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The death of Yvonne Maloreta's father nine months ago left her scarred, broken and empty. A joyless woman trapped in strange walls. She is determined to pick up her pieces and start a new life now she's free but certain obstacles threaten to completely break down the walls she'd built up for so long. She finds a motivation that leaves her determined to venture into a world that's not as rosy and peaceful as hers. She is not the only one who found this motivation. There are others determined to pull triggers , plug knifes and tear apart the murderers of their loved ones.

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Dark and deary was the sight before her failing eyes. Her body felt heavy and she sighed in defeat. Her eyes begged to differ as it glared fiercely at the dark skinned man before her.

Blood was oozing from her temple and she fought to stay awake and alert. She was tied to a chair like an animal tied to a pole. She needed to get out. Fast!

She heard the pathetic cries of Oliver Harmon from the adjourning room and she rolled her eyes. They could beat him up till he was the replica of a dried vegetable but he wouldn't say word. Such a loyal chap, he was.

She heard kicks and cursing and she beheld the hefty man before her fall to the ground. Her savior tackled the other two men in the room with such grace she never failed to admire. He threw solid punches and fierce kicks. He knew the tricks of the art and he knew damn well how to use them.

"I've got the madam", he said over the intercom. "Get Oliver and the others! "

She sighed. Her body was slowing giving out but she couldn't go. Not yet. The bad guys were still out there. She was here. She was going. They were screaming and suddenly, she wasn't hearing, wasn't seeing. All went black.

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