Breaker (Riders of Apollo #4)

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Adrian Calder

Kissing her is quite possibly the most addictive thing in the world. I used to smoke so I have experience with addiction but I can live without that, live without this though, never.

I bite at her soft skin and marvel at her reactions to me. The shivers, the moans, the whimpers, even the goose bumps. “So fucking perfect.” I whisper in her ear as he reaches up for me, her mouth searching for mine in a deep kiss, she bites my tongue and I growl at her.

I reach for a condom while she licks and sucks my neck hard enough to leave marks everywhere. Her hands explore down my back, her nails dig into my ass, her fingers caress my dick. I’m ready to explode and I haven’t even felt her yet. It’s amazing how she can be a shy little sweetheart, can’t look people in the eyes but can give and take so much, she’s a sex vixen and she knows it.

My heart jumps as she bites down on my bottom lip hard enough to make it bleed and grips at my biceps as I lower myself to press my entire body against her. I slowly push in, knowing that it’s been awhile since she’s experienced this. She wraps around me and tilts her head back with a loud moan, I manage to coax her head back down so that I can look into her eyes.

They’re half closed and coloured with lust, she’s panting heavily and lifting her hips enough for me to sink all the way in. I swear at the feeling, she feels fucking perfect and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last.

She urges me to move and I do so, she matches each thrust with her own, gyrating in a way that has me suffocating. Her hands move across my shoulders to press into my back while mine drift, one wraps under her thigh to change her position and the other caresses her chest and stomach while she writhes underneath me.

I bite down on her earlobe and she cries out, bringing her hips up harsher to accommodate for my more vicious thrust. I groan against her collarbone as she tangles her fingers in my hair and tugs hard enough for me to feel in but not hard enough to hurt me.

I can feel her tightening around me as she races towards her orgasm so I lift myself to look at her while she comes apart beneath me. I gently pull her lip from between her teeth and she nips at my thumb just as I bud up against her g-spot and have her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She shouts my name and tightens so hard around me that I explode seconds later.

After a few minutes of panting and coaxing her through her orgasm, I get up and get rid of the condom before grabbing a towel and wetting it along with soft lotion. “What are you doing?“She asks sleepily, watching as I clean her up softly and massage the cream into her skin, tickling her gently when I reach her sides.

Once I’ve done that I drop it back off into the bathroom before cleaning myself up and climbing back into bed with her. She cuddles into my side and sighs, “Hey B?”

“Yes, love.”

“What’s your real name?” I kiss her gently and brush the hair from her face so that I can actually see her.

“Adrian. Adrian Calder.”


I wake up to my fucking phone going off. I swear if Bear tries to call me in for Church I will flip shit. I gently lift Aurora off my chest and lay her on the pillows as I reach for my phone. ‘We’ve just landed at the airport, Adrian! We’re headed to the clubhouse now, see you soon!’ My eyes widen at the text from my mother.

They never tell me when they’re coming to visit until they’re here, it’s not usually a problem but now that I have Aurora a little bit of warning would be appreciated. I know that as soon as they get to the clubhouse the guys will tell them where I am so my top priority is making sure Rory is up for this.

I reach out and run the back of my hand across her cheek, her eyelids flutter in response but she groans when the sunlight hits her. “What time is it?” She grouches and I tell her that it’s just gone nine am.

“My family just flew in and they’re probably going to end up here in the next hour or so.” I’m fucking grateful that the airport is far enough away for me to be able to figure out what to do.

“Good morning to you too, B.” I just chuckle before asking her if she wants to avoid meeting them this time and she sits up, keeping the covers close to her chest. “Do you want me to meet them?”

“Of course I do but I don’t want you to feel forced.” She grins up at me and I look at her in confusion.

“I’d love to meet them, B. You’re lucky my apartment is clean.” She kisses my cheek before heading into the bathroom and giving me a good show. I have to remind myself that my family is coming to stop myself from following her in there.

She’s only in there ten minutes before she walks out with water running down her neck and chest that I just want to lick off. I manage to withold myself and take a freezing cold shower before brushing my teeth using the toothbrush she kept for me after the last time I stayed here.

“I brought this up from your bike.” She hands me my overnight bag that I always keep on me and I thank her with a kiss. She’s wearing a cute little dress that unfortunately covers all of my marks but makes her look fucking gorgeous. Parents, Adrian, parents.

