Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Aurora Sterling

Insert obnoxious squeal right here.

Hearing him call me baby just hits me perfectly. How did I ever think it was nice when Hendrix said it? Just the way Breaker says it with sweetness and patience, gentle was never a word I could link to Hendrix but sitting here with Breaker’s hands cradling me like I’m precious I know that this is where I’m supposed to be and this is how I’m supposed to be treated.

“Hey B...” I start and he hums in reply, just staring at me with adoration and I find the courage in myself to finish my sentence. “Can you do something for me?”

“Anything.” He promises, without even knowing what I’m going to ask of him. Jesus, this man is literally going to be the death of me. If so, it’ll be a good death indeed.

“Kiss me.” He doesn’t need any more prompting than that. Within milliseconds, his lips are pressed against mine in a gentle carress. His hands move to cup my neck while mine tighten on his shirt, trying to anchor myself as he kisses me slowly and languidly.

I could definitely die happy now.

His lips are like soft velvet and his hands are coarse from riding but they hold me like I’m the most important thing in the world. He tastes like coffee and smells like woodsmoke, a heady combination that has me weak in the knees.

He opens his mouth and sucks my bottom lip between his, biting on it gently which makes me shiver. I know he felt it because he surges on, tilting his head to press himself closer and I open my mouth to let him in.

I see stars. Like actual stars. His tongue slides against mine in a slow dance that makes me dizzy. He doesn’t rush, just explores everything I have to offer and I don’t fight against his obvious dominance because he knows exactly what he’s doing to me.

I nibble on his lip and his hand slips around the back of my head to tighten in my hair. The small tug has me on the edge. He tilts my head back to break the kiss, I gasp for air as his lips travel down the column of my neck and he begins to suck on the curve of my breast. Okay, yeah, definitely dying happy.

I moan softly and grip his hair probably harder than he gripped mine but he doesn’t seem to care. Just drifts from one place to another leaving love bites and hickeys. He’s lucky they can be covered by a top or he’d be in trouble.

His lips find mine again in a gentle kiss and I melt against him. Why did we waste so much time not doing this?

He pulls away and I whine at the loss which makes him chuckle, “Your phone is ringing.” He tells me and I pout, I don’t see why I care but I pick the bloody thing up anyway and answer it. Tucking my head underneath his chin while his arms wrap around me tightly.

‘Hey Cassidy, it’s Braden.’ I gave both of them my number earlier and we hung out for a few hours before work just looking through stores and bickering about things that probably confused the people that could hear us.

“Hey, everything okay?” I start feeling a little drowsy as B runs his fingers through my hair and the soft drum of his heart is lulling me into a dream like state.

‘Yeah, just calling to see if you’re up for meeting tomorrow?’

“Hold on a sec.” I tell him before shifting back to look at Breaker. “Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“No.” He looks blissed out as he runs his fingertip across my jawline and I almost forget who I was talking to and why.

“Do I get you all day tomorrow?” He seems surprised at the question and pulls me closer, I can feel the bulge in his jeans rub against my thigh as he drags me.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere.” I grin up at him before putting the phone back to my ear.

“I can’t meet tomorrow, I’m sorry. Raincheck?” He agrees, probably having heard B and I’s conversation. I toss my phone back onto the couch and look up at B, he’s so pretty I could die.

“Was that one of the friends you made today?”

“Yeah, his name’s Braden. Him and Jason sat with me when I had some lunch and I met a girl called Vivi who goes to my school. They all do actually.” He runs his fingers down my neck and taps on the hickies that he left and I’m tempted to leave some on him now that we’re thinking about that again.

“Rubble was looking for you today.” He says randomly.

“He was, why?”

“I didn’t ask.” He shrugs, still brushing his fingertips against my skin as I shiver in his grip. I could easily make this go the way I want it to, I just have to lower myself against him and roll my hips and he’d lose control.

I decide to use some self control - a decision that I’ll likely regret later - and get off of him. “I need to shower, there’s food in the fridge and you know where everything is.” I sound breathless, whether it be from just standing up or because of everything we just did I don’t know.

I grab my towel and some pyjamas - just a random pair of shorts and an oversized top - before slipping into the bathroom and resting against the door. Every time I’ve had a sexual encounter I would never get this fired up, I mean I think I’ve orgasmed maybe three times at the hands of a man despite being sexually active for three years.

