Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

She’s not replying to my texts. Now, I could panic about this. I could make up a hundred different scenarios - she’s pissed at me, she’s hurt or dead, she’s asleep, she’s been kidnapped - but obviously, I keep it cool and don’t think too hard about it.

Who am I kidding? I’ve checked my phone twenty times in the past hour just waiting for her to reply. I’d even settle for a fucking letter at this point just so I know she’s alive. I don’t even know why I need to be here, Reign and Saviour are perfectly capable of dealing with these idiots but no.

I stalk in behind the two of them and almost laugh at the gleeful look on Saviour’s face. Both Bear and Reign had to lecture her this morning and explain to her that they don’t respect her and will try to coerce her into sleeping with them, she’s allowed to hurt them but not kill them. Maybe that’s what I’m here for, to help Reign peel his wife off of whoever she deems worthy of attacking.

The same thing happens as we open the doors, the music is turned off and everyone turns to look at us. The men spark in excitement when they see Saviour. I’ll admit she is not making it easy for any of them.

She’s wearing a short black dress - even after being told by her husband that it’ll make her a target, she literally just winked in reply - with a leather harness and her weapons holstered to her legs and daggers slipped into the heels that make her at least six inches taller.

It was very amusing to see Reign have a breakdown when he saw what his wife had chosen to wear to this place of all places. She’s wearing the jacket that has both her roadname on and the claim from Reign but it won’t protect her here, they don’t care. “I thought I told Bear I didn’t want the bitch.”

I swear this bastard doesn’t fucking learn. Reign goes to launch himself at the idiot but is dragged back by Saviour, she likes to handle her own problems. She walks over, slow enough for everyone to be entranced by her movements, and presses the President into the bar with a clawed hand.

Jesus, if she was doing it to me I would’ve shit myself by now but I’ve seen her in battle, they have not. “Well you have her and I’m going to enjoy this.” The smirk afterwards does not ease my nerves. I’m stuck in enemy territory with two hotheads who just fire each other up, this is not gonna end well for me.


“Fucking try harder, what are you doing? Are you punching a damn cotton ball or a person?” Saviour has been berating the idiots for two hours now. I know she didn’t believe us when we told her everything about this place and how completely inept they are but now that she’s seeing it she is furious.

I am too. Riot is risking so many more lives on these runs, these men can’t protect themselves or the town and that endangers everyone, including their business partners. I can’t imagine they’re making much money, I just wish we could get our hands on their books to try and figure out how they’ve survived for this long.

I duck under a knife as one of the men threw it behind them instead of at the target. I pick it up and weigh it out in my hand. I spin it before throwing it across the room and hitting the bullseye, clipping off part of his ear in transit.


“Hey asshole! Who do you think you are?” I look at him unamused as he pokes at my chest. He’s about as intimidating as a pom pom and can’t even fight properly, antagonising me would not end well for him. “I am the fucking Enforcer, I outrank you.” I raise my eyebrow, outrank me? Are you kidding me?

I just grab him by his neck and slam him against the wall, waving at everyone to get them to go back to work. Saviour gives me a thumbs up while Reign rolls his eyes. I don’t take it any further, I just keep the idiot pressed up against the wall for a half hour while he struggles against me. I didn’t choke him so he was still breathing perfectly fine, I just wanted to show him that I’m stronger than him.

The only thing that made me let him go is my phone going off in my pocket. I quickly yank it out only to find a text from Bear. What a fucking let down. ‘Stop abusing them, Breaker, Riot is already on edge because I sent Saviour. Don’t risk antagonising them, we’re too far away to help you if they try and keep you there.’

Annoyingly, I agree with him. That’s why I didn’t want Saviour AND Reign here, if we get trapped here then their baby is at home without her parents. Though I suppose we wouldn’t be trapped here for long, we are the strongest fighters in the club after all.

Probably why Prez doesn’t want to risk it. I scroll down to Aurora’s contact again and still find no reply.

I am so fucking whipped.


We don’t leave until late afternoon despite getting there at nine o’clock in the morning. Good thing is Lexie and Marielle cooked a late lunch for us so as soon as we’re through the door we start devouring the food.

They don’t feed us there nor do they offer drinks, though I wouldn’t accept it if they did. I doubt they do the dishes, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they drugged us or something. They’re sick in the head like that.

“Hey Breaker!” I look over my shoulder at Rubble and groan inwardly, fuck does he want? “Have you heard from Cassie?” I shake my head and he grins, I’m feeling extra homicidal today and he’s looking like a good enough target to me. He just leaves after that and I find myself sat in confusion, what the fuck was that about?

Whatever. Aurora’s at work until ten tonight so it doesn’t matter anyway, he doesn’t know where she works nor when she finishes so if he wants to see her it’ll be a while.

“Hey B!” Gem greets me and tries to get into my lap, I lift her and she settles facing me with a massive smile on her face. Ollie looks a little pissed that she is in my lap and I can’t decide if it’s jealousy or not. Surely he’s too young for that.

She starts babbling on about her day at school, how she wrestled with some kid who pulled her hair, how she made a finger painting and the teacher put in on the wall, how she got her break taken away for wrestling the kid that pulled her hair and how her mother got called to come pick her up early but Hunter went instead and the teacher forgot everything that happened. Gem then got ice cream on the way home but she’s not allowed to tell Marielle because Hunter wasn’t supposed to encourage violence.

By the time she’s finished she’s a little out of breath but undeterred, I only just catch her as she tries to launch herself from my lap. I lower her to floor and as soon as her feet touch the ground, she takes off.

That’s the standard with her. She rants to me about her day every day and as soon as she’s done, she’s gone. I kinda feel like a therapist not gonna lie. It is cute though and I know Marielle appreciates it as she often asks if I can look after the kiddo when her and Hunter are ‘busy’. They’re not really busy, they’re just fucking and don’t want to scar the poor thing.

I head to my room to read for a few hours before going to Aurora’s place. I still haven’t heard anything from her and I’ll admit I’m on the border of dissolving into a panic and if I don’t see her by half ten then I’m going to scourer the town from top to bottom until I find her.

Okay, I’m panicking. None of the lights are on and all of the doors are locked, I know she only locks the door at the bottom of the stairs when she’s out and when she’s asleep. She also doesn’t sleep until at least midnight so this door should still be unlocked, especially if she knows I’m coming over.

I start thinking up dark scenarios from kidnap to torture before a fucking UBER turns up with her in it surrounded by shopping bags. “Hey B!” She shouts as if everything is hunky dory. I don’t say a word to her as I help her get all of her stuff into her apartment, I know she’s picked up on the vibe and is giving me big eyes and trying to figure out what’s going on.

“B, what is it? You’re scaring me...” I take a seat on the couch and rub my face with my hands.

“You scared me today, I didn’t hear anything from you and you were back so late and everything was locked up. I thought something happened to you.” I hear a soft gasp before she slips into my lap, her legs straddling mine and her hands on my face.

“I’m so sorry, I was going to reply to you. I had the phone in my hands and then I got distracted and completely forgot about it. I went shopping and made some friends and when I was at work my phone was plugged into the sound system so I couldn’t use it. I didn’t mean to scare you, honest. I’m okay.”

I tug her closer and press my hand to her cheek causing her to turn her head and nuzzle into it with her eyelashes fluttering. How am I supposed to stay mad when she does cute shit like that?

“Are you mad at me?” Her voice is soft and vulnerable, making me melt on the spot. As I said, whipped.

“No, baby. I’m not mad.”

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