Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

She’s asleep on top of me. Her body moving with each breath as her head rests back against my chest, my arms surrounding her as she snuggles further into the soft blanket she conjured an hour ago.

I willingly stop all movement so that I don’t disturb her and lean further back in the seat, manoeuvring the both of us so that we’re comfortable. She doesn’t even flinch, still snoozing softly against my collarbone while I melt into the plush cushions, the book resting on the coffee table completely forgotten.

She’s so warm and smells sweet that I can’t help but gather her closer, disliking the small rift between us. I start to drift off as she turns slightly to cuddle into my chest, I think I’d like to fall asleep like this all the time.


“B!” I’m startled awake by Aurora, she looks amused as she stares down at me. She’s already gotten ready for today, wearing makeup and jeans instead of that cute dress she was wearing yesterday. “Your phone has been ringing over and over again, I thought you’d wake up on your own but you are a heavy sleeper.”

“What does it say?” I ask, my eyes still closed as I rest back against the cushions.

“Umm, it’s Bear. He says that you’re supposed to be going to another club today and you’re behind.” I groan and she brushes my hair away from my face. “I don’t think you’ll have time to stop at the clubhouse, if you need to freshen up everything is in the bathroom.”

I open my eyes a little just to see her face and smile. “Come on, B. I don’t want hopped up bikers breaking down my door for you.” She encourages and I manage to heave myself off the chaise and into the bathroom.

I take a quick shower and see a clean, packaged toothbrush on the counter and a smiley face written on a post-it note. “Breaker! Get your ass out here!” Damn, somehow Aurora has gone from a mild-mannered woman to an angry, swearing biker. As she expected, Reign and Rubble turned up to get me.


I get dressed and throw open the door to glare at the two fuckers. Reign is happily sat on Aurora’s bed while Rubble goes through her drawers. Just as he’s about to open the drawer with her lingerie in - I only know that because I was here when she unpacked, get your mind out of the gutter - I grab him by the back of the neck and throw him onto the floor of the hallway, making Aurora squeak adorably.

Reign laughs and kicks Rubble while he’s down before heading to the kitchen where Aurora is making something. “You okay, Cassie?” He asks and her cheeks turn pink and my chest tightens.

“I’m okay, I’m sorry I held him up. He-he sleeps really heavy and I didn’t realise how important it was.” Reign comforts her while I continue to glare at Rubble, he is obviously staring at Aurora and drooling over everything which is understandable but incredibly infuriating. “Umm, B said that they’re not very nice over there so I made you guys some food in-in case they don’t give you any.”

She hands Reign a bag of what I assume is a multitude of things and Reign thanks her. Rubble walks over and opens his arms for a hug, she slowly walks into his arms but only allows him to touch her for a few seconds before pulling away. It makes me feel much better thinking that she was in my embrace for a solid fifteen hours and she never pulled away from me.

I’m the last to hug her, I whisper a soft thank you in her ear and she turns red after shivering softly. “Be safe.” She tells me, something she’s told me every time we’ve left each other since we met. I nod to reassure her before following the idiots down to our bikes.

“You better treat her right man, she’s a sweet girl.” I agree with Reign and glare more at Rubble, hoping he understands that she is my woman. Not some girl he can fuck and chuck. If he notices the glare, he doesn’t do anything about it just straddles his bike and waits for us to pull out after him.

The three hour ride becomes four hours because Rubble wanted to stop but we pull up outside the clubhouse and I consider just turning the fuck around. The place just feels horrible, the building basically collapsing on itself and the music inside is tacky and loud, you can smell the BO from here. “Oh god.” Reign sounds my thoughts as we step through the main doors, like in the movies the music stops and everyone turns to look at us.

“You’re late.” Riot shouts and I roll my eyes, we don’t run on his clock we run on Bear’s and he doesn’t give a fuck.

“Shut the fuck up, man. We have lives that don’t revolve around this bullshit.” Reign spits out, unfortunately for everyone here Reign is not particularly agreeable when he’s away from his wife. He’s always been the one with the reputation, while I tear people apart in battle I am relatively mild-mannered, when Reign is pissed people will see their own organs before they die.

“Oh yeah, you’re the one with the bitch.” I wince at the bad choice of words on Riot’s behalf. In the blink of an eye, Reign has a small blade aimed at Riot’s carotid artery and a terrifying smirk on his face.

“Talk about my wife like that again and I will skin you alive, understand?” Riot pales and I fight the laugh, this is supposed to be a President? The bikers back off, knowing now not to fuck with Reign and Riot composes himself as Reign returns to my side.

“I am the President here, so I’m in charge.” He chokes out which makes Rubble laugh humourlessly.

“Our Prez is Bear, we don’t listen to nobody but him. We’re here to train your men and then we’re gone, we ain’t staying to nurse your ego. So put up or shut up.” Despite my loathing for him, I nod in agreement. Him and I could probably get along if he wasn’t gunning for Aurora.

We’re escorted to the training room which is a piece of shit compared to ours. It has three targets both for knives and guns with a small mat to spar on and a small wall of weapons. “Damn, Runner would kill someone if he saw the state of this.” Reign whistles lowly at the state of it, there’s dried blood everywhere and vomit on the walls, there’s a few other stains that make my stomach revolt but I manage to keep myself together.

“No shit, we could catch all sorts of diseases from this place.” Rubble shivers and wipes his arms like he’s already dirty even though we haven’t touch anything.

“We’re just gonna have to do our best, Prez doesn’t give a shit how we do it as long as we can say it’s been done.”

For the next six hours we’re teaching these idiots how to do everything and we had to go back to the basics, like how to hold a fucking gun properly. Thankfully, Aurora gave us that food because I can’t imagine trying to eat food made in the kitchen especially not with the state of the rest of the place.

It’s just gone seven when we start loading back up to head back to the compound. The traffic is calm and Rubble doesn’t need to stop this time and we actually make it back in two and a half hours which is a fucking relief because I need a fucking drink and some sleep.

“Jesus, Prez, that place is a shithole. I can’t believe it’s still fucking standing.” Reign tells Bear as we settle into the lounge with beers in our hands.

“I can imagine, the men don’t seem particularly well put together. They good at anything?”

“No, half of them don’t even know how to reload their gun or how to hold a fucking knife. They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and I don’t even think we can teach them how to. At least I can’t, maybe Sav will have to. She knows what she’s doing more than we do.” Rubble continues and I agree, Saviour and Reign know how to train people well as proved by Runner and the prospects.

“Saviour!” Prez shouts, leaving all of the women to exit the pink room even though they weren’t all beckoned. My heart rate picks up at seeing Aurora, I thought I wasn’t going to see her tonight as it’s late and we have to talk to Prez but she’s here.

She takes the long way around to avoid the group of men in the middle of the room and climbs into my lap, settling with her head on my shoulder and the rest of her body curled comfortably on me. “Hi B.” She greets, nuzzling my neck with a sigh. I stroke her back as Bear tries to convince Saviour to train the idiots.

“You want me to go into a disgusting, misogynistic club and teach them how to fight even though they don’t respect me or my husband?”


“Fucking sign me up, sounds like fun to me.” The smirk on her face unnerves me and I’m a little uncomfortable at the idea of being stuck on foreign territory with the two basket cases of the crew.

“Breaker, you’re in for a good time.” Bear warns and I groan, making everyone but Rory laugh who strokes my hand in comfort.

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