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In a world of corrupted government experiments to wars of no remorse, Yui, a 14 year old girl, manages to join the mysterious organization- the Egotistics. However, Yui realizes things are not as they seem until blood is shed. Will the true colors of the world be shown or will Yui live a simplistic lie?

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Warning: The Following Light Novel may contain some explicit and uncomfortable content for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

The nights of Seokyo are usually quiet. Street vendors would be closed, midnight rush would come to an end, and vehicles on the road would usually reach their destination by then. However, there is one thing that breaks the silence. A small group, yet a very dangerous one, and being part of it turned my whole life around. Just as I was dozing off into the night sky mumbling to myself, My team captain snapped me out of my trance.

“Yui! Quit dozing off! We have an important bounty on our hands!” He exclaimed to me in an angry tone.

“Ah! Sorry! Sorry!” I replied.

I hurriedly picked myself back up and joined with my captain and my other teammate to resume and complete our mission.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” I said.

We all put on our masks and hurried into the dark alleyway next to our target’s home. The stench of trash buildup in the alley was inconvenient and uncomfortable, but this isn’t as bad as what we are about to accomplish. What are we doing you ask? Simply put, We’re here to eliminate and collect our bounty. Why do you ask? I am part of the Egotistics. From the outside, The Egotistics are killers who wreak havoc in the city of Seokyo that leaves nothing but corpses. But in reality, we’re getting rid of the bad in this corrupted world. We collect bounties for our clients who just want to live peacefully. These bounties are not just regular citizens, but people who have committed many deadly sins such as rape, murder, and terrible personal issues to our clients. It is our job to rid them all. So far I’m the youngest in the group. Names Yui Ito, and I have a purpose in this world too.

We quickly swept into the apartment complex building by using the side door from the alley and made our way up to the second floor of the complex. Remembering what our client said, our target is a middle-aged male in his early 30’s. From the reports, he raped and murdered the 12-year-old daughter of our client. A sin like that is merely unacceptable to be swept under the rug. This is why scumbags like him do not deserve to roam this Earth.

We reached the second floor of the complex and took a sharp left to the target’s apartment. Luckily enough, no surveillance cameras were pointing in the hallway we were in, so we waltzed in with ease. We reached the front door and I slowly turned the knob, to our surprise, was unlocked. Before we rushed in, my teammate grabbed my shoulder and prepared her knife. It was the moment of truth, this isn’t my first mission, and it will not be my last, but for some reason, I feel a rush of blood going through my body as if my body is informing my mind to rush in and go for it. With steady hands, I grabbed onto the doorknob once again, twisted it, and pushed the door with force, making sure to make a quick break-in but with minimal sound attraction.

The moment the three of us burst in, we made direct eye contact with our target. By the looks of his face, he was terrified and knew exactly who we are. I can see him shiver in fear as the three of us all eye him down like a pack of wolves cornering their prey.

“N-NO...IT CAN’T BE!” He exclaimed loudly. His shouting could be a problem for us. Knowing the situation we are about to encounter, my teammate let go of my shoulder and closed the front door from behind us and made sure to lock it. I nodded at her as a way of saying “good thinking”, and quickly turned back to our target.

“This one yells too much..” I complained to my team.

“We should get rid of him before he causes too much of a ruckus.” The captain said to us. I want this job to be fairly easy and over with, so I inched closer to him. With fear in his eyes, he stepped back as I stepped in. That one step I took closer to him showed a clear image of the cold sweat rolling down his face. The fear in his eyes was very laughable.

“S-STEP BACK!” He yelled at me. The more I look at him, the more disgusting I think he is. The more I think of him, the more I want to eliminate him with my blade. With no hesitation, I unsheathe my katana to show him the blade that will soon dissect his intestines. However, the moment I took out my blade was the moment he took out a weapon of his own. He reached from behind him and aimed a firearm straight at my head. I can hear the metallic screams of the pistol grip as he gripped harder onto the gun. His hand shaking and uneasy.

“ I WON’T HESITATE TO SHOOT YOU MURDEROUS FUCKS!!” He screamed at us. The atmosphere of the room changed. I can already feel the tension and energy being emitted inside the room. From behind me, I can hear my team’s footsteps hit the floor as they back up a bit from the situation. We were uneasy since we rarely ever come across a firearms wielder during missions, but this isn’t our first time either. I looked at him and smiled under my mask babbling,

“You’re calling us murderous? How pathetic.” That was the last straw for him. His face distorted from a fearful face to a more angry-like approach. Gritting his teeth together, he mumbled under his breath, “To hell with you.” and fired his firearm at me. Right before he shot his firearm, I evaded the bullet projection and dashed from the left to quickly rush in with my blade. Holding onto the grip of my blade tightly, but calmly, I took a stab at his abdomen and twisted my blade in him like a drill. Before he had the urge to scream, I quickly took my hands off the grip of my sword, leaving the blade still embedded in him, and took the switchblade from my pocket and slit his throat clean open, making no room for his screams to project.

The gun, released from his big hands, dropped to the floor along with him alone. The big thump his body made dropping to the floor must have upset the people downstairs from him. I took my blade out from his abdomen and flicked it to the ground to rid all bloodstains left on my blade. Looking behind me was my team astonished at what they just witnessed in their very eyes. Thank god the bullet did not hit any of them, but it was a close call too since the bullet hole was right next to Captain’s head. Just before I was going to speak, my voice was thundered back by all the pedestrians and passersby yelling and talking about the gunshot they had heard just a second ago.

“Shit! We gotta go!”

“Don’t have to tell me twice! Let’s go Yui!” They both exclaimed to me. I looked at the lifeless body on the ground once again and mumbled under my breath,

“Serves you right.” Just as I was getting deep in thought, Captain shook me and whisper-yelled at me,

“Yui! Stop dozing off! We have to go!” With my mind back again, I looked up at my Captain and apologized, and sheathed my blade as we all ran towards the outer window that faced the dark alleyway where we originally started from. The glimmering light of the moon radiated from above as sirens of police cars was heard in the distance.

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