Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

B and I head up the stairs and into my apartment which now has a chaise and a cute little dining table in with cute lights strung up and everything. It feels like home now that B is here. “Are you okay, B?”

“Prez has rented me out to one of our sister chapters.” B says with a soft growl, I sit down on the chaise and cross one of my legs to sit on it. I place a cushion on my lap and coax him to lay down, he looks tired after all. I stroke through his hair and gently scratch his scalp as he relaxes into the plush velvet. “I have to go there two days a week and for a run every Friday.”

My heart hurts at the idea of him being so far away but I know his world doesn’t revolve around me and I’m going back to school in two weeks so I will also be busy anyway. “Is that bad?”

“I don’t like the President over there... I don’t follow his orders but he irritates me.”

“I’m sorry, B. Hopefully you won’t have to do it for long. What do they want you for anyway? Not for target practice, I hope.” He laughs softly and brings my other hand to rest on his chest making my cheeks blush a bright pink.

“No, they want Reign, Rubble and I to train them.”

“That sounds awful.” He agrees with me and settles further into the cushion, falling asleep minutes later. All that riding must’ve been exhausting so I don’t blame him. I just grab a book and settle in the for long haul, I don’t have any plans tomorrow so I can just sleep because I’m not moving until he wakes up.

I continue to stroke through his hair as he snoozes gently and I decide that this is how I would like to spend my nights for as long as I can.


The soft sun filters through my windows at around seven. I’ve finished two books and B has hardly moved all night, he told me once that he doesn’t sleep very well but he was unconscious the entire time with soft little snores and his nose wiggles in the cutest way at random times.

As if he can sense the sun, he rolls over and buries his face in my stomach which makes me giggle as his beard tickles the soft skin there. “I’m trying to sleep here, sweetheart.” I almost melt at the gruffness of his voice mixed with the English accent and the feeling of his breath on me doesn’t help me think straight.

“You’ve been asleep for ten hours, Mr.B. I’m surprised your muscles haven’t started to atrophy.” I tease as I brush my fingertips over his cheekbones. He rolls back over with a cute little disgruntled face on and looks up at me with big eyes. He just looks so adorable that I could die right here and be happy with how my life ended... looking at him and touching him, yeah not a bad way to go.

“Ten hours? Wait!” He jackknifes and spins around to look at me face on, he looks so concerned that I actually worry for him and reach out to take his hand. “You haven’t slept!” I shake my head with a small smile and he spins into more of a panic, quickly slipping me into his arms - making me squeal in surprise - and gently laying me in my bed, wrapping me in the duvet and stroking my hair away from my face. “I’m sorry, you should’ve woken me.”

“I was comfy and warm, you were sleeping and you told me that you don’t sleep very well and I didn’t want to wake you, it didn’t seem fair. Plus I got to read two books that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. And! And you actually have to work today so it’s fine because I can just catch up on sleep but you wouldn’t have been able to so it’s a good thing that I let you sleep. You need it more than me, especially since you were riding for so long yesterday....” I trail off as he just continues to stare at me with warm eyes, “What?”

“Nothing, sweetheart, nothing at all. Get some rest, I’ll come back at lunch time and we can go to the cafe again.” I grin up at him and yawn swiftly afterwards.

“Be safe.” I manage to squeeze out before my eyelids start to droop and my brain no longer functions as it should. He stays for a little longer, stroking my hair and cheeks before kissing my head and leaving. Then unconsciousness takes over and I forget about everything.


“Rory?” I hear him call from the front door, he must’ve taken a key because that door locks as soon as you close it behind you which is good for someone as forgetful as I am. I’m not even properly awake yet, still underneath the duvet in a cocoon of pillows and blankets. The bed dips as he retakes his place from earlier and his large hand rests on my side as he shakes me gently.

“I’m awake, I’m just comfy.” He laughs at me and pulls the duvet away from my iron grip to reveal my face. I squint in the daylight to see him and I relax as I squeeze his hand in greeting.

“You hungry?”


“Good thing I brought the food to you.” I immediately sit up in search of the food and he points to the kitchen, I tilt my head in confusion as he just walks out without telling me anything. I roll myself out of the bed and into the bathroom to freshen up quickly which includes peeing, taming the mane, applying perfume and deodorant and brushing my teeth.

I then bounce into the kitchen to find B cooking. My knees almost give out right there. A massive biker with the leather and the beard and the tattoos just looks so good in a kitchen. Not as good as he looks on his bike but still up there on the ‘perfect’ scale. “Whatcha making? I lean against the island as I watch hum dance around my kitchen like he belongs there.

“I know that pasta is one of your favourite foods and it just so happens,” he turns around and lifts me onto the island so I am level to him, I take the opportunity to look into his eyes without craning my neck uncomfortably since I reach his chest without my heels on, “that my mother is Italian.”

“That’s cool, is she back in England?”

“Yeah, her, my dad and my younger brothers all live in Birmingham. They’re due to visit soon.”

“I suppose you miss them.”

“Yeah, especially since I can’t call them and talk to them.”

“Am I the only person you talk to?” He freezes and just as I’m about to tell him that that was a personal question that he mustn’t answer if he feels uncomfortable; he moves in between my legs and presses his palms to my thighs. My breath hitches as my tummy overflows with butterflies.

“You’re the first person I’ve spoken to in years.”

“I want to ask you why but I have a feeling you may not know the answer to that.” My voice sounds embarrassingly breathless, he either ignores it or doesn’t notice it as he trails his hands from my thighs to press into the dips in my hips.

“I don’t know why I chose you, somehow I just knew I had to. I can tell you why I stopped though.” I nod my head gently and brush my fingers through his beard to bring him closer to me. I kiss his cheek before wrapping him in a tight hug which he returns with gusto, burying his face in the crook of my neck almost immediately.

I never want to let him go.

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