Three long years.

With just one kiss from Breaker - a very heated, sexy kiss - and I was ready to go but no sane-Aurora had to ruin it for me and hoe-Aurora. I strip in front of the mirror and study the purple bruises on my breasts, immediately I remember the feel of his lips on my skin and once again I’m ready to go.

Cold shower it is.

Does it actually work for men? Because now I’m cold and horny, which doesn’t make anything any easier.

I manage to chill myself out enough to be fine when I crawl into bed next to B, who brings me into his side almost reflexively. Thankfully, we’re both tired enough to just fall asleep at like eleven o’clock at night and I drift off with no problems.


I lied. It’s two am and Breaker is sleeping peacefully while I’m still wired. I knew I shouldn’t have had that last coffee. I manage to get out of Breaker’s tight grip without waking him and head into the kitchen to eat myself out of house and home.

I suppose I wasn’t quiet enough because Breaker walks in while I’m halfway through a large bar of Hershey’s. “You okay?” He asks with a chuckle, standing between my legs as I sit on the island with a mouthful of chocolate and poor self restraint.

I nod, still not able to form proper sentences which makes him smile wider. My heart stutters in my chest as he leans forward to lick the chocolate from my lips. He then kisses me hard, I accept his tongue immediately, bringing him closer with my hands on the back of his neck. This kiss is heated with tongues and teeth clashing, he pulls me to the edge of the counter with his hands locked around the back of my thighs.

My eyes roll into the back of my head as he grinds so perfectly against me that I feel it everywhere. I turn my head to take more of him at once and he leans me back a little further to give him better access.

He lifts me off the counter and I wrap my legs around his waist and tighten my arms around his neck, I know he won’t drop me so I start kissing down his throat, biting and bruising it how I see fit.

He gently lays me onto the bed and I trail my fingers down his stomach, my nails scratching his skin as he laps at my neck and chest with renewed fervour. I reach for the bottom of his shirt and he pulls away from the kiss for long enough for me to remove it before his mouth finds mine again with bruising pressure.

I carress the bulge in his boxers before he kidnaps my hands and flattens them against the bed above my head. “If you keep touching me like that I will lose control.” His voice is husky and I shiver in response, he’s taken his weight off of me so I can’t feel a thing and the longer he’s away from me the more frustrated I get.

“Breaker...” I whine, trying to bring him back down to me as he continues to use his free hand to lightly touch my bare skin and setting me on fire but doing nothing to quell the ache in my stomach.

He hums as he drags his nose across my jawline, “God, you smell so good.” I whimper as his facial hair brushes against me, still feeling the increasing pressure in my stomach. I’m so frustrated I could cry.

I raise my hips off the bed to grind against him and moan at the friction I’ve been craving. “Are you sure about this, Aurora?” His voice is hoarse and I know he’s having a hard time too, he wants this as much as I do.

I manage to free one of my hands which I use to grab his and press against me so that he can feel just how much I need him. His eyes darken and my hand is once again returned to the top of the bed, he removes my top and I move my hands freely again, brushing against his shoulders as he kisses down my stomach to my navel where he swirls his tongue and nips the skin probably leaving a mark.

He kisses both of my hips before slipping my underwear off and kissing the very tops of my thighs. My stomach tightens even more as he gets to right where I need him, he then completely misses it and begins biting my inner thighs. “Slowly, baby. You need to feel all of this so you forget everyone else who has every touched you,” another bite, “anyone who has ever looked at you,” another, this time close enough to have me writhing, “anyone that isn’t me.”

He finally reaches where I need him, his tongue expertly lapping at me that has my mouth open in a silent scream. I raise my hips to feel more, the brush of his beard against my skin just makes the whole experience more euphoric. He pins my hips to the bed with his forearm, using his other hand to grip my ass tight enough to leave marks.

I mumble unintelligibly as he works me perfectly, his tongue and lips pulling and carresing. My toes curl as the feeling hits me in waves, “Fuck.” I call out as I explode under his ministrations, he carries me through the orgasm with more kisses and dirty words that will never be repeated outside of this room.

During my come down he takes his boxers off and I find myself in awe of what he reveals.

How can one human being be so fucking perfect?

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