I quickly change the bed while she puts some makeup on and does her hair and we both meet in the kitchen where she has decided she has to make cookies. “I always make sure my guests have something to snack on Mr.B, don’t judge me on my quirks.”

I tickle her and she squeals into a laugh. Fuck, I love that sound. My phone goes off again and I wince, ‘You didn’t tell me you lived with a girl Adrian. You and I are having words as soon as I get there.’

I look over at Rory about to tell her that she has maybe five minutes until my entire family rocks up but she looks happy dancing to the radio and mixing cookie batter that she doesn’t even need the recipe for.

Rory is too distracted to hear the door so I head over and open it, ready for mum to kick off but she just grins and hugs me tight enough to cut off my circulation. My dad claps my shoulder, my older brother punches me and my younger brother just salutes. All four of them shove passed me into the apartment and see Rory immediately.

She, obviously, still hasn’t realised they’re here and is happily spreading cookie batter onto the trays, singing away to some slow song on the radio. “Oh hi!” She drops the utensils she was using without even looking where they dropped and walks over. “I’m Cassidy.” She reaches out to shake my mum’s hand but is swallowed in a hug.

I move to break it up knowing that she hates being touched but she waves me off with a look that tells me she’s fine. “I’m Claire, dear, but you can call me mum.” I fight the urge to facepalm, this feels like a fucking induction ceremony. “This is my husband Austin and my sons Benjamin and Elliot.”

They don’t hug her and I’m grateful for that but almost as soon as his name is said, Elliot starts to flirt with her. He’s the youngest of us and is without a doubt a fuckboy. “Well hello gorgeous, ya know you’re too hot to be with my brother, you should totally be with me.”

“Leave the poor girl alone, Elliot. She’s too good for you.” Rory blushes beautifully and thanks him before turning back to her cookies, she tells everyone to have a seat and asks if they need any drinks. Since she’s indisposed I make the drinks for my family and they all gather around the island to pick them up and just decide to stay there.

“How did you guys meet anyway?” Mum asks with her elbows rested on the island and her face rested on her hands.

“He saved my life.” I shake my head in disagreement. “I was in a bad place, I had gotten hurt by some guys and he helped me, brought me back to the club and I’ve been annoying him ever since.”

My jaw drops at that statement. “I’m joking... kinda.” She smiles up at me before sliding the cookies into the oven and taking her own cup of coffee into her hands. Now that Rory is finished in the kitchen, my family now agree to sit down a few fucking feet away on the couch and the few chairs scattered around the area.

I choose my armchair - yes, I have one here as well - and Rory sits on the arm rest with her legs in my lap. “So, honey, what do your parents do?” My mum continues the interrogation while the rest of them just sit and listen curiously.

“Oh, I, uh, don’t know. I never met them, they gave me up when I was little.”

“Oh I’m sorry for prying, I’m a bit of an airhead sometimes.”

“Don’t worry about it, it was a long time ago and I’ve grown since then. I have a new family now.”

“Oh I know, I’m sure Bear accepted you immediately. He is a lovely man that one and gorgeous as well.” Rory bursts into beautiful giggles as my dad turns to look at mum with a raised eyebrow and an unimpressed expression.

“Excuse me, did you just say that Bear is gorgeous?”

“Yes I did because he is, there is nothing more to it. Besides, him and Lexie are a beautiful couple! And have you seen Reign’s wife, Hunter’s too. All of these boys are marrying gorgeous women and you, my dear, are no exception.” Mum states factually, pointing at a pink Aurora who is not used to the compliments.

“Thank you, umm, Breaker told me you are Italian. Have you been recently?”

“No, it’s quite an expensive trip and we like to save our money to come and see Adrian. One day we’ll go, maybe move there. When these two grow up.” She points at my brothers and I laugh, both of them have careers and I’m a criminal yet I am believed to be the most responsible.

“What she means by that is find a wife and settle down.” Benjamin explains with an angry look on his face.

“Well Adrian’s done it, I don’t see why you can’t. You are older than him after all.” If possible, Rory goes even pinker at the mention of a wife and I squeeze her thigh to comfort her. She will be my Old Lady and my wife but there’s no need to rush.

“Yeah well he met Cassidy who is pretty and nice and isn’t a gold digger. Last girl I was with tried to rob me, excuse me for not wanting to go there again.”

Ooh, this is gonna be fun. I feel bad for Rory already.

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