Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

Just as we both start to drift off after such a long day, the door is almost knocked down as at least three people bang on the surface impatiently. Aurora is on her feet in seconds with her bat in her hands almost immediately, yeah, she definitely didn't feel safe in the old place. "Here, Rory, sit down." I gently coax her back to the couch, taking the bat from her and putting it back before pulling the gun from my waistband.

I don't normally carry a gun but the idea of anyone getting close to Aurora makes me unbelievably scared that I figured this would be the best thing for that specific anxiety. I open the door to find all three women and their husbands on the other side. They shove passed me and I roll my eyes before stepping aside to let the men in as they respect boundaries.

"This place looks so good!" Lexie tells Aurora who just smiles in response as the girls start nosing around her things.

"We're sorry for just turning up, Cass. What the Queen wants she gets."

"It's okay, Bear. It's nice to see you anyway." I almost snort, this woman is way too nice. She's exhausted and these people are literally invading her privacy and she's pretending to be okay with that. I can easily see the frustration in her eyes as she sits quietly and I just want to make her feel better but I doubt there's anything I can do.

I just decide to sit next to her, hoping me being close to her will be enough to calm her down and she relaxes enough to rest her entire left side against me as she curls up into herself with the blanket covering her from her shoulders to her toes.

She looks adorable.

I willingly stop all movement to stop myself from disturbing her and she settles quickly. Thankfully, they finally fucking notice how tired she is and take their leave. Each of them saying goodbye and promising that they'll be back tomorrow. "You've gotta eat, Rory. We've only had a few snacks today."

"Let's order takeout."

"Okay." I whisper back, my lips gently brushing her cheek as she grabs her phone and starts putting in her order before giving me the phone to do the same. We have a small tussle over who is footing the bill but Rory wears me down by saying that it's payment for everything I've done today.

I would've continued fighting but the tired doe eyes and soft pout had me losing before the fight even started. After we've eaten I make my way out to my bike with Rory hot on my tail, still wrapped in her blanket and rubbing her eyes. "Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Hopefully, I don't know if Prez'll need me but I'll make time, okay?"

"Thank you, B." She hugs me tightly and I breathe her in as if I'll never see her again even if I'm only going around the corner. "Be safe." She tells me before heading back inside and I find my heart hurting as the distance between us widens.

She's gonna be the death of me.


As expected, Prez brings Boulder and I with him to a meeting three hours away and we have no choice but to accept. He hasn't given us any details but I hope it's just a sister chapter because I don't really feel like fighting today, my body is still reeling from lifting all that stuff yesterday. I tried to make sure that Rory wasn't carrying much even though she fought with me about it at every turn and I'm feeling it now.

Don't regret it though.

I sigh in relief when we pull up outside another Riders of Apollo chapter and kick off my bike, flanking Boulder as we walk behind our Prez. We're basically his bodyguards, we look intimidating due to our size and stature and we can take bullets like nobody else. I've taken seven at once before in protection of Prez and it gained me this position until I choose to hand it off.

"Bear! Glad you could make it." Riot, the Pre of this chapter, greets without acknowledging us. This place is definitely different to ours. They don't make as much money and they tend to stick to gun running and don't have any legit businesses, they don't liaise with the coppers or anything.

The only reason we get involved with them from time to time is because Bear's father was close with the old Prez of this chapter. They're cocky bastards and always go into a fight shooting first with no strategy, they've thinned out over the years having lost members over stupid quarrels that could've been dealt with easily had they thought it through.

"This is Breaker and Boulder." We nod simultaneously and watch as a few of the bikers here cower away from us. The hang arounds don't seem to like the look of us either but a few of the club whores seem interested, creeping towards us with squinted eyes and claws.

Hell no. If they touch me I'm going to lash out.

"Let's go sit in the next room." He gestures for Bear to follow him and Bear makes sure we stick to his ass. Even if this is a sister chapter, they're not to be trusted. If a Prez kills a Prez then they inherit that chapter too and us under Riot's rule would lead to our chapter crumbling. "You don't need them."

"They'll be coming with me, Riot. They're not just bodyguards, they are my brothers and they are part of the discussions." Bear doesn't flinch as Riot tries to intimidate him. Come on. Bear has faced down the Russian, Italian and Mexican mafias; taken down two rival clubs without losing a man and dismantled fighting rings without breaking a sweat. This is nothing.

"As you wish." Riot spits out and we all step into his office. None of us sit on the couch with suspicious stains on it, Bear and Boulder take the seats opposite the desk while I stand behind them. It won't matter if this is a long meeting, I was in the SAS so being able to stand up for a long time is nothing compared to what we had to do in terms of training there. "I'm having issues with a few rivals on my land, they're smashing my bikes and stealing guns from me. I want men to help me out."

"Help you do what, Riot? Train or protect your men? Because I'm not sending mine out to die just because you can't properly run a club."

"Both, I want my men trained and while they're in training, I want your men to do the runs."

"If you want my men to do the runs then I get 50% of the proceeds and your club - until you've completed the training - will be under my control."


"50% or no deal. My men's lives will be on the line for nothing, 10% of your guns runs is a dollar so either make the deal or die. Not my problem."

"Fine, I don't want that bitch of yours though. If she comes here, she's fair game." Riot and his men don't believe in the premise of an Old Lady or an Angel, whatever woman steps through those doors is up for grabs and that means unwanted touching and groping even if the woman bears the tatts.

"Saviour is my strongest fighter." Bear looks unfazed but I know he is close to launching himself across the desk to wrap his hands around Riot's neck. Riot has never been attractive. To me, he looks like a rat with greasy black hair and a poorly kept beard, he always smells of vomit and BO though most of the men here do.

"Send your other Enforcer and your Armourer and that one there." He points at me and the anger resurfaces. For one, I am not just something to be used whenever someone please and two, I don't want to be away from Rory, especially not for as long as whatever these two are planning.

"You cannot have both my Enforcer and my Armourer. I will send my Enforcer, Breaker and Rubble two days a week and for one run a week."

"I want them for two weeks straight."

"No. My Enforcer has a wife and child and Breaker has a woman that he won't leave under any circumstances," I am so fucking grateful that this man is my Prez, even though I haven't said anything he knows how much I need Rory.

"Women are for pussies." I step forward to hurt him but Bear stops me with a stern look.

"You get them for two days a week and one Friday night run. I will arrange with them what days they're willing to do. They are not at your beck and call nor will they follow your orders when they are here, they are my men not yours. Understand?"

"Yeah, whatever."

"I'll have my Treasurer write up a contract." They shake hands and we finally get to leave the horrible smelling room and back out into the car park. "I'm sorry, Breaker. If I had another choice..." He trails off and I just smile.

'Don't worry about it, Prez.' I text him and sigh in relief as we head back to the compound. Well they head back to the compound, I head straight to the bakery even though it's almost nine o'clock at night when we finally get back into town.

We didn't even leave the clubhouse until midday because Boulder was sleeping and the drive is three hours in itself. I should've gone over this morning but Gem demanded my attention from the minute she woke up which I was fine with, she's a good kid.

Before I even get halfway to the front door, Rory is down the stairs and in my arms with a breathtaking smile. "Hey B!" She cheers and I feel my heart speed up.

I'm home.

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