Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

“The story of why I stopped talking isn’t particularly clear.” I tell her after pulling away to finish cooking the food, I look over my shoulder to see her face and she still looks warm and patient, giving me her little smile to encourage me.

“I was in the SAS, which is British Special Forces. The things I saw and the things I had to do were horrible, traumatising really, and my brothers and I could only cope with so much. I mean the battlefields weren’t so bad compared to our orders when we were home, we had to get people to talk - especially when they didn’t want to and God the things I’ve seen rival that of Saviour.”

I know Rory doesn’t actually know that story, the one Saviour told all of us before she was even sworn into the club but I’m sure she’ll find out soon enough. It’s not my story to tell. “Anyway, we couldn’t refuse orders or we’d be discharged and the army was my life. I wasn’t particularly smart in school, too big and treated like an idiot because I was slow. But I thrived in the army, I understood tactics, weapons, combat better than I ever understood maths and shit like that. I left school at sixteen and trained up from there.”

I look back at Rory who is watching me with fascination in her hazel eyes that look almost green in the sunlight. “It was one mission, just one and every single one before had gone perfectly. We were an almost perfect team until we were led into an ambush. I watched every single one of my brothers die, tried to save them but I wasn’t a medic. All I knew how to do was hold pressure but it’s hard to do that for thirteen men at once while avoiding bullet sprays and knife attacks. I only survived by sheer fucking luck, I’ve always been good at getting hurt and not dying. Everyone thinks I’m immortal or something, especially when I got shot four times in protection of the Prez and was walking the whole day.”

“Anyway, I woke up in the hospital bay and they told me that I was being medically discharged and that everyone on my team were killed but I had cleared out that nest of enemies successfully so they gave me some stupid medal and sent me on my way like I didn’t just lose my family. I struggled after that, didn’t want to let anyone close and it was easier to just not talk. If you can’t talk to a person, they normally give up trying to be friends with you. A year after I left the army I joined the Riders, I needed the brotherhood and the support but I just couldn’t bring myself to speak again.”

Soft arms wrap around my waist from behind as she buries her face in the space between my shoulder blades. I relax into her hold, knowing that I don’t have to say anything else and that she’s still here. “Thank you for telling me, B.”

I just squeeze her hands before gently unwinding her from the hug and leading her to the dining table, she laughs when I pull out the chair for her and slips onto it. “What a gentleman.” She teases which makes me roll my eyes, plating up the food quickly afterwards.

We eat quietly and quickly with Rory basically eating the plate, she gives me a sheepish look and tells me that she was hungry with a cute shrug and big eyes. I place the plates into the dishwasher after a quick squabble with Rory since she wanted to clear up because I cooked. I managed to swindle her into cleaning the table and the kitchen counters so that I could do the dishes, she conceded when she realised she wasn’t gonna win.

The doorbell starts ringing avidly along with multiple knocks. “You expecting anyone?” She shakes her head so I pull the gun from my waistband and open it myself. No surprises finding the women on the other side, I roll my eyes as they shove passed me to see Aurora.

“You guys okay?” She asks as she accepts hugs from each woman, looking a little bit more comfortable than the first time they arrived and I feel my heart warm as I think about how far she’s come in so little time.

“Yeah, we just wanted to see you. Breaker’s been hogging all your time.” Lexie says, glaring at me over her shoulder. My jaw drops, I was literally gone all day yesterday and half of the day today, excuse me for wanting to spend time with the only person I can talk to in the whole fucking world.

“Don’t be mean, Lex. I feel safer when he’s here.” Her bright eyes flicker over Lexie’s head to look at me and I wink to reassure her that I’m not actually upset with what Lexie said. I would hog all of her free time if these three didn’t keep coming in here and robbing her from me.

“Well the boys need him, Bear’s calling Church again.” I look at Saviour with a raised eyebrow, I call bullshit. She just smiles and nods along with what the Queen is saying. I can’t fucking refuse her so I head to the door, hearing Aurora hurry along behind me.

I grab her hand and pull her out to the bike so that I can talk to her without those three overhearing. I rest on the bike with her arms around my neck and her body between my legs. “Just text me when those three are gone and I’ll come back.” I tell her, pulling her phone from her pocket and putting my number in, it’s so old it doesn’t even have a password.

Looks like we’ll need to go shopping soon. “Okay, B. Be safe.” She kisses my cheek before heading back inside while I start my engine and pull out of the car park feeling like I’m leaving something behind.

