Case 614

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When a very secretive File is stolen and the World goes crazy on hearing it's current position, there has to be someone who is willing to put their life on the line and save the remainder of mankind from the emint end. It wouldn't be easy and it would be dangerous but someone's gotta do it.

Action / Mystery
Ganesh Bani
Age Rating:

Enter The Greatest Detective.

In a world of crime and injustice, murder and violence, death and the urge to kill there must someone to calm the tempted and maintain peace.

That's where I come in. I'm Detective Drew Gitzz. Not a very famous name but it does carry a very respected and honored title by everyone who knows it.
Criminals shiver before me and my fellow Detectives and comrades feel more at ease when I'm on the case. That's how great I am att what I do.
However, there was this one case was really difficult to solve, even for me. That being "Case 614".
According to what everyone, that being those who don't really know a lot about this case, knows Case 614 is a plan to end the world. No one knows how this would happen and when or where but when the file that kept in a very secure, very remote area was stolen, the world flipped upside down.
The Government began to make bad choices and pull back funding just to fund and prepare a retrieval squad to go get it back.
The citizen of our wonderful land were in disorey knowing that a criminal now has a Guideline Plan of how to end The World.
But of course me being a living middle aged man not yet married and has no children who doesn't want to die had no choice but do my job and try my utmost best to retrieve that file.
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