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This story is kinda based of the seven deadly sins. The capital name is Wolves and the currency is Copper, Silver, and Gold. The races are the Humans, Witch/Wizard race, Dunnaem race, God/Goddess race, Fairy, Demon, Ech, Siyen race. The human race was greedy and selfish, some of them use their abilities to become knights to protect people. The witches and wizards lived with the human race in the casting spells but their were mostly used healing spells to help humans. They were nice and civilized people. The Dunnaem race are people who have animal attributes of animals. They were mean and protective. Like the Dunnaem race the Ech clan were mean and protective. They used their strength to hunt and survive. The fairy race was weak race that hates humans. They live in a forest with their king. There king was very strong with the power of the trees. It's very ironic how the king is born in the human capital. The fairy king dosn't grow his wings until 10 days after he finds out he is fairy king. The god/goddess race is very strong and lives above the skies, where no one can access except them. The goddess race is very selfish and mean to the demon clan. The Demon race is an also very strong and mean. 5,000 years ago they fought and there was a tie. The god/goddess race remains silent and dosn't bother with the other races, but the demon race attacks all the races. Last but not least is the siyen race. They live near lakes and have taken a special liking to water. They like all the races, except the demon race. This race, over the years have learned to control water. There is also magic animals/pets. There's dungeons all around the world that hold magic weapons and gold, but there are obstacles that prevent people from getting the weapons. I will try to add a bit of romance in this story. Well this is what I have planned for my story.
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