Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

(A/N: I hope you don’t mind the mass updates, I’ve actually already finished this story and I’m trying to get it up in segments rather than overload it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Lots of love, Ellie x)

I was sad to see Breaker go but I have missed the girls. They manage to drag me into my room and get me to change before coaxing me out to the mall, now I haven’t been shopping in close to three years. The only new things I get are pointe shoes from the dance studio and I have a full on rave when they land in my hands.

It’s weird but when I’m in the car after changing into a cute little pink dress with knee high boots, I feel a little trapped. I’m so used to travelling on the back of Breaker’s bike that having walls trips my little brain out.

I cling to Marielle when we get there, my eyes widening as they take in the place. It has three floors with dozens of shops and what has to be thousands of people. I don’t feel as scared as I thought I would but I know that’s because of Mari’s arms wrapped around mine and the gentle squeezing of her hand that eases my heart rate as we head into the first shop.

I start to losen up as we try on hats and sunglasses, just mucking around as they try on outfit after outfit with the rest of us judging whether or not they should get it. I can’t try things on in store, my anxieties always make me wanna throw up like what if someone sees me changing, what if there’s an emergency and I’m only half dressed, it’s just not healthy to force myself to do it so I take my measurements at home and get general sizes. It works out well for me anyway so it doesn’t matter.

“This is really pretty!” Lexie tells me, gently laying a light yellow sweater on me with a massive smile on her face. She decides that she’s going to buy it for me even after I tell her not to so I thank her at least seven times until she tells me to stop. I would’ve kept going for hours given the chance.

After three hours of shopping, the girls have at least seven bags each, not small ones either and have collectively spent over $2000 without even flinching. I don’t even make that a month let alone manage to spend that much in one sitting. I manage to convince them to let me buy them some coffee and a snack and we settle on the couches with me on the inside to be protected.

I almost cried when they told me that. I am so grateful that they remembered for and that they’re willing to put themselves out to make me more comfortable. No one - except Breaker, obviously - has done it before. Hendrix used to force me to go everywhere with him to be his ‘arm candy’ and yes, he actually said that to my face and me, being the eternal idiot, thought that was a show of love.

“So, honey, tell us about Breaker.” Marielle broaches the subject and I know my cheeks tint pink at his mention.

“What do you wanna know?”

“Well for one, how did it happen?” Lexie leans forward with an excited look on her face while my blush darkens in my awkwardness.

“I don’t really know, I guess when I first stayed in his room and he did everything he could to make me feel safe. He’s really sweet and I know I can trust him.”

“That’s really good, we’re happy that you’ve finally found somebody who is gonna treat you properly. If he steps out of line though, don’t hesitate to tell me and my husband and I will destroy him.” Lexie states, slamming her closed fist into her open hand. I flinch at the idea of someone hurting Breaker or kicking him out of his family because of me.

I would put him in front of me all time, he’s more important than I am.

“Thanks for the coffee, hun. Let’s finish shopping.” Saviour sighs and gently tugs me out of the seat, she looks exasperated and I can tell that shopping isn’t really her thing and she’s just here to protect us. Though she does like spending money. “We also need to get Cass a phone before we leave, add it to the family plan.”

My eyes widen and I open my mouth to protest such an expensive gift but all three of them just cock their hip and raise their eyebrow almost daring me to fight them on it. So my mouth closes just as quickly as it opened and they seem appeased dragging me into a few clothes stores before we arrive in the phone store.

Okay, so my phone is a NOKIA and I have had it since I was eleven. I take good care of it and it even has snake on it, although you don’t really have to worry with these things because they’re basically bullet proof. “Hello, ladies, what can we get you today?” The guy seems pretty worried and I know that’s because of the Riders’ reputation.

They own this town and they protect it so while they are feared, they are also respected. “Hi, lovely, we need the latest iPhone with unlimited everything, a screen protector and a yellow case please? All of it added to our account.”

I can’t believe that they remember my favourite colour and I almost squeal at the idea of owning an actual iPhone. Everyone in school was always on them, clicking away on social media and watching videos but I just wanna be able to read on it. My phone can only just send texts and it does not connect to the internet. I think it was invented before wifi was, it’s a literal dinosaur and has served me well over the years.

“Of course!” He dashes off to fulfil the request while Lexie sorts the paperwork with another guy. The first guy takes the phone from it’s box and sticks the screen protector to it before slipping it into a silicone yellow case. “Is there any data you need me to transfer onto this phone?”

Saviour hands him my phone and he smiles slightly, “I used to have one of these, it was my first phone.” He smiles gently at me and I return the gesture, twisting one of Lexie’s bags as she handed them to me so she could sign the paperwork. He has an easy time transferring the data and we’re heading back to the car ten minutes later, I thank them... a lot until they manage to shut me up and we head back to my place.

“Aww crap, I knew we forgot something. We should’ve bought her a TV!” Lexie shouts as soon as she’s settled on the couch with her bags surrounding her. They decided to do a fashion show without their husbands there to critique them so I offered them my place and I’m now mixing magaritas while they start preparing their outfits in my room.

“I don’t really like TV, Lex. Don’t worry.” I tell her and whistle as she steps out of the bedroom in a skin tight leather dress with leopard print pumps, she spins as I hype her up and bows when I hand her the large glass of alcohol.

Saviour comes out next in a blush pink two piece set made of velvet that reveals her long legs and flat stomach. “You like?” She asks, spinning on her heels and I tell her that I love it because damn, she looks good.

I’m legitimately jealous.

Marielle comes out next wearing tight cropped jeans and a bandeau top with puffy sleeves decorated with pink and purple flowers. “That looks so good!” I dash off to answer the door while second change is going on and grin when I find Tiffany on the other side. She really is lovely and she has pastries in her hands.

“Hi Cass, I brought you the left overs for today.” I invite her in and make her a drink too, introducing her to the girls and getting her in on the hype. It’s another hour before the fashion show is over and they all decide that they’re tired, Tiffany included.

“Do you want a lift, Tiff?” Saviour asks as she grabs her keys. Tiffany accepts after being reassured that it wasn’t going to make their lives harder and I lock the door behind them before sprinting to my phone to tell Breaker that they’re gone. Granted, it took longer than it should but this phone is complicated.

I’m cleaning up the glasses and the tags from the clothes when Breaker unlocks the door with his keys - he did ask me if he could keep them, he doesn’t just let himself in whenever he wants too. He finds me in the kitchen and brings me into a hug. “B, look!” I thrust the phone at him as soon as he pulls away and he laughs, “This phone is so cool, it feels like one of those communicators off of Star Trek, there are so many apps on here too. Oh, also we have doughnuts.”

After grabbing a cup of tea and a doughnut each and talking about our days, we settle onto the chaise with me in between his legs and my back against his chest. He chose a book off my shelf, one of my favourites actually - the Count of Monte Cristo - and I look at him in surprise. “You speak French?” He nods and tucks me under his chin before starting to read, out loud, in a perfect French accent and I find myself swooning.

How can one person be so perfect?

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