Deep in the Meadow

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Chapter 17

Before either Shine or I can react, she brings the spear down. Thereโ€™s a loud thud and the shaft hits the stone behind the vines, the spear head sinking deep into the rock. Dean moved just in time. Incredibly good for him but proved fatal to her. Her only weapon is gone. I hear the iron hammer before I see it. It wizzes through the air and smashes into her head. Then several things happen at once. Dean runs from out of the vines to grab the hammer as Venia collapses in a pool of her own blood. Her skull is crushed and I know sheโ€™s got no chance of survival. As she screams out and rolls around in agony Iโ€™m reminded of Jazi, of Thren who could be dead for all I know. I choose to end her suffering and my knife enters her heaving chest as Izack and Coral crash into the clearing. A cannon fires, marking her death. And as Coralโ€™s knife sends my belt to the earth.

Itโ€™s too late. I reach for my knives and grab two, one in each hand. Dean is stranded on the ground. Izack and I circle each other. Each waiting for the other to make the first move, but I misjudge. I have a fleeting vision of Finnick as Izackโ€™s trident flies through the air towards me and pierces the beating heart of a misunderstood teenage girl. I know as that girl falls gracefully and hits the ground. Oblivious to the horrified screams of her allies. Unknowing of the guilt of her allies, being unable to save her. I know that the girl is leaving Panem forever. Just like the song lyrics,

โ€™Iโ€™m headed for heaven,

The sweet old hereafter,

And Iโ€™ve got one foot in the door.

But before I can fly up,

Iโ€™ve loose ends to tie up,

Right here in The old there before.โ€™

Sheโ€™s leaving, stepping through, about to fly up. Itโ€™s torture, knowing she saved me.

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