Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

She looks so beautiful just sat there in the soft sun coming in from the window. Her skin is pale but not as gaunt as when I first found her, her hair just falls so perfectly that I find myself having trouble breathing.

We took a booth by the window and she's curled up and leaning on the table in front of her, nibbling on the muffin that Tiffany had brought her a minute ago even though she didn't ask for it. Though with the tip that Rory left, I guess you could say that she basically paid for it.

"Thanks for coming with me, B." She is always saying thank you or sorry, it's sweet and endearing but I'm always worried about what kind of things she went through that made her think those are the only two responses to the fear that she carries around with her all the time.

"I'd never leave you, Rory." She blushes beautifully and I find myself sinking into my chair as my body melts. How did I go without her before?

"Can I ask you a personal question?" She whispers and I lean towards her, twirling a ring on my index finger to settle my nerves. I'm not very good with personal questions but for her, I'd quite happily answer.

"Yeah." I reply, just as quietly. I don't know why I'm worried about spooking her, I feel like I'm entering an interrogation except I want her to like me.

"Why did you join the Riders?" I take in a sharp breath at the question. I don't particularly like the answer to the question to be honest.

"I can't tell you that here, Rory." Her head tilts as she nods with a soft smile, "It doesn't mean I won't tell you," I reassure her, brushing my fingers over her knuckles reverently, "I just don't want to make you upset in public."

I know she's a compassionate soul and the story is dark, heartbreaking and I can't put her through that in a place that she's not comfortable in. Especially with her anxiety. "I understand, I'll ask you something else then." I brace myself for another personal question but she just smiles a little wider and leans closer as if she's going to tell me a secret. "What's your favourite colour?"

The little laugh she lets out afterwards twists my heart and I laugh with her. "I don't have a favourite colour." I respond and her jaw drops open.

"That's distressing, we'll find you a colour that you love. I promise." She tells me with a determined look in her eye and I can't help my thoughts as they drift off.

How could I love anything as much I know I'll love her?

"What's your favourite colour?"

"Yellow." She smiles so widely I almost faint, her cheeks are pink and her eyes are glowing. We sit and chat softly for some of the hour that we wait, the rest is spent people watching and me finding ways to touch her. Needing to feel her soft skin against mine, it's almost like an drug and I can't get enough.

When the girls - and Hunter - finally exit the salon, we slip out of our booth and head out to meet them. "How were the massages?" Rory asks, already slipping the helmet out of my saddlebag.

"Ugh, so good. I was so tense." Marielle states and Hunter looks scandalised which makes me laugh. Saviour heads over and tugs the helmet out of Rory's hands and Rory just stands there looking confused.

"Come in the car with us, we can listen to music and sing and dance!" Lexie cheers while doing a weird dance in the middle of the street. I feel my chest burn at the idea, I don't want her in the car, I want her on my bike with her arms around me. Rory just laughs and takes the helmet back.

"Maybe next time." She wiggles her nose and slips onto the bike, waiting for me to mount it after her. As soon as my ass touches the seat, her arms wrap around me and I bask in the feeling of home. Something I haven't experienced in so long. I know the Riders are my family but I do feel excluded since I can't fucking talk to them but Rory makes me feel good, like a human.

We get back to the clubhouse and Aurora stays close to my side, it's gonna be busy in here since no runs are on so literally everyone is gonna be here. "Cassie!" Rubble cheers when we get to the lounge, every couch is filled with men and the floor is covered in them too. Aurora just waves in response getting closer to my back as she looks over the twenty odd men in the room.

Thankfully, they all left my chair alone and I head over there with Aurora almost pressed against my side. I assume we're all gathered here for a reason since normally people would be playing pool or sleeping, hell even drinking but even the prospects are in. I sit down on the chair and Aurora takes the left arm, the whole thing is basically cushion so she sinks into it and I brush her leg in reassurance before turning to Prez who has finally taken control of the room.

"Lex and I decided to do this now, with all of you here just to make sure you all know. Hendrix has lost his cut and has been removed from the Club." A few gasps go around the room and a few whispers too, I can feel Aurora tense and her hand lashes out to grip my forearm tightly to comfort herself. "If you see him around, I want you to report it and if he gets within a mile of the clubhouse bring him in."

"Aye Prez." Echoes around the room as everyone nods their heads, accepting their orders.

"Also, we have Cassidy here." He gestures over to her and her grip on my arm tightens as she smiles awkwardly, her cheeks turning pink again. "Don't annoy her or you will answer to me or Breaker, whoever you have the misfortune of running into first." Her grip relaxes as people turn away, no longer staring her down and freaking her out.

"I'm sorry." She whispers and I squeeze her hand in comfort, trust me I've had a lot worse. It's also her, she could stab me and I wouldn't even be mad.

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