“There you are!” Bear cheers as I walk into the lounge, I can see the amusement in his eyes so I just flip him the bird and settle into my armchair with a sigh. “Lexie convinced you to come back, huh?” I shake my head and send him a text telling him what really happened, he laughs - obviously proud of his wife - and gives me an insincere apology for his wife’s actions.

“Come on, Breaker. We’re going to the club.” Rubble tells me, attempting to drag me from my seat but failing miserably. I could choose to cooperate, nah, it’s much more entertaining watching someone as tiny as him trying to lift me off of here.

“It’s literally one o’clock in the afternoon, sun’s out and everything.” Bear points out the window like we don’t know where the sun is and Rubble just laughs at him.

“It’s when the girls are the least busy, Boss. More lap dances for us.” The whole idea of a lap dance just freaks me out, is that bad? I don’t particularly want a woman dancing on me, especially one I’ve never met before. I’d rather just stay in Rory’s flat and read books or something but no.

I end up giving in and following half the club to the our bar, it’s basically empty and I set up on the VIP couches with a drink in my hand. There are a few hang arounds and club bunnies but otherwise it’s just the dancers and us. I’m quite happy fucking around on my phone and watching Rubble drink so much, I’m sure he’ll lose his ability to see. Then again, he does seem have the highest tolerance out of all of us, with Hunter right behind him.

I’ll admit I’m surprised how much these Americans can put away, before I swore off drinking I could’ve drunk them under the table. Now I can’t even touch alcohol without feeling sick, not after my younger brother almost drank himself to death and ended up in rehab with a drinking problem.

My family begged me to get off alcohol too, they didn’t need to convince me or my older brother that this was best for all of us so none of us drink in support of him and now he is five years sober at the young age of twenty two.

I think they’re flying out here - all four of them - next week to visit. My brothers like hanging around the club and dad basically lives in the garage. He’s been a mechanic since he was like five and my brothers and I used to work with him. It used to piss mum off because we’d come home covered in oil and dirt then traipse around the house covering everything else in it too.

I think she got used to it after four years. My younger brother Elliot is a mechanic now as well, works at dad’s shop with him and is loving being a playboy. My older brother, Benjamin, if you can believe it, is a lawyer making big bucks on the international circuit but still frees up time to come and stay with me for a week.

My mum is a hairdresser and extremely chatty, you don’t realise how much time has passed until you check your watch and it’s been three hours since she started and she’s turning purple because she hasn’t breathed for so long. Her hours meant that she was always home when we were and she’s always been extremely supportive.

I thought my parents would be mad when I joined the Riders, it’s not exactly the straight and narrow like both of my brothers but they just wanted to know if I was happy and safe. I couldn’t ask for better parents and I want them to meet Rory, I just don’t want to force her into anything she’s not comfortable with.

Maybe I should show her my house so that she can get comfortable with her surroundings before I get her to meet four new people in a new environment. I had to buy the house for these visits because we can’t have them staying in the clubhouse - especially not a lawyer - it’s a four bed and I have it cleaned once a month but I don’t stay there very often.

Rubble comes over, already swaying on his feet with glazed eyes. He may be able to hold his alcohol but he gets drunk on like one shot and is already hiccupping. It’s only four in the afternoon and he is absolutely trollied. “Yo, I think I’m gonna call Cassie, ya know? She is fine.” He sings and I find myself willing to get thrown out of the club for murdering him. “When we were playing pool the other day, she was totally giving me ‘fuck me’ eyes.”

She doesn’t like being touched and yet he thinks she wants to fuck him. Does he have any common sense or what? I can’t do anything about it right now as I can’t shout at him and glaring at him in this state wouldn’t work either, I’ve just gotta hope that he doesn’t have her number because I doubt she’d be very happy to receive a drunken phone call about fucking.

Thankfully, after three more shots he is unconscious. Leo - the baby prospect - picks him up and takes him back to the club. It’s amazing to think that he used to be a scrawny little thing but working with Reign and Saviour every day - with Hunter and I swapping out - he’s built with broad shoulders and can bench 300lbs without a struggle.

He’s gonna be a lady killer, especially if he gets under Rubble’s wing.

I spend the rest of the evening chatting with my half drunk friends, well listening to them talk and laughing at appropriate times and flipping them off whenever they tease me about Aurora.

My phone goes off and I sigh in relief, ‘the girls are gone and I have doughnuts,’ finally I can leave.

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