himself.

The sun was setting, and his heart continued to ache. His sister Angelica came to check on Nathalie when a loud gasp, mixed with a scream and a sob, got everyone’s attention.

“Ms. Pryce,” De Luca called out. Nathalie’s mother, Nora Jack-Pryce, took one step towards her daughter, only for her feet to give out from under her. De Luca was quick to catch her. Nora clung tightly to his arms as she cried out at the sight of her daughter.

De Luca crumbles on the floor with Nora as she sobs hard for her daughter. His sisters Serena and Noemi came and hugged them as they, too, cried. They were always like that; they cried when they saw someone else cried.

It took her a moment to calm down. That was Angelica’s cue to inform Nora about Nathalie’s condition. Angelica explained that they had managed to save her left eye. Though she might have lost perfect vision, it was better than a glass eye. She suffered damage to her womb, caused by the deep stab wounds she got. Angelica explained that Nathalie had lost a lot of blood; therefore, she’s on the blood bags. As final, she told Nora that it was now up to Nathalie to continue fighting and making a healthy recovery. Angelica reassured her that she should be waking up soon.

Nora stood up from their position on the floor. She walked to her daughter’s side, whispering encouraging words to her. Nora reminded her sleeping beauty that De Luca needed her, that she needed her as a mother. Nora joked with her telling Nathalie how she was in for an ass whopping when she woke up.

Nora kissed her forehead, smoothing out her dry curly hair. Nora finally took in the room. Faces she has never seen greet her. She wondered if all these people are her baby’s friends.

“Who are all of you?” Nora asked. Nora took Nathalie’s hand in her own and pathed it in a comforting manner. Adonis, De Luca’s father, took that time to introduce his family.

Serena, Noemi, Angelica, Nicolo, Michele, and Hendrick.

“She’s never mentioned any of you. Who was the man that caught me?” Nora asked. At the time, her only focus was on Nathalie. She didn’t think much of it at the time. But now Nora was curious as to who the young man was and how he knew her name.

“He’s my eldest son, Giovanni. Nathalie and Giovanni are dating,” Adonis explained. It didn't sit well with Nora. Nora didn't know these people. She still needed information as to how her daughter got here. Who could have caused this, and why they did this to her daughter.

As far as Nora knew, they probably played a role in her daughter's condition. Nora kindly asks them all to leave. Hesitant, the De Luca family accepted her request.

It’s finally here. I’m trying to avoid death threats over here. So if the story does not pan out how you want it, just remember... You did this.

Just saying.


You all are about to hate, but I’m cool with that.

Let me know what you think by commenting and voting.

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